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Are you a content writer??? Do you wish to improve your content writing skills? Expert SEO Tips helps you out in a proper and simple way of content writing tips.

If you are a website owner, you would definitely want to see your website on the top page of search engine results. You would surely wish to increase the search engine ranking of your website.

Content is considered the king of SEO and content writing tips assume as queen of the king. It is not the only factor to make a website reach a higher place in SERPs but it is a very important ranking factor for a website. But there are some important techniques you must follow to write authentic and quality content that leads to boost the ranking of a site. Low quality and unauthentic content will do nothing to increase the Google ranking of the website.

Let’s learn about these techniques and tactics for content writing that are amazingly helpful to increase website traffic and boost ranking:

Write Content according to the Audiences’ Interest

This is really a gorgeous tip you must follow while writing content for your website. Write authentic content that appeals to your audience’s interest and gives the answers to their questions.

A content that satisfies the readers, gets more clicks which leads to increase in Google ranking.

Create Headlines that have a strong effect

The best tip among all-powerful content writing tips is how to create a headline, you have to make a very big impression with a very short text. Never ignore the value and power of an effective headline. Create clear, effective, strong, and interesting headlines that pack a punch. Make use of rich keywords in headlines & Meta descriptions.

How to use my keywords in the meta description.

After deep down analysis to find your focus keyword the problem faces newbies is how to use my keywords in meta description Make sure your Meta description is interesting and clearly elaborate the topic of your article. Just remember that your content title and Meta description appear in the search results, so make them effective and strong. Use your focus keyword in such a way that it captures user attention and forces the user to click on your title.

Use Rich Keywords in a proper way

So here is the content writing tip no 3, Use relevant keyword-rich phrases in your headlines and throughout the content to let both your readers and search engines know the topic of your post. So make a proper content strategy for SEO.

Find out more searching keywords and keyword phrases for the selected topics before writing content and use them throughout the content in a proper way especially in Meta descriptions and titles. In this way, you can increase website traffic and boost ranking.

To find out relevant and most searching keywords, I am going to recommend you the ever best tools.

The first one is Keyword ideas – 152-076-2652 – Google Ads. This is an ever best and trustworthy keyword finder tool. Further, you can use keyword finder tools by SEMrush and Ahrefs without any hesitation.

Don’t Overload the Content with Keywords

No doubt, using keywords in the content really helps to increase website traffic and increase search engine ranking but make extra use of keywords will lose the value and beauty of the content.

So keep in mind, don’t overload your content with keywords. It doesn’t look natural and bother the reader.

So if you’re a content writer or your content is written by someone else, in both scenarios you and your content writer should know the basics of on-page SEO, if don’t you might get into trouble, please write this content writing tip into your notepad (which you at least opens twice a day) or write down on a chip and paste onto your laptop or any other device you use.

In my opinion and according to many experts, it’s more important that where you use the keywords in the content than how many times you use them. You can say, location of keywords is more important.

Make sure your keywords appear in:

  • Your URL
  • Title Tags
  • Heading 1 Tag
  • Heading 2 Tag
  • The first 100 words of your page

Using keywords in the above format will surely make it easy for search engines to reach your website. This way you can increase website traffic and boost the ranking of your site.

Extra content writing tip, by making BOLD or ITALIC your focus keywords also impacts ranking.

Include Imagery

People nowadays are more visual than ever before. So images attract their attention more than simple text. That’s why including images along with your content can definitely make a big impression.

Using images can attract more visitors and then boost the ranking of the site.  But keep in mind one thing that your images must be related to the post and show up what the content says.

And please don’t forget to add alt text to your image as it helps to understand for users when your image is not uploaded properly due to internet connection interruption or some other technical problems.

Extra content writing tip your left-right or up-down content around your image make an impact to rank your image in image SERPs.

Organize Your Posts in a proper way

You may create great content but if you create it in an unorganized and inappropriate format, it will lose its value and will not be helpful to increase website traffic. This way you will not be able to increase the search engine ranking of your website.

To make your content easy to read, just break it into smaller paragraphs and use proper headlines. It will keep your readers engaged and will increase the Google ranking of your website.

Did you know all the well-known websites make their writing format simple with just white background?

Extra Content writing Tip, Expert analysis of SEO’s shows user tends to give more time on the website having a white background.

Share Content on Social Media

share content on social media

Social media is a wide and powerful platform that can help increase the reach of your content. Social Media is very helpful in promoting sharing that leads to increase website traffic and boost ranking.

Write powerful content and share it on social media sites and forums. Just remember that every post should have a share button.

You can get thousands of visitors to your website through social media sites and forums like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. that will definitely lead to boost ranking of the site.

Extra Content Writing Tip, Take a brand piece or cornerstone of your content from the content on your website and just paste it onto the different social media platforms, it will increase your website traffic.

It’s not necessary to create new content for social media platforms. If you can do it’s a better option.

Promote Link Building

Natural link building is an amazing way to increase website traffic and boost ranking. Link building has always been an important ranking factor for a website.

  • Use Internal Links

If you want to optimize your content for users and search engines, internal links are no doubt an amazing way. Internal links help crawlers to find related content on your site and also help search engines to index your site’s pages.

They also help search engines in understanding your site’s structure. I strongly recommend you to use at least 4-5 internal links for every post. This will not only help you publish to increase website traffic but also increase Google ranking.

  • Use External Links

Link to other pages and resources is another amazing to increase website traffic. Just keep in mind that the external links should be from relevant resources and websites otherwise they will do nothing to increase the search engine ranking of your site.

A few links from relevant websites are much better than a large number of links from irrelevant websites.

In short, link building is an important and authentic ranking factor for a website.


Above are a few tricks and techniques you must follow if you want to create strong and quality content that help you to increase website traffic and boost ranking.

Search SEO Tools always there to help you out in your SEO activities and to tell you different tactics and techniques to increase the search engine ranking of your site.

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