Important Tools To Find Relevant Blog Commenting Websites

Find Relevant Blog Commenting Websites

Important Tools To Find Relevant Blog Commenting Websites. Here we discuss how to find relevant blog commenting websites?

Why we need Blog commenting?

If you create a fabulous website and wish that crawlers flow on it like water, and you want to have better earnings from it, what should you do? You can find the best answer here on Search SEO Tools.

You need links from authentic and relevant websites.

You can get backlinks for your website in various ways such as pay per click, social bookmarking, submitting articles on important topics in articles directories, and putting URL to web directories etc.

Another free-of-cost source of getting backlinks is Commenting on blogs. It is an important, easiest, and quickest way to get huge direct traffic and Do-Follow backlinks.

You just need to leave a comment including some anchored text linking back to your website.

Commenting is a way to appreciate the author and to remain in touch with the bloggers. It is important to find relevant blogs so that you find blogger companions whose Blog niche is related to yours.

A link from a related website is more fruitful than links coming from non-related websites.

What does a related/relevant blog mean?

Related or relevant blogs mean blogs having Blog topics related to yours. For example, if you are writing on fashions, then relevant blogs will be trending fashions, dressing, and hairstyles in the current year, fashions in 2021, etc.

There may be several websites having blog posts related to yours but it is tough to find these websites in the ————of different websites.

So for this purpose, you need to take services from Blog Commenting Websites Finder Tool.

In today’s post, I’m giving you information about a few best Blog Finder tools. So let’s start one by one.


Blog commenting
Blog commenting

Permalink is a free online tool that gives its services to you to find relevant blogs for commenting. This tool allows you to discover a bundle of sites to drop your comment and create backlinks by using different Google queries.

Following is the list commenting system type and website type to find:

  • .Edu Blogs
  • .gov blogs HUB Pages.
  • HUB Pages.
  • Livefyre blogs
  • keywordLuv blogs
  • Anchor text in comment Blogs
  • CommentLuv Premium Blogs
  • Do follow comment Blogs
  • Expression engines forums.
  • Squidoo lenses- add to this

This is really easy to use. Just put a keyword to find blogs whose blog topic is related to you, select the site type and touch the “search” button.

You will find a number of relevant blog commenting sites to get backlinks.


Blog commenting

This is another important blog finder tool to help you in finding out relevant blogs to comment. Drop My Link works the same as Put My Link.

There is not much difference between both of them but I personally recommend Dropmylink as it is faster than Putmylink.

Online Free Blog Finder Tool by Small SEO Tools

Blog Finder Tool helps to Find Relevant Blog Commenting Websites
Free Blog Finder Tool

Being an SEO user, you know better the importance of backlinks. But the important thing is backlinks should be from relevant sites otherwise these links affect your site badly.

Small SEO tool is a fabulous site rich with the best tools ever that an SEO user needs.

Small SEO Tools developed the best Blog Finder tool for its users. To discover the best do follow blogs in just seconds by using a small SEO tool’s Online Free Blog Finder Tool to boost your website.

Best Free SEO Tools To Instantly Improve Your Website’s Ranking


Blog Finder Tool to Find Relevant Blog Commenting Websites

There are a lot of blog finding tools present on the net that are helpful to discover related blogs. One of the most important is the Blog Finder Tool designed by

If you want to get more visitors to your site by creating backlinks, you must try this tool. Just go and use the blog finder tool which is available in the “Free SEO Tools’

This is based on Google queries. Simply you need to enter a keyword in the given box, select category, and footprint, and click on the “search” button to get the results.

It is an easy-to-use tool and is very helpful for people interested read blog posts and who wish to contribute to blog sites.

Fast Blog Finder: Free Blog Commenting Software introduced a wonderful blog finding tool, G-Lock Blog Finder tool which enables you to discover and recognize the blogs according to the keyword you enter within few seconds.

You don’t need to be an expert in SEO to use this tool. Follow a few simple steps to build backlinks with G-Lock Blog Finder tool:

  • Enter a keyword or keyword phrase that you wish you find blogs for and touch the “start”
  • When the search is finished, click on an URL. The page will open directly in the G-Lock Blog Finder preview panel.
  • Check the post and read it, write your comment, and hit the “Submit” button.

By using this tool:

  • You can get the most relevant blogs for your keywords.
  • You can directly post comments on the blogs from the program. You can determine Do-Follow and No-Follow links accurately.
  • Within seconds you can know whether your comment is approved or not.
  • It skips duplicate domains so that you can get only unique results during one search.

In short, this is a great tool, quicker and easiest to use. You can use to get an advantage for your site’s ranking by creating backlinks. By using this tool you can get high-ranking websites linking back to your site.

To sum up

Backlinks are the most important element to rank a website high in search engine results. One important thing is that the links must be from authentic and relevant websites because backlinks from irrelevant and non-related websites affect badly on a site’s ranking.

You can check detailed information about to find Find Relevant Blog Commenting Websites

Commenting on blogs having the same topic as your site has, is an awesome shortcut to get relevant backlinks. So the above tools are really beneficial for this purpose.


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