5 Best free Plagiarism Checker tools to make your content 100% unique

Plagiarism Checker tools
5 Best free Plagiarism Checker tools to make content your 100% unique.

If you are a content writer, teacher, or student, you may know about plagiarism very well. If you are not sure about the concept, we are going to define it shortly and tell you about the best free plagiarism checker tools here.

If you copy any other person’s written work, video, image, or idea and display it as your own, it is called plagiarism.

Simply you can say copy-paste process is called plagiarism. For more information about this topic, go on our link use of plagiarism checker tool


A 100% free tool to check duplicate content


Duplichecker is completely free-of-cost SEO software that offers a bundle of excellent tools like content analysis tools, keyword finder tools, website management tools, backlink analysis tools, and the best one is its online Plagiarism Checker tool. All these tools are very helpful to enhance your online business.

Duplichecker is a 100% free plagiarism detector tool available 24/7, every time and anywhere ready to serve you. This is just like an artificial intelligence tool that dives deep into your content to give you the correct plagiarism report.

This is a simple SEO tool that requires no particular skill to use it. Just copy your text and open the link. Paste the copied text in the empty box and click on the “check plagiarism” button and all is done. (Instead of copy-paste, you can also upload a document file.)

You will get an accurate report in front of you within seconds.

Remember that you can enter 1000 words per search.

Duplichecker serves as both a plagiarism checker and plagiarism remover tool. It means you can not only check the plagiarism of content but can also remove it to make your content 100% unique.

Small SEO Tools:

An awesome plagiarism detector tool

small seo tools plagiarism checker tool

Smallseotools plagiarism checker is one of the most accurate and free tools to check duplicate content. This amazing tool lets you check your content’s plagiarism by matching the test against millions of websites present on the internet.

You can enter you content file in any format such as .doc, .docx, .txt, .tex, .rtf, .odt, and .pdf.

Smallseotools plagiarism checker has the ability to check plagiarism on the content not written in English language only, but the content written in a number of other languages like Italiano, français, Português, Español, Deutsche, 中文, русский, 日本語, etc. You can say that this tool can frequently speak your language.

It has a great feature that allows you to automatically rewrite your plagiarized text with one click only. Just click on “Rewrite Plagiarized Content” which will take you to the auto-paraphrasing tool where your text will be updated at once.

This tool also gives you the option to check plagiarism via website URL. This is also too simple. Just put the URL of a webpage and hit the “check plagiarism” button below. And you will get the report.

Another excellent feature of this amazing tool is to download the report. It means if you want to keep a record or to send this report to the relevant parties as evidence, you can download it.

You can paste or write 1000 words per search to check plagiarism. If you want more than that, you can use Small SEO Tool’s Pro version which allows you to enter more than 30,000 words per search.

Plagiarism Detector:

Detect your content’s plagiarism

Plagiarism detector

Plagiarism detector is another tool included in this list of awesome online plagiarism checker tools that give you the most accurate results. This is available in both paid and free versions.

The free version allows you to check 1000 words for similarity while paid using the paid version you can enter up to 25,000 words.

Whether you are a student or a professional, you can get a lot of benefits by using this plagiarism remover tool. As well as this tool gives you the option to check grammar and correct it.

By using this Plagiarism Detector tool, you can scan your content by typing or pasting it in the box as well as by putting a webpage URL.

Open the link, enter your text in the box or webpage URL in the space provided, tick the “I’m not a robot” option, hit the “check plagiarism” and just get an accurate report in less than one minute.


Correct your content’s grammar and plagiarism issues

Grammerly plagiarism checker

As shown by the name, Grammarly scans your text and lets you find your common grammar mistakes. But it is not over here. It checks the grammatical mistakes along with plagiarism s it is a multi-scanner software.

It has a very large database so it compares your text with almost 16 billion web pages and provides you the most accurate report. This way you can craft awesome, error-free, as well as 100% unique content.

Grammarly is out there in free also as paid versions. You can get a bundle of benefits from its free version but if you want to get more, you can access its paid version.

One more important factor about this tool is that you can use this tool online as well as can download it from Playstore.


PrePostSEO plagiarism detector is another reliable tool that scans your content deeply and lets you have an exact report.

Not only this, it comes with a lot more. Along with a plagiarism detector, this software offers you a bundle of helpful tools such as a word counter, grammar checker, article rewriter tool, and much more.

PrePostSEO’s plagiarism checker tool can scan a paragraph consists of up to 1500 words per search.

This online plagiarism checker tool offers you an easy and simple interface. It doesn’t require any proper skill to use this tool. Hope you will enjoy its services.

To Put It Briefly

To put it briefly, it can be said undoubtedly that all the above-mentioned duplicate content checker tools will prove very fruitful for you whether you are a student, teacher, professional, or content writer.

You don’t need to be skilled in using these tools. All these plagiarism checkers as well as plagiarism detector tools offer a really easy interface. Just follow the following instructions:

  • Go to the particular website and open the link of plagiarism checker tool
  • Copy your content and paste it in the space provided
  • It may ask to tick the “I’m not a robot” option
  • Click on “check plagiarism” and it’s done.

The exact report will be in front of you within seconds.

Hope the above information will be very helpful for you to let your business touch the highest level. Stay in touch with Search SEO Tools to get more information.


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