Here we are discussing the best tools to find the competitor keywords and you will rank for the competitor’s keywords easily.

Today it is the need of the hour to keep an eye on what the competitors are doing in the market. This will support our marketing plans to be more effective. To attract clients, knowing competitors is crucial and for this, we have to analyze competitor keywords.

The tools and strategies that the competitor is using can be best for increasing product demand in the market and following them allow us to choose the best one.

This article is actually about attractive keywords that are used to appeal to the readers and researchers for selecting our content. Marketing plans are key factors to lead a successful path in the current digitalized world. Through these keywords, one can easily find the article and can approach us for such tasks.

A keyword analysis is significant in the initial plans of marketing as it will boost the marketing campaign and attract people to your content in very little time. The weapons for this are some tools available in the market to search keywords. To analyze competitor keywords, these tools can be supportive to compete well.

Tools to find competitor keywords

  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs
  • SimilarWeb
  • Buzzsumo
  • Moz
  • SpyFu
  • io
  • Answer the public
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Competitor Persona by Delve AI


This is the most wonderful tool popular among the business market in around 140 countries and it has 40 software in it to analyze competitor keywords.

Content to be competitive in the market is possible with keywords optimization by this tool because it has SEO intelligence. This tool provides us with the variety to analyze competitor keywords.

If you want to know how to analyze the competitor keywords or which tool is best for you then go to our post click here.

This tool can also display the backlinks of the competitors via which we can also build our company’s backlinks. It has value addition with backlinks quality which to follow or which are not to follow.

SEMrush is used in different parts of the world as a very famous tool because it provides people with strategies to get traffic on the content or product. Such kinds of tools analyze competitor keywords with comparative analysis.

Along with main keywords, it helps to search relevant keywords. In this way, one can analyze more than one competitor in the market to produce the best content. This tool is available with a 7-day trial and 3 paid plans.


Ahrefs support more search engines to analyze competitor keywords like Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, Yahoo, and Baidu. This tool focuses on the volume and number of clicks a targeted keyword is having while searching. Ahrefs ranks websites using the size and quality of the backlinks.

It updates backlinks regularly and provides information about the website structure of the competitors which is significant to get the most traffic from a particular country. This would help us with customers around the globe.

This tool is supportive for organic as well as paid ads while analyzing competitor keywords.  The low competition keywords in the area where high traffic is available can get a lot of business potential.

They have four plans according to features they offer which are Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Agency pricing plans.


This tool analyzes competitor keywords to compare with more than one competitor. It allows us to check traffic on websites and also key metrics are available through this tool including engagement rate, keyword ranking, traffic ranking, and traffic source.SimilarWeb is used for comparison of our website with the competitor’s website that how they are performing in terms of visits, session time, etc. This tool analyzes competitor keywords of both organic and paid nature.

This tool supports finding the sources from which competitors get traffic from social platforms, display ads, search engine results, and referrals.  In our business, this can reach new avenues to attract more users.

Competitor’s minor details could be analyzed via this tool to get the know-how of their planning to get more clients. Both free and priced versions are available to use.


Buzzsumo analyzes competitor keywords in detail on different social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

This tool helps us find the small level competitors and individual content success over a certain period. In this tool, it is easy to check on different social media platforms that similar content is performing differently there. This data is significant for businesses to flourish.

This tool supports finding the trending content and we can make use of it to produce viral content. It also provides support to keep an eye on our competitor so closely that whenever it appears online we get notifications.

This tool helps to get the attention of customers by engaging them at various platforms and also it provides us with comparative analysis of competitors all the time.

They introduce four plans and you can get access to all the plans for 7 days for free.


This tool analyzes competitor keywords in deep detail and reaches exact pages. It helps us with keywords that our website could rank for and suggests perfect ways to compete. The Moz tool will tell you the keywords that your site could rank for and give you perfect suggestions.

The accuracy and relevancy of keywords are maximum with this tool. This tool supports how to get more traffic and tells the ranking of different pages that why some are ranked while others are not.

To understand the competitors better, this tool is important to search keyword difficulty scores, competitor research, and Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) analysis. It can check the errors in detail related to keywords on our website. It helps in improving with specific recommendations.

Moz comprises of further tools to analyze competitor keywords termed as Keyword Research, Backlink Research SEO Audit & Crawl, Rank Tracking, SEO Toolbar, and Domain Analysis.

This helps businesses flourish and compete well with their competitors. It offers a variety of plans.


This tool is specifically targeting competitive intelligence research to analyze competitor keywords. Other than keyword analysis, this tool helps find the strategies of competitors for organic and paid research.

It helps us find the competitor and their detailed plans to produce the best product and content. The salient features of Spyfu in keyword analysis are Google Keyword Tool Alternative, Keyword Ranking History, SERP and PPC analysis, Adwords Advice, Keyword Grouper Tool.

Furthermore, SEO Competitor Research involves Keyword analysis, Keyword history, Comprehensive reports, a 3-way competitor research tool, and Review competitor backlinks.

Concerning Pay per click (PPC) Competitor Research it helps us with additional tools like PPC ad rank tracker, Monitor ads of the competition, Analyze competitor keywords, Adwords Spy tool, and Negative match recommendations.

This tool is very significant to check the plans that competitors use to attract customers. It gives us deep insights to focus on target areas to excel in the market. It provides us comparative keyword analysis to get information on where we are lacking while competitors are getting an edge.

Spyfu is available with three plans which depend on the features they offer. The plans offered are termed as Basic priced at 39 dollars, Team and Professional about 78 dollars.

This tool helps us to analyze competitor keywords with variety to build different pages. This tool offers to analyze competitor keywords related to the main theme and then further relevant topics are linked with other keywords. Google auto suggestions are available through this tool.

This tool provides a wide mixture of keywords for SEO. For content ideas, this tool supports get question-based queries. This tool can search and analyze keywords that differ by country but can make it in with little effort.

The frequently most used keywords used in YouTube, Google, Bing, Amazon, etc. could be analyzed by this tool. Long-tail keywords can be easily searched via this tool with a long list.

This tool has a free version that customers can use for a lifetime. It offers three paid plans named Pro Plus, Pro Basic, and Pro Business.

Answer the Public

Content re-writing and ads that will attract more users utilize tools that could analyze most required keywords. To get information about the choice of audience, that what people are asking this tool is best in market.

The ‘W’ families questions appear as a search cloud through this tool such as ‘how’, ‘can’ ‘which’, ‘will’, and ‘are’.

Angharad Lock, SEO Executive of Noise Little Monkey well-reputed person explained that this tool named Answer the Public helps us to get detailed information about people’s ways to search topics revealing questions that most are not at the top of our heads.

It is also convenient to use and digestible. This is free to use. For a month it charges 99 dollars.

Keyword Everywhere

This tool is used as an extension for Firefox and also for Chrome. This tool is used to analyze a particular keyword over the past 12 months and show the average of total searches for it. With this tool, long-tail keywords are analyzed accurately including Cost per Click (CPC) and data about the competition.

Google and Bing are search engines to analyze competitor keywords that are related and relevant to main keywords. This tool is very convenient to use and we can customize the data based on relevant things in demand.

It was free but now it is no longer available as a free version. For using this extension to analyze competitors’ keywords, credits are needed. 100,000 credits are available for $10.

Competitor Persona by Delve AI

To learn from our competitors and effectively targeting them, Competitor Persona by Delve AI is a tool that gives us the data about the audience termed as Who, When, Where, What, and How sections. This tool provides an effective platform to explore multiple options to reach the target audience to excel in the business.

This tool generates ideas geographically such as city-wise, region-wise, country-wise, subcontinent-wise, and so on. It even goes into deeper details and tells you the further distribution (metro, urban, semi-urban or rural) of the cities where your competitor’s customers are based.

These tools also analyze competitor keywords according to the season and weather conditions. The trends variations are determined via this tool. It can help us find that a visitor reached through paid or organic route on ad links.

Moreover, keyword analyzed by Delve AI provides unique insights specific to the industry type. For instance, attributes for clothes-related industries analyze competitor keywords based on gender, occasion, type, size, color, and age group. These tools analyze competitor keywords that are relevant to a particular industry exploring more than 40 B2B/B2C industries.

With a wide range of features, this tool supports us with detailed strategies of competitors and this could make us competitive in the market.

The pricing of this tool is based on the size of the competitors. It ranges in prices starting from 13 dollars per month for small business competitors, 25 dollars per month for mid-sized competitors, and 59 dollars per month for enterprise competitors, all billed yearly.


The above-explained tools to find competitor keywords are famous among marketers to develop their businesses as unique and efficient. Keywords analysis is crucial in searching our competitors and then using their methodologies with an advanced approach to target the audience with better marketing plans.

Now every business can afford these tools as they are available mostly free of cost and in a wide range. The best plan is to get complete information of the action plans of the competitors, know them fully, and work on better ideas to excel in the market.

All aforesaid tools can be used to compete well in the market for the progression of businesses.  For this purpose, use more than one tool to get an idea about multiple sources and then utilize them against competitors to reproduce more famous products or content and be more successful.


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