The Worst Advice about SEO I Have Ever Heard, under the Light of Experts’ Interesting Answers

worst advice about seo
Worst advice about seo

In the SEO field, everyone wants to improve SEO ranking, make sure to avoid these worst advice about SEO to increase SEO traffic of your valuable asset.

SEO is a very fertile field. Day-by-day it is getting higher in the land of technology. So, different ideas and techniques are being introduced on this platform within time.

Just like the good ideas and advice, misconceptions about SEO are also floating around the internet. Especially when you start as a newbie, you get advice from different sources.

However, most of the advices you received are not real guidance. All the misinformation circulating around the internet creates a lot of confusion about correct best practices that will actually be helpful to get better results. Especially when you are an SEO beginner, you will definitely get confused.

If you are a website owner, then you surely wish to see your website shining on search engine result pages (SERPs).

For this purpose, it is necessary to resolve the above-mentioned confusion. Otherwise, you will not be able to improve the SEO ranking of your website.

As an SEO beginner, I also received too much different advices about SEO. It sounds like I was getting beauty and fashion tips.

Let’s have a look at those worst advice about SEO and see what SEO experts share with us about what they have heard.

1st Worst Advice about SEO

choose a content-based strategy:

content based strategy

No doubt content is really the king. But creating strong content is not enough. If you create a masterpiece but no one finds it at all then it will do nothing to improve the SEO ranking of a site.

  • J Ghergich: an SEO professional

According to the SEO expert A.J Ghergich, the ever worst advice about SEO he heard ever was that just create great content is required to improve SEO ranking.

Giving his opinion on this advice he says that content is undoubtedly a king. If you continue to create significant and great content, you definitely be rewarded.

But creating great content ONLY will do nothing. Without an active and vibrant community or laser-targeted outreach, your great content is totally unprofitable and unhelpful to boost ranking of a site.

  • Takeshi Young: an SEO expert

Takeshi Young states that the worst advice about SEO he heard ever was that “content is the king”. He says that no doubt content is the key piece of the SEO puzzle but it isn’t enough yet.

Even a great piece of content will lose its value if your website has bad on-page optimization or poor site architecture.

Further, if the content doesn’t generate any link and gets no promotion then it will be very difficult for people and search engines to find it. In such a way you wouldn’t be able to increase SEO traffic on your site and boost ranking.

The question is “what to do then”? Here is the answer.

  • Better Advice: make a balanced content strategy

If you really wish to boost ranking of your website, you should create authentic, educational, and quality content and publish it on your site on a consistent basis.

With all this you also need to have enough expertise to make sure all of the technical aspects of SEO are correct.

Create a single masterpiece of content and use it to hone your community-building and outreach skills. Learn from your mistakes and then repeat your efforts. Thus you can improve SEO ranking of your website in a better way.

2nd Worst SEO Advice ever

link building doesn’t matter:

link building

There are too many misconceptions about link building are floating around the internet. It seems like it means “quantity is more important than quality”.

However, building links in a proper and accurate way is an important factor to increase SEO traffic. The fact is that the quantity of links doesn’t matter as compared to the quality of links.

  • Brian Jensen:

Brian Jensen shares with us that during his career in digital marketing, the worst piece of advice he ever heard is that the site with a large number of backlinks wins.

If you are an SEO beginner, you can be misguided by this concept of link building. The fact is that the quality of links is more important to improve SEO ranking and to enhance SEO traffic than the quantity of links.

Search SEO tool is here to make you understand with a simple example. If you own a website about SEO but you get a number of backlinks from websites totally different from yours like book’s website, beauty tips’ site, and home decor’s site, etc. then these links are totally unfruitful for your site.

They will not be beneficial to generate SEO traffic to your site or to boost ranking.

If you don’t focus on building links from relevant websites, you will not be able to increase SEO traffic to your site or to improve SEO ranking

  • Better Advice: pay attention to relevant link building

Everyone who owns a website wants to boost ranking of their site. For this purpose, you should focus on high-quality links from relevant and authoritative websites.

In this way not only you can boost ranking of your site, but also you can increase SEO traffic.

3rd Worst Advice about SEO:

keyword overstuffing and also add all keywords to your image tags

don't stuff your keywords

As an SEO beginner, I was advised that use all the possible keywords in your content too many times. In simple words, I was told to overload the content with keywords to improve SEO ranking and to get more SEO traffic.

I was also told that if I wish to boost ranking of my new website, I should add all the possible keyword combinations to my images.

That was really the worst SEO advice I heard ever as an SEO beginner. The fact is that when your website is crawled by any search engine, it can’t see images on your site.

Instead, it reads alt text or file name to determine whether it is relevant to the page or not.

So just keep in mind that if your images don’t consist of alt text, you are definitely missing a great opportunity to make your website visible everywhere possible. In such a way you will not be able to get more SEO traffic.

Further, overload the content with keywords to improve SEO ranking of a site is really unprofitable. As keyword overstuffing can lead the site to be penalized by Google in SERPs ranking.

  • Mark Walters: a young SEO professional

Mark Walter shares his experience with us. He says the ever misguided advice he received as an SEO beginner was to use keywords everywhere.

He further states that no doubt keywords are important to improve SEO ranking and to increase SEO traffic but it doesn’t mean that you jam them into every URL, meta description, paragraph, page title, H1, anchor link text, etc.

According to him, mention keywords in 2-3 of the above places is enough for Google to determine the topic of a page and recognize what keywords to rank it for.

  • Better Advice: avoid keyword overstuffing and create a short and descriptive alt text

Create a short, concise, clear, and descriptive text not stuffed with keywords. You must try to write an alt-text in such a way as if you are describing it to a person with a visual impairment.

4th Misguided Advice About SEO shared by Julie Joyce

Julie Joyce, being an SEO expert, shares with us the most misguided SEO advice she heard ever during her SEO career.

She states that she was shocked by getting advice that creating a number of completely duplicate websites on different domains that do not 301 to yours, but work as separate sites simply, is an amazing way to boost ranking and get more SEO traffic.

According to her, she didn’t even do that shit in 2002 when she was an SEO beginner.

  • The outcome of the Above Discussion

Going towards the conclusion of the above discussion, it clearly can be said that if you own a website, especially if you are just an SEO beginner, you will get plenty of advice from different sources.

But all those SEO advises are note real guidance. So they can be a great hurdle in increasing SEO traffic and in improving SEO ranking of your site.

Search SEO tool is here to resolve your confusion in this matter. Search SEO tools in fact serve as a complete guide for website owners, SEO users, and especially for SEO beginners.

So,  in this age of competition, if you really want to get more SEO traffic and boost ranking of your website, you must be aware of all the tactics and SEO best practices so that you can follow the best SEO ranking strategies ever.

In the end, I also want to know about the misguided advises you have heard ever, especially when you were an SEO beginner. If you want to share your experience with us, kindly come to the comment box.

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