How to Find Domain Authority Using Domain Authority Checker?

Domain Authority Checker

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a term first introduced by MOZ to predict the ranking potential of a website in search engine optimization (SEO). Simply explaining, Domain Authority is designed to tell you that how well a site can perform in search engine ranking.

Domain Authority (DA) uses a 0 to 100 logarithmic scale. If the DA scores of your website are high, that means all the pages on your website, or simply, your whole website has the ability to rank well in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Domain Authority (DA) VS Page Authority (PA)

MOZ has designed a large number of qualitative measures for an authority such as MozRank and MozTrust but the most notable terms are Domain Authority and Page Authority.

Website’s name authority (Domain Authority) tells us about the overall authoritative strength of the whole Domain or Website. Three basic factors of Domain authority are Age, Popularity, and Size.

And the Page authority predicts the ranking potential of a specific web page based on the number, relevance, and quality of the links pointing to it.
You can use DA and PA to compare the ranking of a site or page to another.

What is a Good and Average Domain Authority?

As we have discussed above that a DA is scored on a scale of 1 to 100 (score 1 being the worst and score 100 being perfect) using an algorithm prepared by MOZ.

According to this logarithmic scale, it’s much easier to improve your score if your DA is at 20 or a 30 than if it is at a 70 or 80.

Domain authority between 40 and 50 is considered average while between 50 and 60 is considered good. And the DA over 60 is excellent.

Generally speaking, a website having a large number of high-quality external links (such as Google, Bing, and Wikipedia) can reach the top of the Domain Authority scale. The higher the number of points, the higher is the DA of the website.

If your focus is on a nice market, you might be able to compete with a 20 DA score. But if you are competing with high brands and competitive keywords a DA at 50 might not even be enough.

So having a high number of DA scores is not the only goal. Have a regular look at the DA scores of other websites you are competing within the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and try your best to have a higher score than your competitors.

DA Checker or Domain SEO Analysis Tool by MOZ

Smart marketers and website owners regularly check and improve their website’s authority to have better rankings in search engine result pages (SERPs). They also continually monitor their competitors’ site website’s name authority to know how much they need to improve their website’s domain authority.

So, MOZ provides you the ever-best Domain SEO Analysis Tool to check your DA.
Just enter any domain in the space provided and touch the “Analyze Domain” button.

Moz’s Domain Authority Score Checker Tool will show you all the top competitive SEO metrics such as domain authority, linking root domains, ranking keywords, and spam scores, etc.

moz seo analysis

Website Domain Authority Checker (DA Checker) Tool By Small SEO Tools(SST).
To check the Moz DA of websites, Smallseotools has designed a very authentic, quick, and best SEO tool, Domain Authority Checker Tool. It’s absolutely according to the needs of visitors.

So don’t wait. Just list your organic search competitors. Add them to the bulk Domain Authority Tester and scroll down to the bottom. Get the result in front of you within the blink of an eye with just a single click on submit button.

It is fun to use and gives you accurate details about the domain authority of any website.
You can also check the authority of any specific page of any website by using Small SEO Tool’s Page Authority Checker Tool.

Method of Using Domain Authority Checker Tool By Small SEO Tools?

Using Small SEO Tool’s website Domain Authority is very easy to use, just like a kid’s game.

*Select a URL you want to run the check.
*Enter the URL into the box provided.
*Click on the submit button.

You don’t have to wait. After completing the process, our tool will show you the result within just a couple of seconds.

Proven Tips to improve Domain Authority of a Website In 2021.

small seo tools
The following are a few simple steps that can help you learn how to improve domain authority in a very short time.

1: Choose a good Domain name

If you are just starting, then choose a domain name that is relevant to your site. For example:

Check our domain name, Search SEO tools. Our main focus is on SEO tools so we have picked this name according to the contents on our website.

In this way, visitors searching for knowledge of SEO tools can easily search out your website.

2: Optimize your on-page content

Optimize your On-Page contents which include your image alt tags, title tags, and the contents.

Further include variations of your main keywords, make a sidebar section for new posts and also keep all permalinks (permanent URLs to your pages and blog posts, as well as category and tag archive) relevant and short.

3: Improve Your Internal Links.

The importance of internal links can’t be ignored. Because internal links help the visitor to reach the required location directly without crawling the whole website. in this way, the domain authority of the website will be increased.

4: Remove Bad Backlinks.

Bad links can hurt your Domain Authority so just have a regular check on your backlinks and remove all the links from irrelevant and bad sources.

You should also remove any links posted throughout your site that are broken or leads to any bad site as such links affect the website negatively.

5: Loading Speed OF Your Webpages Should Be Faster.

The slow loading speed will have a bad impact on your site. Because some users have little patience. So, they can’t wait too long to download a page and they will leave the site before the process gets completed.

So, make sure that the downloading speed of your webpage is faster enough.
To check your page speed, use the page speed checker tool. It will not only tell you about your webpage speed but also guide you about how to increase the webpage speed.

6: Create Quality Contents:

Create high-quality and linkable content to earn high-quality links from popular and authentic websites. The better your content, the more authoritative sites will link to it. And it will lead to an increase in the DA of your site.

7: Website Should Be Optimized for Mobile Use:

Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly because a large number of users access the web through cell phones. So, if your website is not optimized for mobile use, it will create difficulties for your Website’s Domain Authority

In short, if you really want to improve your website’s domain authority, just try the above simple and easy tips. Hope these tips provide by Search SEO Tools will be very helpful to you.

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