15 best social media marketing tools to optimize audience engagement

15 best social media marketing tools to optimize your audience engagement
15 best social media marketing tools to optimize your audience engagement

Today we are discussing here the Best 15 Social Media Marketing Tools to optimize your audience engagement.

In this age of the internet and online work, most people are better aware of social media.

Social media platforms play a meaningful role to promote your brand or services. You can attract thousands of people to your website through social media platforms.

Because according to the recent research in July 2021, round about 4.48 million people are using different social media platforms.

Hence, Social media marketing is a great way to keep more people engage in your online business and bring remarkable success to the brand or services that you provide.

Do you know what is social media marketing? Social media marketing refers to connect your audience, boost your organic traffic, increase your sales through social media platforms.

It consists of uploading relevant, unique, and authentic content on your social media accounts, remaining in touch with your followers, and analyzing your results.

Is Social Media Marketing Really Important?

Social media marketing allows companies to remain in touch with existing users and reach new customers.

Top social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are frequently used for social media marketing. Nowadays, Pinterest, Snapchat, and LinkedIn are also being used on a large scale.

This process is totally free. Social Media Marketing allows you to enhance your visibility and brand awareness totally free of cost.

However, without some social media marketing tools, it’s much difficult to scale your social media marketing campaign and make it successful.

Ready to discover which SMM tools are most beneficial for your business? So, let’s drive deep in these tools.

Table of contents

  • Lead generation tools
  1. Smash Balloon
  2. Audiense
  3. Tweepi 
  • Social Media Security Tools
  1. ZeroFox
  2. LastPass
  • Analytical Tools
  1. Followerwonk
  2. Agora Plus
  3. Twitter Analytics
  4. Facebook Analytics
  • Content Creation Tools
  1. Tailwind
  2. Revive Old Posts
  • Graphic Tools
  1. Canva
  2. Animoto
  • Monitor and Sharing Tools
  1. Brand24
  2. SocialOomph

Lead Generation Tools

Smash Balloon

smash balloon

Use the finest social feeds plugin to easily display your content in WordPress. This is a very easy and powerful tool to help you in crafting totally customizable social media feeds tailored to your website.

More than 1600000 professionals are using this social networking tool to make their social media marketing campaigns successful.



The audience is an incredible smart intelligence tool or social searcher tool that allows you to find out a new audience.

The important thing about this social networking tool is that it helps you in understanding your audience’s choice by showing you how they tick.

This tool helps you to optimize your audience’s engagement by using tracking and reports.

You can simply consider it a tool to build relationships with your audience and users.

This is an amazing tool that lets you recognize the relevant audience, find out actionable insights, and helps you to improve your strategies.



Trusted by 1750,000 professionals

Over 1750,000 professionals trust Tweepi to make their users engaged, increase their followers fast, and grow their brand.

Tweepi is a remarkable Twitter tool that helps you to increase your followers on Twitter.

This is an easy-to-use social searcher tool with a lot of benefits. Tired of spending too many hours finding and engaging users on Twitter?

Don’t get exhausted now! Tweepi is available as a social searcher to help you out. You just have to give it a few minutes.

This tool discovers users who take interest in your topic. Next, you can attract them and engage them by following them, mentioning them in your tweets, and including them in your list.

This tool also helps you to clean up your Twitter accounts from irritated, irrelevant, unwanted, and inactive users.

Search SEO Tools suggests you just give this awesome social searcher a try.

Social Media Security Tools


Protect what matters most

ZeroFox is a security tool that works for all social media accounts along with Slack, Apple’s App Store, and Google Play.

It picks out all hackers that are looking for getting control of social media accounts and protects your accounts and brands against them.

This tool also helps in protecting its client’s reputation on social media platforms by removing impersonation profiles, eliminating disrespectful content, and users against scammers.


Security starts with a strong password

LastPass isn’t specifically designed for social media, but still, it is very beneficial to use. This tool provides your password security by saving your password in its encrypted password vault.

Create an ultra-strong password for your social media accounts like a password having upper and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and other characters.

Open the LastPass vault using a master password. Once logged in, the application will put your login detail every time you log into your social media accounts.

The benefit is that you have to keep only one password. Meanwhile, you can make strong passwords for all other social media accounts.

Analytical Tools


Followerwonk is one of the most in-depth and beneficial social networking tools for Twitter which helps you analyzing and optimizing Twitter audience.

It suggests people follow you so if you use Twitter as your social media account, you must have this tool.

Agora Plus

A simple & affordable solution for social media management

This tool consists of all the basic analytic and scheduling features. By using this tool, you can also run quizzes, contests, and promotions.

This tool also lets you see how social media strategy builds up against your competitors. Take advantage of your free trial and give it a try.

Twitter Analytics

check how many people interact with your tweets

This is a free tool that allows you to check the performance of your Twitter marketing campaign. This tool helps you check your tweets are getting how many Comments, likes, and retweets. This way you can realize people’s interaction with your website and services so you can set your social media strategy accordingly.

Facebook Analytics

check who interacts with your content

Facebook Analytics works just like Twitter Analytics but it has more features than Twitter Analytics. It not only tells you how many people interact with your content but also tells you who interacts with your content and where.

If you run a Facebook account, a top social media platform, you must give it a try.

Content Creation Tools


Craft content on Pinterest & Instagram

If you want to create content on Pinterest and Instagram, we suggest you to must try this awesome tool. Using this tool with Pinterest you can pin to various boards at once, bulk upload, and can schedule posts.

Its drag-and-drop calendar makes content scheduling much easier.

Revive Old Posts

Share old posts, media, and pages quickly & easily

This tool helps you automatically share your old content, media, and pages on your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, etc. easily and quickly. This way your audience gets a chance to see and engage with popular content on your website.

Graphic Tools


Create awesome images for your marketing campaign

 People attract more to visual content than simple text. Here Canva, a stunning image creation tool, is present to help you out.

Using Canva you can create incredible images according to your text so that more people like and share your posts.

Amazing thing is that you don’t need to be a graphic designer to use this tool. You can use this tool very easily without being a skilled person.

It consists of thousands of ready-made templates and graphics. You can pick relevant images and make changes according to your need in minutes.

If you want a lot more from this tool, you can use the premium package costs $12.95 per month.


create professional-quality videos for your marketing campaign

This is another impressive social networking tool used by marketers to create professional videos on social media.

Upload your clips and pictures into an easy-to-use template. Make your video impressive by using colors, fonts, and transition, etc.

Also, pick a relevant song from Animoto’s music library and apply it to the video.

Give a try at this tool to enjoy its stunning features.

Monitor and Sharing Tools


Be aware of people’s opinions about your brand

Brand24 makes you aware of what people are saying online about your services or brand. Using this tool, you can have an approach to mentions of your services or product anywhere on the web, including social media.

You can also recognize all the people having the most social influence.


Upload multiple posts at once

Do you want to upload multiple posts at once? SocialOomph is available to help you easily. It also arranges when each post has to publish.

This way you can manage multiple social media platforms at once and can have full control over where and when that post has to be published.

This tool also provides followers analysis features for boosting user engagement.


You want to see your business growing to the top level. For this purpose, social media marketing is the easiest and the best way.

Social media marketing campaigns will not be successful without social media marketing tools.

These social media marketing tools are very useful to promote your business on different social media platforms and make the audience more engaged than ever before.

One important thing is that if your budget is not high enough, you can use these tools easily.

Search SEO Tools suggests you to must try the above-mentioned social media marketing to win the game of SEO.


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