The most common website damaging SEO mistakes. Know the things you might be doing wrong.

You should know about website damaging SEO mistakes because SEO is a rapidly-changing industry. A lot of changes take place in this industry day by day. So it is important to be aware and educated about the latest SEO changes and development.

Beginners to SEO make so many blunders that are harmful to a website’s SEO success. The reason is that they don’t know about basic SEO best practices or they don’t have a proper understanding of them.

Search SEO Tools (SST), in this post, makes you aware of a few most common SEO errors. Don’t let these harmful mistakes hinder your site’s SEO success and try to resolve them immediately.

Here is the list of these common SEO mistakes:

  1. You are not using a keyword research tool before writing a content
  2. Meta tags and descriptions are not unique
  3. You are inactive on social media
  4. You are not promoting your blog posts actively
  5. You don’t write a high-quality content
  6. The loading speed of your site is slow
  7. You have low-quality links
  8. You target only high traffic keywords
  9. You don’t follow a consistent publishing schedule
  10. You don’t use SEO optimized images

As an SEO use, you should avoid the above deadly SEO mistakes so you’re your website may rank highly in the eyes of Google search. I’m going to discuss these errors one by one.

You are not using a keyword research tool before creating a content

keyword research tools

Some people think that it is cheating to use keyword research tools while writing content for your website. This is not the truth. In fact, this is a big mistake.

A keyword research tool gives you a hint about the queries people type most in the Google search. The presence of these keywords in your page or post makes the content more relevant to your crawlers and easier to understand for the search engines.  So it is really useful to search keywords before creating content.

I recommend SEMRUSH and Google keyword research tool as both these tools are considered the best keyword research tools ever.

Title tags and Meta descriptions are not unique

Title tags and Meta descriptions

This is one of the biggest SEO mistakes which are really harmful to your site. Both the search engines Google and Bing emphasize on this mistake.

The page title and description are the most important SEO elements. They help search engines and users to help understand that what a page or post is about. So, if done correctly, they can enhance the performance of your content.

Choose an ordinary page title or skipping it means you will diminish the content’s performance. So try your best to provide a unique and relevant page title.

Following are the common errors in this matter:

  • Use the same title for all pages
  • Include the name of the website in the page title (you can use the site’s name for the homepage but not for all the pages)
  • Create an extra-long page title

How to make a unique and SEO-friendly title?

  • Titles must be attractive because it is shown in SERPs.
  • Titles must be different and unique for each web page.
  • It should not exceed from 60 words.
  • It must be relevant. It means it should describe what the page or post is about.

Skipping a Meta description

If you don’t provide a good Meta description for every page, you will decrease the chances of ranking high on Google and other search engines.

So it is necessary to create an adorable Meta description for each and every page to get a high rank for your website. The description should not be too long; it should be in-between 150-160 words.

You are inactive on social media

inactive on social media

Today, social media has become the most effective source to promote your new content or website. It is the easiest and big way to gain traffic. So, if you are not active on social media, you are making the biggest mistake.

Social media is an amazing channel that has become a source for your content to reach as many people as possible.

On search engines, only those people find your content who search for a relevant keyword. But social media makes it possible to get your content in front of so many people who even don’t know that they needed your content.

People don’t just use search engines to find the stuff according to their needs. Social media itself also serves as a reliable search engine. So there may be people who get access to your profile, page, or content by using social media.

So if you are not active on social media, it will be a big SEO mistake.

You are not promoting your blog posts actively

promoting your blog posts actively

As a beginner, promote your work is not an odd thing so don’t feel shy doing this. If you are expecting that people read your post and will immediately start sharing it on social media like Facebook ad tweeter etc. then you are wrong. This will not happen at all.

Promoting your work through blog posts is really fruitful for your site’s ranking. If you don’t have a blog that is updated regularly with high-quality blog posts on topics relevant to your audience, it will affect your website’s overall performance a lot.


Now, do you want to know that how to promote your blog posts?

Search SEO Tools is here to give you the answer. There are various different ways to promote your blog posts.

  • Advertise it on your both personal and business social media pages
  • Share your blog posts with your friends and followers
  • Share your new blog posts on the different social media platform, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram more than once
  • Build quality links on your website
  • Search keywords before writing a blog post

You don’t write a high-quality content

Content quality

To build authority between your site and search engines and trust between your site band users is one of the basic ranking elements for a website.

For this purpose, you strongly need to create and publish high-quality content regularly.

What is high-quality and authoritative content?

The quality content must include the following characteristics:

  • Accurate
  • Impartial
  • Analytical
  • Informative
  • Insightful

Content having the above qualities can become an adorable ranking factor for your website.

The loading speed of your site is slow

site loading speed is slow

Many factors can affect your website’s ranking position in the eyes of search engines. Out of those factors one is Page speed.

Google and Bing are doing their best to make the web faster.

It is not so easy to faster the loading time of a page or website but you can’t ignore it.

The more is the loading speed of a site, the more traffic it will drive.

How to speed up your website in 2020?

There are a number of ways to improve page speed. A few are as under:

  • Optimize your images
  • Minify JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • If your is running multiple JavaScript and CSS files, combine them into one
  • Minimize HTTP requests
  • Choose the accurate hosting option to fulfill your need
  • Reduce image size
  • Reduce the number of plugins on your website
  • Reduce redirects

Build low-quality links is the most common SEO mistake

low quality links

Backlinks is an important ranking factor in a website’s optimization. All the SEO professionals are agreed that the quality of backlinks is more important than the quantity of links.

Build low-quality links is one of the biggest SEO mistakes ever. That’s why you need your site to link with relevant and well-ranking websites.

You target only high traffic keywords

No one can ignore the importance of keywords in website’s optimization.

The first thing that most professionals do while creating content is keyword research. It is really a good thing. But the common SEO mistake they do is that they focus only on high volume keywords because they think that in such a way they will have more traffic.

The truth is that high-volume keywords are highly competitive. If you have a relatively new website, you will never rank for such keywords.

In fact, I want to clear you that this is too much difficult to go after high traffic keywords with a new or normal website.

What type of keywords you should choose?

Long-tail keywords are more beneficial to get traffic. Longtail keywords consist of more than two words.

For example, “SEO mistake” is a high traffic keyword, and “biggest SEO mistakes” is a longtail keyword.

Longtail keywords generate more traffic to your website.

You don’t follow a consistent publishing schedule

Follow a consistent and regular publishing schedule. If you publish new content on daily basis or every other day or you publish the content once a week, it doesn’t matter. The more important thing is to follow a consistent publishing schedule.

You don’t use SEO optimized images

SEO optimized images

By adding images you can make pages more interesting and attractive.

But you should avoid the following mistakes in this matter:

  • Using images that are too big in size. Such images make your site speed slower.
  • Overload a page with a number of images unless you have a website about “fashion”.
  • Not using ALT tags. ALT tags communicate the search engines that an image is about. So if you are not using ALT tags, you are making the search engine’s job more difficult.


The above mentioned are the common and biggest mistakes that SEO users, especially, SEO beginners make again and again.

These SEO mistakes decrease your site’s performance. So search SEO tools help you to make you understand these mistakes so that you can fix them to improve your website’s performance and thus ranking.

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