Optimize Your Content by Using Superlative SEO Content Optimizer

SEO Content Optimizer
Optimize Your Content by Using Superlative SEO Content Optimizer

Do you know what is Content Optimization? Here is a brief description of the term, especially for SEO Beginners.

What Is Content Optimization?

The process of realizing content performance and getting the ways of content optimization so that you can engage with your audience’s intent, get a higher rank in the Search Engine Result Page, and enhance your content’s readability.

Your blog content and web page optimization are necessary to your content strategy. In other words, it is not enough to focus on creating epic and unique content and hope to rank because content also needs to be optimized.

One of the most effective and best ways to drive more traffic to your website is content marketing. So, along with unique and authentic, content must be SEO optimized.

Roundabout 1.8 million websites are present on the internet. So, it is much difficult to stand out online than ever before.

Fortunately, there are a few amazing tools available online to help you in content analysis and outrank your competitors.

A few are here:

SurferSEO: write and optimize your content faster than ever

SurferSEO is an amazing tool including everything that helps you to discover incredible ideas for content and the best keywords that you can rank for.

Here are astonishing features of this content optimization tool:

  • SEO Audit
  • Content Planner
  • Content Editor
  • SERP Analyzer
  • Keyword Surfer
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Editor Extension


SurferSEO is one of the cheapest tools around. It offers 3 different plans.

  1. Basic Plan: $59 per month
  2. Pro Plan: $99 per month
  3. Business Plan: $199 per month

You can use one of them according to your work’s requirements.

Merits and demerits of SurferSEO

Before using any tool, you should know its merits and demerits to find that the tool is right for you or not.


  • easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • Offers 7-day trial for $1
  • Assists with content structure
  • Turns red if it notices keyword stuffing


  • Keyword research tool does not always give an accurate result. So, we suggest you use another tool alongside. Google Keyword Planner is the best choice for keyword research.
  • It offers limited queries each month

SEMrush: Create Content That Ranks

SEMrush content optimizer

I don’t think that SEMrush needs any introduction. SEMrush has established itself as the NO. 1 SEO suite. Many features of SEMrush help in getting SEO-optimized content and one of these features is “Writing assistant”  or “SEO Content template”.

SEMrush SEO content optimizer is available as a web app and also as a WordPress plugin. This is the best tool to start creating SEO Friendly content, especially for large agencies.

SEMrush scans all the top-ranking pages to find out your target keywords. It also recommends changes that are necessary to be done such as:

  • Text length | Number of words
  • Semantically related keywords
  • Where to acquire backlinks from
  • Average readability scores of top 10 URLs etc.

Applying all the above recommendations, you can better optimize your content easier for search engines. Hence you can boost your overall On-Page-SEO score.

To learn now what is On-Page-SEO? for a better understanding


SEMrush’s Writing Assistant is only available on SEMrush’s Guru and Business plans.

  • Guru Plan: costs $229.95/month
  • Business Plan: costs 449.95/month

Merits & Demerits of SEMrush


  • All in one keyword finder and SEO content optimizer software.
  • Available as Web App and WordPress
  • Shows you when you are keyword stuffing


  • SEMrush’s package price is fairly high so it is better used by large agencies and businessmen.

Grammarly: Make your writing clear and engaging


Grammarly is another well-known SEO content optimizer tool that should be a part of every content crafting team. It lets the marketer enhance their communication skills.

Grammarly SEO content optimizer scans your text for grammatical errors and spellings and provides you the right option.

So, this tool is really helpful for content writers to improve their content writing skills and makes content optimization a lot easier.


Grammarly is available for free but also has a premium plan which starts from $11.66/month.


  • Available for all platforms like web, (chrome extension), Android, iOS app’ and desktop app.
  • Give recommendations to improve content readability, spelling, and grammar issues before publishing the content.
  • Grammarly’s Pro version offers many up-to-date options such as Plagiarism detection, Freewriting assistant, Automated Grammar Checker, and MS Office Plugin, etc.


  • You have to accept or reject the suggestions one by one. There is no option to accept numerous suggestions at once.
  • Sometimes gives contextually irrelevant suggestions.

Frase: Accelerate growth with answers


Frase is another amazingly designed end-to-end SEO content creation tool, powered by AI. It is not popular enough must be used by digital marketers.

Frase Content Optimization tool helps you increase organic traffic and enhance your conversion rate.

By using this tool, you will find content ideas, topics, and sub-topics, and faster SEO results easier than ever before.

Let the Frase know the topic you want to write about and this tool will tell you exactly how to grow your organic traffic.

Frase’s SEO content optimizer tool scans the high-ranking articles and tells you what is necessary to add in your writing to rank higher.


Frase offers 2 basic pricing plans: Basic & Team

  1. Basic: costs $44/month
  2. Team: costs $114/month


  • Question Research
  • Reasonable price plan
  • Very easy to use
  • Integrated with Google Search Console
  • Automated content briefs
  • Unlimited exporting & sharing


  • This is relatively a new platform, and can sometimes be a little problematic

DASHWORD: write content that ranks


Dashword, another incredible content optimizer software that helps you in crafting remarkable content that is more comprehensive and easier to read as compared to your competitors.

When you put your selected keyword in the space provided, there will be a report by Dashboard telling you what to do to outrank your rivals who are already ranking for the same keyword.


Dashword offers two main plans:

  1. The Hobby plan: costs $29/month
  2. The Professional plan: costs $199/month


The number of businesses moving online is increasing day by day. The competition is getting higher.

In this situation of tough competition, if you really want to win the game of SEO then content optimizer software is vital.

All the SEO content optimization tools we have discussed in this article are amazingly helpful in crafting astonishing SEO-optimized content that ranks well and will be loved by your users.

Must give a try to these tools and let us know in the comment box which one you find better.

If you find this SEO content optimizer software’s list advantageous, do share it with your friends on the digital marketing platform.


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