An Overview Of Search Engine Optimization

overview of search engine optimization

An Overview Of Search Engine Optimization is going to be very beneficial for beginners. According to research, round about 94% of people who use Google trust the top pages of search engine results. They consider the pages on 1st to 3rd or 4th number the best and trustworthy to find what they are looking for.

Just imagine that if your website is at the 14th or 15th result page, instead of the 3rd or 4th, what will happen? It will be definitely unbeneficial for you.

Search engine optimization or SEO is basically is the process of enhancing the rank and position of your website organically through quality backlinks and effective keywords.

SEO is no doubt the most effective source to increase organic traffic to your website.

The following article about SEO by search SEO tools will give you, especially SEO beginners, a basic overview of how SEO works so that you can better understand what SEO is all about and how you can get benefits from it in different ways.

Who are Ideal Visitors?

According to research in 2015, there are more than 180,000,000 registered websites, which clearly means that people strongly look at search engines to find exactly what they want to look for.

If we talk about ideal visitors, we can say that the searchers who search for exactly what your website is offering and find your website at the top few pages of search engine result pages are considered ideal visitors because they mostly convert to be your customers and subscribers.

Now you can guess by the above short discussion that if your page is not included in the top pages of search engine results, it will be very difficult to increase organic traffic to your website.

In this way, all your efforts and time will return you nothing. It looks like your web page is not present on SERPs. So, all your hard work will be fruitless.

About Rank & Position of Website

Rank & position of website

The position of a website is decided by the rank of the page.

Every website consists of some particular keywords and searches terms for which it is ranked. This is the reason why we find relevant and authentic keywords with high search volume before creating content because people search for the information of desired topics through particular keywords or key phrases.

Basically, search engines track all the specific keywords present in content published on a website.

For example: if you search for “party wear”, there will be a list containing these two words in front of you.

So, it clearly means that the websites containing particular keywords get ranked in SERPs. This way you can increase organic traffic to your website.

There are basically two criteria for a website to get ranked by the search engine:

One is backlinks

Second, are keywords

If you want to increase organic traffic to your website, along with using relevant keywords in your content, you have to get backlinks from other relevant and authentic websites. It will definitely increase the search engine ranking of your website.

One thing to be remembered is that you must have to get backlinks from relevant websites.

Backlinks from irrelevant websites are totally fruitless. this shows the quantity of backlinks matters less while the quality of the backlinks matters a lot.

In fact, keywords let the search engines see your website and know what is it about.

Backlinks are also an important ranking factor for a website as they determine how much Google finds your website trustworthy to be relevant.

Now you can guess that backlinks and keywords are how much necessary to rise your website’s search engine rank and to increase organic traffic to your site.

Following are two corresponding components to rise up the chain of SEO:

One is On-site SEO

Second is Off-site SEO

On-site SEO

On-site SEO

On-site SEO (commonly known as On-page SEO) is the process of optimizing web page content for search engines and users in order to rank higher and increase organic traffic.

It refers to optimize the HTML source code and content of a page. Further on-page SEO lets a crawler know clearly that what a page is about.

It also gives the knowledge to search engines that if people visit the page, what they would see on the page so that search engine can find out for its users the high-quality content about the particular keyword.

In simple words, on-page SEO is in fact things you do on your website to make it easy to find for search engines.

Off-site SEO

Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO (generally known as On-page SEO) is what you do outside your website to make your website easy to find for search engines.

For example one of such things or activities is link building.

But important thing is that these links must be from reputable and relevant websites otherwise these will be worthless.

Give a Rise to Your Business through SEO

SEO is a big platform that allows you to do different activities to grow your business. Through SEO you can focus your efforts on the exact users and crawlers you want to visit your website.

By using SEO services, businesses are able to target the right audience or ideal visitors.

According to the views of over 70% of businesses, SEO proves more beneficial and helpful for them as compared to newspapers or television ads, etc.

If you think that your page has been reached the front page of search engines, so you are done completely, then you think wrong.

Ideal visitors are going to be your permanent visitors or customers if your website is well designed, has quality content and gives people the answers to their questions properly, and gives them what they are searching for.

Good SEO is a Time Taken Practice

A Chinese proverb is “A little impatience will spoil great plans”.

The purpose of mentioning here this proverb is to say that to raise your business sky high takes time. So be patient.

Because in today’s world, almost everyone relies strongly on search engines to find desired information online, SEO is the better choice to increase organic traffic to your website.

But don’t be impatient. Good SEO takes time. But after using SEO services to grow your business, you will definitely be grateful to SEO.

Final Words

In the above discussion, Search SEO Tools has given you, especially if you are an SEO beginner, the basic overview of Search Engine Optimization or SEO so that you can better understand what SEO is all about, how it works, and how much it is helpful for online as well as physical business owners.

But you have to wait patiently as SEO is a time taken process but once you are done with it in a proper way, you will surely enjoy the sweetness of its fruit. So must try it to believe it.

You will get a lot of help from the above discussion.

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