How SEO Beginners can boost website traffic in 2021

boost website traffic

If you are a marketer or a business owner, you definitely want to have more customers. So as a blogger you certainly wish to boost website traffic.

We live in the age of competition. So every business owner or marketer wishes to get more and more traffic on their blog to join the race of competition.

In the real world, people get irritated by more traffic, but in the land of online business, more traffic increase Alexa rank and it seems the key to success.

Freeways to drive more traffic to your website

Are you worried about how to get more visitors to your site?

No need to worry. Search SEO tools are here to guide you about different and authentic ways to boost website traffic in 2021.

  1. Be an Authority’s Voice
  2. Partnerships Developing
  3. Optimize your free GMB profile.
  4. Backlinks are the main source to increase Google and Alexa Ranking.
  5. Drive more traffic by posting on Social Media.
  6. Increase website traffic by targeting long-tail keywords.
  7. Stay active online
  8. Add Hashtags to your posts.
  9. Check your website Analytics to drive further traffic.
  10. Guests Blogging
  11. Invite website visitors for guest posting on your Website.
  12. Try to make your site as fast as possible
  13. Implementation of schema Microdata
  14. Boost your website traffic by making it mobile-friendly.
  15. Include videos into your content strategy to increase Google ranking

Let’s learn about these free ways to boost your website traffic:

Be an Authority’s Voice

Be an Authority's Voice - boost website traffic

You have to set yourself up as an authority’s voice to make people curious and excited about coming to your website.  There may be a lot of sites providing services like you which means you definitely have many competitors.

Now you have to try your best to let your crawlers know that you have much more understanding and authentic details than your competitors.

For this purpose you need to create powerful and useful content about the topics (people) searchers are searching for. Here are a few ideas about that:

  • Create e-books and blog posts.
  • Provide answers for the questions on different platforms of social media.
  • Make authentic and useful educational videos.
  • Live tweet
  • Host a web seminar (also referred to as a webinar or web conference)

Partnerships Developing

partnerships developing - boost website traffic


Partnership development is another amazing way to attract more visitors to your website. Get advantage of such connections by doing collective social media promotions, posting links on each other’s websites, and creating blog posts that show you’re working together.

Optimize your free GMB profile

Optimize your free GMB profile - boost website traffic

Establishing a website for your online business is just the beginning the next step is to optimize your Google My Business profile (GMB profile).

It must be in your knowledge that an optimized Google business listing has 7x more visits than an incomplete or fragmentary one.

Having an optimized GMB profile lets you reach more potential customers, enhance your service awareness and attract more visitors to your website. In this way, you can boost website traffic for free.

SEO Beginners perform on-page SEO to get more traffic on your blog site. There are many SEO strategies you planned to increase Alexa rank which ultimately shows your website in SERPs.

A lot of activities are there you perform on each page of your blog site to enhance their visibility in search engines. So, that you can get more traffic.

These tactics or activities include authentic and high-quality content according to the people’s search and writing brief Meta descriptions to increase website visitors on your pages.

These on-page SEO tactics are free ways to drive more traffic to your website but they take time.

Backlinks are the source to increase Google Ranking.

Authoritative Backlinks - boost website traffic

A backlink may be a link from another site pointing to your website. Backlinks from authentic and relevant websites especially links from influencers help your website or online business to show in front of a large audience. It will also bring organic traffic to your blog site.

Further, Google will increase your site’s trust if it finds trusted websites pointing to your blog.

More trust from Google means an increase in Alexa rank results in more organic traffic. So, building backlinks is a free way to increase website visitors.

Drive more traffic by posting on Social Media

Drive more traffic by posting on Social Media.

Social media is one of the best and free marketing tools to boost website traffic. It plays an important role in bringing traffic to your website to promote your blog posts and other pages on your website. Use different platforms on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

In this way, your social media followers will turn to your website crawlers and you can pull out traffic from their network by posting shareable content.

Increase website traffic by targeting long-tail keywords.

It is more than tough to Increase website traffic for short-tail keywords in search engines, in spite of that they are searched more frequently.

So, targeting long-tail keywords is the fastest way to increase website visitors, it gives you a better chance to increase organic traffic.

There are many free tools to help you find targeted keywords for your content, like Google keyword planner, and WordSteam’s free keywords tool.

And last but not least an extension named SEO quake for live and updated states like Backlinks, domain age, and Alexa rank, and it also helps to audit a web page.

Stay active online

Stay active online

If you are thinking that you write content, upload it on your website and leave it for people to find it, then you are thinking wrong.

You must have to give your time and effort to make your content visible to people and to get higher placement in search engines.

You have to active in online groups and on relevant websites. This a free way to boost website traffic comment on blogs and different posts on social media platforms,  answer the questions people are asking in different posts, and participate in a conversation about your online business or services your website is providing.

The more you engage on social media, the more you will get chances to boost your blog traffic.

Share the important links of your web pages on your social media profile to make your pages more visible in front of a large number of audiences.

Add Hashtags to your posts

Adding hashtags to your post is another effective way to boost traffic to your website. A post having at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement than a post having no hashtags.

Hashtags promote your blog posts and website pages and attract more eyes to your links. The more eyes on your site mean your get more free traffic on your site which ultimately increases your Alexa rank.

Check your website Analytics to drive further traffic

Check your website Analytics to drive further traffic

Google Analytics is also free to use tool for SEO beginners. The understanding and insights extracted from Google analytics help you to bring more traffic to your website.

For this purpose, you have to check your website analytics regularly and use tracked links for your marketing campaigns.

This process will make you aware of SEO strategies and the kind of content which works better. You also can identify which SEO strategies need improvement and which ones don’t deserve your time and effort.

Guests Blogging

Guest blogging means posting content to other blogs if you heard that guest blogging is dead, it’s not true. Yes, standards for guest blogging have changed during the past few months. SEO beginners can be penalized by Google for spammy tactics in the guest blogging.

Come to the point, guest blogging is another free source to boost website traffic.

Invite website visitors for guest posting on your Website.

Invite people having websites related to you, to blog on your website. They will share and link to their guest post, in this case, you can increase traffic on your website.

Google and other search engines also like when same niche websites exchange links with each other and it makes these websites more authoritative, increase Alexa rank and promote their positions in the SERP’s.

Try to make your site as fast as possible

Make sure that your website is fast. If it takes much time to load a web page, your bounce rate will be high-rise. So, make it possible that your web pages are technically optimized, including image sizes, the structure of the page, and the performance of third-party plugins. 

The faster loading speed of your site leads to more traffic on the site as Google already warns websites with high loading time in its regular updates.

Implementation of schema Microdata

Implementing schema for local businesses or another Microdata format would not increase traffic to your site directly but it makes it easier for search engines to find your pages and index them.

 Increase your website traffic by making it mobile-friendly.

In today’s world, people more than ever before are using mobile phones to access the web instead of desktop PCs. To confirm that your website is mobile-friendly.

It should be easily accessible and viewable across a range of devices. This will drive more traffic to your site.

As Google also says that your pages should be developed in a way to mobile-friendly first.

Include videos into your content strategy to increase Google ranking

As you know videos look more attractive than simple text. Text-based content is no doubt all well and good but including videos in your content is really helpful to attract more visitors to increase the Google ranking of your website.

Research tells that information retention is undoubtedly high for visible data than for text-based content. It clearly means that video marketing is an effective way to drive more traffic to your website.

Final Words

Traffic alone doesn’t mean everything but it definitely matters a lot. The more people will see your website, the more customers and users you will get.

The number of visitors enhances the number of opportunities for your website to rank in search engine results which leads to an increase in your earnings.

So, have a better insight into SEO strategies to find your purpose.


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