Importance of Backlinks analysis tool and why we use it

Importance of Backlinks analysis tools

In this article, we will discuss the backlinks analysis tool in detail such as its importance, its functions, and its advantages, etc. But first of all, we are going to explain backlinks.

What Are Backlinks?

A backlink for a website or a web page is the link from another website to that website or webpage. In simplest words, you can say that a backlink is created when one website links to another website.

They are also called Inbound or Outbound links.

Backlinks are trusted as a very helpful tool for increasing the ranking of a website’s SEO. Backlinks have a very strong impact on a website’s prominence in search engine results. Backlinks drive more traffic to your website.

The more backlinks your website has, the better it will perform in SERPs.



Backlinks may consider as External and Internal Backlinks.

  • Internal Links: The links pointing one page on the domain to a different page on the same domain are known as Internal Backlinks.

Internal Links are extremely beneficial for your global SEO strategy in different ways. They help you spread your link juice to other pages of your site and to increase the Page rank. Internal links are helpful in building page authority and connections between web pages.

  • External Links: These are the links that go from one domain to a different domain. They may be links from your website to another site or links from another site to your site. External links are also very important to improve your website’s ranking and to drive more traffic to your site. These links are in fact a greater source to gain traffic.


We use the Link Analysis tool to have complete details about the backlinks our website or web page has like the number of backlinks, a number of external and internal links and follow and do-follow links, details about bad and quality links, etc.


Backlinks Analysis Tool is really very important in the field of SEO.

Get detail about good and bad links:

Backlinks are of two types Good Backlinks and Bad Backlinks.

Good/Quality Backlinks

Good or quality backlinks are very helpful for your SEO.  They enhance your website ranking in search engine results.

Such links are the best source to provide your website more and more traffic and increase the popularity of your site.

Links derived from the sites which are adjoining to your sites are considered good or quality backlinks.

Bad Backlinks

Backlinks from unrelated and trustless sources are bad backlinks. Such backlinks affect your website negatively.

For example, your site is about books and you have backlinks from a totally different website like about fashion or art, etc.

Such backlinks are considered bad backlinks. They don’t do anything good for your site, instead of that, they will harm the website.

So instead of having a lot of bad backlinks, it’s much better to have a few quality links. And by using the link analysis tool, we can identify good and bad links to our website or webpage. In this way, we can regularly clean our site from harmful links.

Have information about your competitor’s site links:

By using this tool, you can not only check your own website’s link details but you can also have complete detail about other websites.

The Link analysis tool lets you have information about the links of your competitor’s website.

That way you can know about potential link opportunities you may be missing and you may meet different ideas for your own link-building strategy.

In Seconds, you can get backlinks to detail about your website with this tool. It works as an automatic backlinks checker.

You just need to enter a website URL and click on the submit button. You will see automatic magic.

How to use Backlinks Analysis Tools?

It’s very easy to use. You can use this tool by going through only three steps. According to my opinion, the most trusted websites to use Link Analyzer Tool are the following:

  1. Open any of the above sites and go on the link analyzer tool.
  2. In the space provided, just enter the URL of your site or the site whose link details you want to know.
  3. Click on the “submit” button. As the process complete. The link Analysis tool will immediately show you a page containing a list of backlinks the website has.

To Be Concluded:

  • Do you want to have a deep look at your site’s links?
  • Do you want to know how many inbound and outbound links your site has?
  • Do you want to identify which links are beneficial and which are harmful for your web page or website?
  • Do you want to peep in your competitor’s backlinks profile?

So if you want to get the above details, improve your website’s ranking and increase the traffic on your site, then the Backlinks Analysis Tool will prove a great help for you.

Hope Search Seo tools would help you a lot.

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