What are Broken Links and what are their impacts on a website?

Broken links

Are you a newbie in the world of SEO? Do you know what are broken links? If not yet, go through the following piece of content. Hope you will have a better understanding about broken links and its impacts on your website.

So, let’s take a start. Well! a broken link or commonly called a dead link is a link that shows a 404-error code when you click on that link.

Defining in simple words, a broken link or a dead link is generally a hyperlink present on a web page that doesn’t work anymore. There may be several reasons for it such as:

  • An improper URL: may be there is a spell mistake or any grammatical mistake in the link)
  • The linked website or web page may not be existed anymore or it may be permanently moved
  • May be the URL of the website has been changed
  • The destination website has detached the linked web page. Here you will meet 404 error code.

A few examples of broken link error code

Here are a few examples of error codes you meet when click on a broken link.

  • 404 Page Not Found: web page no longer exists on the server.
  • 400 Bad Request: in such case, the host server could not understand your request.
  • Bad URL: as regards to web development and SEO, bad URL indicates several meanings. Like, bad URL, in web designing, means that the requested URL no longer exists or you don’t have access to the requested page.

Best SEO ranking tools say, Bad URL is the link that may open when you click on it but the content you get is not what you are searching for.

  • Time Out: This problem occurs usually when the server couldn’t respond within a fixed time. The problem generally be created for many reasons like, the network hardware, the requesting device, or the internet connection may be defective.
  • Empty: sometimes you get an “empty” response by host server with no content or response code.
  • Reset: the connection is dropped by host server. It may be faulty or too busy.

Impacts of Broken Links on a Website

Broken links or dead links are extremely harmful for your website in several ways. They have negative impacts on a website in many ways. A few basic issues that can be created by dead links are discussed below:

Bad User Experience

Dead links lead to bad user experience. Broken links on your website avoid visitors from accessing the information they are looking for or from completing the tasks. So, they will definitely go to another site in the search of their required information. This will certainly decrease your reputation.

High Bounce Rate

A higher bounce rate is considered a major red flag to Google, Bing and all other search engines. If your website contains a pile of broken links, it will definitely increase your website’s bounce rate.

Do you know what is mean by bounce rate? Bounce rate indicates the percentage of visitors who come on website but immediately leave. It is one of the most important metrics to understand the performance of a website.

So, if your website has too many broken links, the visitor clicks on the link and do not get the required result, they will definitely leave the website immediately.

When a visitor quickly goes away from your content, it tells Google that the content on your site is not answering his questions. It clearly means that there is something wrong with your site. As a result, Google will rank your website lower and lower.

So, you should have to pay close attention to your broken links regularly to avoid your site’s rank get lower.

Reputation gets lower

You invest too much time and efforts to get potential customers on your website. But all your time and efforts are wasted if your website has too many broken links.

Visitors will not waste their precious time on such site that does not work. How can they trust on such a site that does not give them the results they needed?

Trust takes time to build, but a moment to lose. So, you have to keep proper check if you want to keep your website’s reputation incredible.

Dropped organic traffic

Organic traffic on your website is considered one of the basic ranking factors of a website. This metric tells how beautifully or badly a website is serving the users.

Broken links is one of the major reasons for dropping your organic traffic. When a user clicks on a link mentioned on your web page but instead of getting the required information, he meets an error, he surely will not come on your website again. This way, organic traffic on your site will be dropped day by day.


To Googlebote, broken links are equal to a big red “Stop” sign. A Googlebot’s work is to follow each and every link and scan every web page to create index.

When it finds a dead link, it doesn’t have a page to scan that will make you reach to the next page. Google take this as there is no content present to be analyzed and that’s why it will stop creating an index of your site.

As a result, even if you have a lot of content on your website, you will have to wait until another Googlebot discovers your website.

To summarize briefly

To summarize briefly, it can be said without any doubt that broken links have negative impacts on a website either it is the matter of ranking or indexing.

Visitors, while clicking on such links, meet many different errors like 404 error. When the links are not able to provide the required information to the users, they definitely get bothered and leave the page immediately and may never come back to that page or site.

So, broken links devalue all your efforts, time, and hard work that you invest to get the higher rank for your website.

All the above detail is enough to understand that it is necessary to have a deeper look on your links, find broken links and fix them as soon as possible.

To check the broken link, use an authentic Broken Link Checker Tool. Click on the link below to see the list of best broken link checker tools https://searchseotools.com/best-broken-link-checker-tools-in-2021/.

Click here to know how to use a broken link or dead link checker tool.

There are many other issues that are created by broken links. If you find any of them, kindly share with us in the comment box as we are curious to know more.


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