Improve your Keywords Policy by using Keyword Position Checker

Keyword Position Checker

To check your website’s keyword position or keyword ranking in search engine result page is necessary. Because this way you can be aware of which keyword on your website is ranking and getting which position in SERPs.The keyword position checker tool is used to check your SERPs position.

Do you know what keyword position is?

What is the keyword position checker tool?

A very clear and to the point definition of a keyword position is that a keyword position is the rank a website in search engines as compared to other competing websites, for a given keyword.

Keyword position checker tool is one of the basic SEO Tools that helps you to check the rank of a particular website for particular keywords.

In Other words, keyword position checker tool shows you the position of your site due to particular keywords in search results of different search engines, such as Google and Bing etc.

How keyword position checker works?

You can use different methods to find out keyword positions on Google. For example, using our website, where you just have to enter a domain name and keywords that you are targeting.

Keyword position checker tool which is 100% free tool will provide you information regarding competitor keyword position within few moments. Which can be very helpful to you for chase competitor’s keywords.

You can also get keyword positions in other countries. For this purpose, you have to enter your keyword into Google, and after the result get displayed, go in the URL bar and enter any country code after the search starting in the last and in front of you there will be keyword position in that specific country.

Why should you use keyword position checker tool?

To achieve a better ranking in search engine and one of the basic or necessary factors involved is targeted keyword selection. Every blogger while writing an article about any topic must try to use the keywords which users/ crawlers search the most.

Using such keywords will help your website shows up on one of the top few pages in search engine results.

So, to improve your website ranking, you must find out which keywords are useful for your particular domain. This information will allow you work on using strongest and authentic keywords for your articles.

For this purpose, you need use a reliable and authentic Keyword position checker tool which can tell you where a particular keyword ranks in different search engine optimization like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Best Keyword rank tracking tools

You can see a lot of different websites on internet that provide keyword rank tracking tools. They may be free or paid tools.

You may be confused to choose which one is the best. Don’t you worry! Search SEO Tools is here to help you in this matter.

Following are a few best keyword rank checker tools. You will surely be satisfied by using these tools.


keyword position checker tool by ahrefs

ahrefs’s keyword rank checker tool is undoubtedly an excellent tool ever.

This tool shows you accurate keyword rankings for any website or web page.

Ahrefs keyword position checker tool unveils every keyword for which the target web page or site gets ranked in the top 100 across 150 countries.

Ahrefs shows the following details for each keyword:

  • Ranking position
  • Search volume
  • Estimated organic traffic
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Rankin URL

You get the above information or data from ahref’s database of 500 million keywords. This database is updated every month.

Position Tracking Tool by SEMrush

keyword position checker by SEMrush

Keyword position tracking tool designed by SEMrush is another excellent and damn helpful tool.

This tool helps you to track ranking or position of your keywords to measure the success of your SEO campaign.

Using this awesome tool offered by SEMrush you can:

  • Discover your keyword ranking on mobile and desktop
  • Find out your rival’s keyword position
  • Explore how much traffic a search term is driving organically.

To put it briefly, SEMrush keyword position checker tool helps you to monitor keyword ranking for your website as well as for your competitor’s website in a very simple and easy way.

How to use keyword position checker tools?

To use these rank tracking tools, you don’t need to be expert or to install or download any application. You also don’t have to get registered.

You just have to follow a few steps to find your desired results about keyword position in search engine optimization.

Step#1. You have to go on specific website’s keyword rank tracking tool

Step#2. Enter domain name in the space provided

Step#3. In the keyword space enter the keywords for which you want to check the position or rank. You can enter more than one keywords but make sure that you enter only one keyword per line.

Step#4. Once you enter keywords, click on find keyword position button to check the results in both search engines Yahoo & Google.

Keyword Rank Checker Tool by Small SEO Tools

keyword position checker by small seo tools

Small SEO Tools is providing you excellent free online keyword position checker tool to check you target keyword’s position in search engine results.

It’s really simple to use and absolutely free of cost. You can use this time anytime to search any keyword position.

You can check keyword Position up to 500 keywords.

In short, Free keyword position checker tool by Small SEO Tools provides the result for targeted keyword position in Google and Yahoo at the same time.

By having the result for the keyword position of keywords on your website and those are on your competitor’s website.

Many websites offer you keyword position checker tools but the tools mentioned above such as Small SEO Tools, ahrefs, and SEMrush offer the best keyword position checker tools.

You will have better idea to improve your website by using popular or most searched keywords. Because quality content having most popular keywords is one of the many authentic ways to rank higher on search engines.


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