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About Page Speed

Pagespeed Insights is very important for any website as Google has made it one of the basic ranking factors.
For webmasters and web developers, Google has provided a set of tools to increase the loading speed of the site.
Google PageSpeed Insights is basically a family of tools that are designed to help the performance of the website’s optimizations. It was first introduced at Developer Conference in 2010. 

PageSpeed tools family include the following 4 main components

  1.  Page Speed Module (also known as mod-pagespeed)
    2.    Page Speed Insights (PSI)
    3.    Page Speed Service
    4.    Page Speed Chrome DevTools Extension

All of these components are designed to identify the faults and errors in the site’s compliance with Google’s Web Performance Best Practices and automate the adjustment process.

Something About PageSpeed Insights Checker Tool:

For webmasters and web developers, Google has provided a set of tools to increase the loading speed of the site. One of them is Google Lighthouse.

PageSpeed Test Tool is powered by Lighthouse.
This tool didn’t use well in the past. However, Google updated this tool recently and it works a lot better now.
This is an online tool that helps in identifying performance best practices on any given website, like page speed score, and gives different ideas for webpage optimization.
This tool also provides different and authentic suggestions for making a website faster. PageSpeed insight checker tool can be accessed in any browser at any time.

Performance Score:

At the top of the report, PSI Analysis Tool provides a score that shows the page’s speed performance. It shows the performance of the requested URL grading it from 1-100 scale.
A score of 90 or above is considered fast while from 50 to 90 is considered average. And the score of less than 50 is considered below.

How does PSI Checker Tool work?

PSI checker tool by Search SEO Tools shows the report about the performance of a webpage on both mobile and desktop devices and provides different and authentic suggestions about how to improve page’s performance.

This Online PSI analysis tool provides both lab and field data about a web page. Lab data help debug issues of the software. It means that it is useful for the process of detecting and removing of existing and potential errors in software code.
 (Software can be debugged by testers or programmers as it is collected in a controlled environment).

Best Web Page Speed Test Tools

There is a large number of web page speed test tools are available on the internet. It is a bit tough to choose the best.

Here are a few tools for a page speed test that you should use if you really want to make your web page speed faster. 

Table Of Content

  • Google PageSpeed Insight
  • GT Metrix
  • Pingdom
  • Web Page Speed Test Tool
  • KeyCDN Speed Test
  • Google PageSpeed Insight

The very first web page speed test tool in this list is Google PageSpeed Insight Tool. This is no doubt an awesome tool for you if want to get a better position on Google Search. 

Google PageSpeed Insights is a powerful and simple tool that you should use to analyze and find suggestions on how to boost your site’s performance.

It shows your site’s UX evolution and its influence on SEO.

Get the comprehensive details about Google PageSpeed Insight Tool hit the link “Google PageSpeed Insight” 

  • GT Metrix

Do you know how fast your web page or website loads? Find the answer with GT Metrix.

GT Metrix indicates how your website performs and tells you why it is slow. You can find out new opportunities for website optimization with GT Metrix.

This web page speed test tool allows you to check your page in different browsers, countries, and connection speeds, etc.

So, give it a try to enjoy its amazing work.

  • Pingdom

This PageSpeed test tool helps you to learn how to make your web page speed load faster. You can easily discover your web pages size, the web page that is slow, and which one is faster enough.

Pingdom has a user-friendly interface that is equally useful for professionals and newbies. 

This page speed test tool has a lot of advanced features. It allows you to check even a single element of your web page like CSS files, HTML, images, and JavaScript, etc.

This web page speed test tool lets you keep a check on different performance issues regularly so that you can resolve them timely.

Further, the record of every pagespeed test you performed is saved by this tool. You can later check the chart to analyze the changes.

Using this tool, you can check your page speed in different locations and countries across the world. You can also share your result report with others.

  • Web Page Speed Test Tool

Web Page Speed Test Tool is another super good web page test tool that allows you to check speed from multiple geographical locations.

Further, it uses real browsers such as Google Chrome and Internet Explorer for web page speed tests. That means this tool gives you the most accurate results.

Web Page Speed Test Tool is a very convenient to use and user-friendly tool that gives you different suggestions to improve your PageSpeed. 

What to do is just:

  • Put any website’s URL in the bar
  • Choose the browser and location
  • Click on “submit”

and it’s done.

  • KeyCDN Speed Test

Another PageSpeed Insight Checker Tool included in this list is KeyCDN. It can be considered the alternate of Google PageSpeed Insights.

It gives you a comprehensive analysis of your website including PageSpeed and its performance.

This tool also gives you different suggestions to optimize your site’s performance.

How To Use A PageSpeed Insight Checker Tool? 

  • To get started, just enter the website URL into the bar. 
  • Click on the “submit” button to let Google run a quick test on your requested site.
  • After the process is completed, there will be a report in front of you showing you the details about the performance of your requested site.


The above-mentioned tools are included in the list of topmost and amazing pagespeed insight checker tools that offer you a bundle of advantages.

All these web page speed test tools give you an accurate and inclusive report about your site’s performance. Also, these tools give you useful suggestions to make your website more attractive for both search engines and users.

It isn’t an easy task to get a 100% score on Google’s PageSpeed Insights. So, if you want to get a high score, you have to do your best.
Search SEO Tool aims to make your SEO campaign easy and successful. So, to get a better understanding of the best SEO tools, keep in touch with us.

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