Which Tool Is Best for Website SEO Audit?

SEO Audit

Have a complete website audit regularly with Website Auditing Tools to optimize and boost your website’s health.

Are you a newbie in the world of SEO? Don’t you know about Website Auditing? Well! Let me explain what is website auditing?

What Does Website Audit Mean?

A site audit is an overall analysis of a website that reveals all the actions required to improve SEO (search engine optimization). Click on the link https://searchseotools.com/overview-of-search-engine-optimization/ to have a complete overview of Search Engine Optimization.

A site audit makes you aware of all aspects of a website such as Off-page SEO, On-page SEO, error pages, indexed pages, number of links, broken links, site speed, etc. So that you can make necessary changes to improve your website’s performance.

In simple words, website auditing means searching for all the possible errors and problems on a website to correct them.

It unveils:

  • Site’s technical issues
  • Site structure issues
  • User experience problems
  • Off-page SEO issues
  • On-page SEO issues
  • Site speed insights
  • Content optimization issues

and all other issues to resolve them timely.

Purpose of Website Audit

There are several reasons behind a website auditing process, but the most important ones are content marketing and SEO score. It means a website audit that is made for SEO purposes finds issues of a site’s SEO score to resolve them. The content auditing process makes you understand what changes are required in your content marketing strategy to increase people’s engagement.

Best Website Audit Tool

Hope you have a better understanding of the process of a website audit. Now the question is which website audit tool is the best one?

A large number of site auditing tools are present in the world of the internet. To decide which one is the best to choose is a tough task. But don’t you worry as you can find the answer below.

SEO Audit Tool by Ahrefs


Ahrefs is a famous name in the world of SEO. Hope you have heard this name.

A few years ago, Ahrefs launched a new and updated site audit tool in December 2017. This tool really works great for you. Here we are going to share a few things that make this tool so amazing:

  • This tool is cloud-based: it means you don’t need any software installation on your computer. Further, it doesn’t require owning any server or proxies to use it on a large site. What to do is just hit the “start crawl” button and the tool will do the rest.
  • It is amazingly fast: this site audit tool works amazingly fast. It is considered the 2nd best crawler after Google. But just remember, you are only permitted to enhance the crawl speed if you verify that site’s ownership.
  • Have all the SEO metrics in one place: you don’t need to use different tools to cross reference data between. You can have all the SEO metrics integrated into one place.

Many other things prove this tool is the best to choose. Give it a try to have a great experience.

Now come with us to look closer at the functionality of Ahrefs New Site Audit Tool.

Ø  Have a comprehensive site analysis

Ahrefs site audit tool crawls every page it finds on your website. It then provides you complete SEO health score, gives a visual picture of key data in charts, and highlights all possible SEO issues. It also gives you suggestions to fix those issues.

Ø  Crawl Settings

Do you have a vast website? Doesn’t matter. Verify your domain and tune the speed settings to crawl it fast.

Whenever you start a new project, you have complete control of what this audit tool crawls and how fast it crawls.

A few settings that you can configure are as under:

  • You can start crawling from the homepage, sitemaps, URLs having backlinks, or the custom list of URLs.
  • You can prescribe crawl depth and files and resources that you want this tool to crawl.
  • You can add or eliminate URLs and define URL rewrite rules.

Ø  Check your site for 100+ SEO issues

Check your website for issues related to:

  • Performance: too large HTML or CSS, slow web pages
  • Social Tags: imperfect r misplaced Open Graph tags and Twitter cards
  • Resources: issues with images, JavaScript, CSS
  • Incoming Links: no-follow links issues
  • Outgoing Links: identifying links to redirects, broken web pages
  • Content Quality: low word counts, loosely arranged duplicate pages
  • HTML Tags: misplaced, duplicate, or substandard length of title tags, meta descriptions, and H1 tags
  • And many more

Ø  Track your progress very easily and comfortably

As Ahrefs’ Site Audit Tool is fully cloud-based so you can track your progress very easily.

  • Don’t require any installation
  • Wherever you are, you can log in anytime for access
  • Each crawl is saved automatically
  • Software updates automatically

You can schedule monthly, weekly, or even daily crawls for your projects. Ahrefs’ site audit tool performs it automatically and will save each crawl.

Ø  Execute JavaScript while crawling

This site audit tool can display JavaScript-generated content on any web page.

JavaScript execution allows website audit to make an analysis of pages and links that depend on JavaScript. This is extremely valued for websites that are using JavaScript frameworks like Angular or React.

In short, Ahrefs’ Site Audit Tool is extremely helpful for site owners to identify different issues on their websites so that they can fix them to enhance the site’s rankings.

So, run a regular and comprehensive site audit to improve your site’s performance. It is extremely necessary for your site’s “health score”.

You on the link below to check a complete list of more Site Audit Tools that are extremely helpful in boosting your site’s performance https://searchseotools.com/11-site-auditing-tools-you-should-use-in-2021/.

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