05 Less Paid methods to Increase Website Traffic in 2021

increase website traffic

Here are a few paid ways to increase website traffic through Google

Google is a wide platform where people make different searches every time like what is this, what to do, what to purchase, what people are doing around and what is in trend nowadays etc.

So paid advertising on Google is an excellent way to bring people to your site that are searching for the products or services your website provides.

Your advertisement will be shown in Google search results whenever someone searches for the services like yours. In this way, you can increase website traffic.

Here are a few paid ways to increase website traffic through Google

How to Increase Website Traffic through Google Ads?

 website traffic through google ads

Google Ads is a better way to increase website visitors. With Google Ads, you have to pay to make your website appear at the top of the search results for specific keywords.

When a searcher enters a query using these particular keywords, Google checks all the accounts having those keywords and shows up and ranks the paid results according to the relevance and quality of the ads.

Google firstly displays the paid results at the very top of the result page. So this is an excellent way to generate website traffic.

The important point to notice is that you only pay when your ad gets a click by someone.

So Google Ads is a paid but cheap solution for the people who are worried about how to increase website traffic through Google.

How to Increase Website Traffic Through Google Maps Advertising?

website traffic through Google maps

Google Maps Marketing (advertisement of your business or website through Google Maps) is an adorable and reliable way to attract nearby customers. It is a process of using Google Maps services to make your website easier to find.

Advertising through Google Maps to increase website visitors is very useful for large companies, but it is more beneficial for smaller businesses.

If you wish to make your digital marketing strategy more strong and valuable, you need to use Google Maps correctly.

More Paid Ways to Generate Website Traffic

Search SEO Tools is here to provide you the solution for how to drive traffic to your website in 2021. Let’s learn about more ways to generate website traffic.

Display Advertising, Social Media Advertising, And Retargeting Ads are amazing types of online advertising strategies that are highly recommended by Search SEO Tools to increase website visitors.

Let’s discuss these strategies briefly one by one.

Display Advertising: a better way to increase website traffic

Google Display Advertising

Display advertising is a type of online advertising. Display ads are basically branded banner ads that are placed on different relevant websites.

For example, if you own a website about stylish dresses and your ad shows up on a website about fashions or the latest trends, then your ad definitely brings relevant traffic to your website. In this way, you can increase website visitors effectively.

Social Media Advertising:

Social Media Advertising:
Social media advertesing

An excellent way to generate website traffic with search advertising’ you pay for showing up your website in the top place for relevant searches while with social media advertising you pay for appearing in relevant feeds.

Both these forms of advertising help you to determine the audience in front of which you would like to appear. But Social Media with more IAO (interests, activities, opinion) data offers amazing targeting.

In short, social media advertising is the fastest way to drive traffic to your website in 2021.

Retargeting Ads: another authentic way to increase website visitors

retargeting ads marketing

Retargeting is a type of online advertising. It is an astonishing way to let you get in front of potential users or customers who even did not visit your website but only searched for something related to the services your website provides.

Only 2-3% of users will make a purchase the very first time they come to your website. Retargeting Ads is an effective way to get them back to your site for a follow-up visit. It helps to appear your brand or services in front of bounced traffic after they leave your website without buying anything or getting any services.

So it can be said undoubtedly that Retargeting Ads is an amazing way to increase website visitors.

Final Words

There are tons of free and paid ways to increase website traffic. A few of those amazing and effective ways to drive traffic to your website in 2021 have explained above by search SEO tools.

But a few most frequently asked questions about increasing website traffic are important to answer here which are as under.

Which type of website gets more visitors?

Just remember, an SEO-friendly website definitely get more traffic. Such types of websites consist of fast page loading speed, clean codebase, effective navigation, proper URL structure, effective and plagiarism-free content, etc.

How to check traffic to a website?

To have a look at traffic on your site, go to your Google Analytics account. If you want to find that how much traffic other websites are getting, use SEO tools for competition analysis. For this purpose, analysis tools offered by Ahrefs, Alexa, and SimilarWeb are highly recommended by Search SEO tools.

How long it will take for a new website to get traffic?

No doubt it depends on your efforts but you have to be patient in this matter. It normally takes 3-6 months to get significant traffic after the campaign started.

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