Top 10 Paid SEO Tools You Must Use To Improve SEO Results


Searching for the best SEO tools??? So, you are absolutely at the right place. Here you will surely be guided about the top 10 paid SEO tools you must use if you wish to thrive in the world of SEO in 2021.

So let’s start discussing these tools one by one.

  1. Ahrefs
  2. SEMrush
  3. Moz Pro
  4. Screaming Frog SEO Spider
  5. KWFinder by Mangools
  6. Majestic SEO Tool
  7. Cognitive SEO
  8. Advanced Web Ranking Tool
  9. Yoast SEO for WordPress
  10. Searchmetrics



ahref seo tools
ahref seo tools

Ahrefs is the most favorite among content writers, content marketers and other SEO users. From its start till now, this app continues to show its presence in the experienced SEO users’ toolkits.

This SEO Website offers SEO users a bunch of tools at one platform, like Site Explorer, Rank Explorer, Keyword Explorer, Site Audit, and many more. We will discuss a few tools in short under:

Keyword Explorer:

This feature gives trustworthy results about ranked keywords. By using this feature, you can find and analyze keywords in YouTube, Amazon, Bing, and Yandex.

Is all good about this tool? Not really.

In my opinion, you will not be 100% satisfied if you want a tool that will help you find novel keywords to rank for.



Ahrefs’ Site Explorer combines the three most powerful features which are backlink checker, organic traffic research, and paid traffic research.


Site Audit crawls all the pages on your website and shows all possible technical issues, and also gives recommendations to fix them. In this way, it provides the overall health score of the site.


Ahrefs has four different price ranges, $99/month to $999/month. The more you pay, more you can get out of each tool.


Ahrefs is one of the leading SEO Websites having the most powerful and beneficial tools like Backlink analysis, keyword generator, Website checker, content Explorer, Rank checker and a lot more. So, I personally recommend this site for best SEO results.


semrush SEO tool

Another one of the best tools in 2021 is SEMrush. It offers a range of tools to help its crawlers. Explore more than 40 tools to find out solutions for your digital marketing challenges.

A few basic qualities of SEMrush that separate it from other tools are as under:

Best Keyword Research Tool

SEMrush is known as the best keyword research tool. SEMrush offers six tools to check the keywords from different angles.

  1. Keyword Overview
  2. Organic Research
  3. Keyword Magic Tool
  4. Keyword Gap
  5. Keyword Manager
  6. Organic Traffic Insights


On-page SEO

Analyze your website’s pages by using this tool and get ideas to increase their SEO performance.

Rank Tracking

This feature helps you to track daily changes on your target keywords.

Link Building

SEMrush link building tool provide you great opportunities to strengthen your backlinks profile.

Content Optimization

Get ideas for how to optimize your content to drive more organic traffic.

In short, if you want to be a successful SEO Professional, the above tools of SEMrush and many other tools such as competitor analysis tools, content marketing tools, social management tools, paid marketing tools, etc. will prove greatly beneficial for you.

Moz Pro: SEO Software

moz pro

35,000P+ customers use Moz Pro because this is a complete SEO toolkit that helps boost your rankings and search engine visibility. This tools helps you to learn how your SEO website’s health, link building, and keyword performance impact your SEO success.

You can get a complete analysis of your site and your rival’s site. This tool supports your keyword research process and provides you new opportunities for link building.

You can get auditing issues with you site also suggestions to solve them. In short, you can find here everything you need to be succeeded.

Moz Pro costs $99/ month. It also offers you a free trail for 30 days.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

screaming frog

Screaming Frog Spider is an excellent web spider which allows you to scan your SEO website for common error or issues like duplicate content, broken links, redirect chains and loops etc. It also guides you to check pages with missing tittle tags, duplicate meta tags, tags wrong length like too short or too long, as well as check the number of links on each page.

SEO Spider offers both free and paid versions. The free version is suitable only for small domains because it contains limited features. The paid version costs $180 per year and contains more advanced features to guide its users.

KWFinder by Mangools

Find long tail and easy-to-rank keywords with low SEO difficulty and high search volume for your website by using KWFinder by Mangools. This is approved by SEO authorities.

It has more than 25,000 paying customers as it is an excellent tool that simplifies the keyword research process.

Its seamless and intuitive interface, beautiful design, and powerful features, make it the best choice for SEO bloggers and beginners.

It is actually marked for keyword research. You can get tons of keyword ideas by using this SEO tool.

By using this best keyword research tool, you can get everything in front of you, from volume to keyword difficulty score, even a SERP analysis.

How much this tool costs?

Mangools KWFinder tool
Mangools KWFinder tool

First of all, I’m happy telling you that Mangools KWFinder tool has a 48 hours money back guarantee.

Majestic SEO Tool


Majestic SEO Tool is well known for its huge amount of data, multiple features, and excellent backlink analysis.

This is not an all-in-one tool like Ahrefs, SEMrush, etc. It is all about backlinks.

In simple words, it does not do keyword research, SEO site audits, and on-page SEO analysis. Its 100% focus is on backlinks. That’s why Majestic SEO Tool claims to have the world’s best backlink checker. It contains a huge database of, according to Majestic’s latest count, around about 9 trillion unique URLs.

So I personally recommend you to use this tool to have a deep analysis of backlinks profile as well your rival’s backlinks profile.

What is Majestic’s pricing plan?

  1. Lite plan costs $41.67/month.
  2. The mid-range pro plan costs $99.99/month and $83.33/month if you want to pay annually.
  3. API plan starts from $333.33/month to $1599.99/month.

Cognitive SEO

One of the best-Paid SEO tools is CognitiveSEO software. This is specially designed for freelancers, digital marketing agencies, start-ups, and SBM to manage SEO audit, backlink analysis, link detection, rank tracking, to optimize online visibility, and much more.

What is the pricing plan of Cognitive SEO?

THE Cognitive SEO pricing plan starts from $129.99 per feature, per month. They don’t have any free versions. You can enjoy a free trail for 7 days.

It is a bit complex tool but every professional or business owner who wishes to get high rank on Google must try it.

Advanced Web Ranking Tool

Advanced Web Ranking Tool is the most accurate web-based rank tracking and reporting software.

This powerful tool is founded in 2002 that helps you in getting the most insights out of your ranking data.

I have been using this tool for the last few months, and I found it very user-friendly and reliable for rank tracking, keyword status, and generating reports.

What is the Pricing plan of AWR Tool?

Advanced Web Ranking Tool offers four different pricing plans for its users.

  1. Starter: This is for startups and costs $49/month (2000 units)
  2. Pro: this plan is for In-House teams and costs $99/month (7000 units)
  3. Agency Plan: this offer is for agencies and costs $199/month (14,500 units)
  4. Enterprise: you can get this offer for $499/month (35,500 units)

Note: Pay yearly and save 10%. Also, get a free trial for 30 days.

Yoast SEO for WordPress

Yoast SEO for WordPress is another famous SEO tool among SEO users. It is very reliable for the optimization of content posts and pages in WordPress, including titles, keywords, links, readability, and many more.

If you are a newcomer in the field of SEO, you must use this tool. It is an excellent and essential plugin for SEO.


Yoast SEO Premium costs $89 (ex VAT) for 1 site, including 1 year free updates and support. Yoast SEO Tool also provides you free version but you can access to limited features only.


Searchmetrics is a standard tool in most professionals’ and marketers’ line-ups because of its ease of use. This tool works as a valuable helper for your content strategy. It is extremely helpful for ROI reporting, competitive analysis, mobile and desktop site optimization, content optimization, site audit, web visibility analysis and more.


Searchmetrics offers three pricing plans:

  1. Suite Business
  2. Suit Enterprise
  3. Suit Ultimate

Note: All prices are only available on request


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