Crazy Off-Page SEO Techniques to Get SERPs Ranking in 2021

Off-Page SEO

First of all, beginners need to know what are On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. Well! Here are the short definitions of both terms.

On-Page SEO (On-Page search engine optimization)

On-Page SEO involves all the activities we perform on web pages of our site like content, title, description, meta tags, keyword usage, creating inbound links, etc.

Overall, On-Page SEO means all the techniques and activities you do to build and structure your website to make it search engine friendly that leads to higher page rank.

Off-Page SEO (Off-Page search engine optimization)

Off-Page SEO refers to all the activities you do to enhance your site’s visibility and page rank on the internet. In other words, everything you do outside the actual website to improve its ranking in SERPs (search engine result pages).

Many people think Off-Page SEO as only a link-building activity but it really more than that. It includes link building, content marketing, and influencer outreach, and many more. Link building is considered the king of Off-Page SEO. 

Even having a few powerful links from authentic and high-quality websites can help you a lot in improving your site’s ranking in Search Engine Result Pages. 

Why Off-Page SEO is so valuable?

Off-page SEO let the search engine be aware of others’ opinion and thinking about your website, product, or services.

Websites with more and organized Off-Page SEO activities get a higher ranking due to their good quality and a large number of backlinks, social media marketing, and mentions.

A powerful Off-Page SEO strategy will be super beneficial for you in:

  • Increasing (PR) page rank

A better Off-Page SEO strategy will help you increase your website or page rank in SERPs.

  • Increasing website traffic

Off-Page SEO activities are the best to increase CTR (click-through rate) drive more organic traffic to your site as they enhance your site’s visibility in front of users.

  • Getting great exposure

 Get more links, more visits, more clicks, and more social media exposure by using Off-page SEO techniques.

  • Creating trustworthiness

Off-page SEO is the best way to improve your E.A.T. E.A.T is a term recently introduced by Google which refers to Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness which plays a vital role in website ranking and is directly related to off-page SEO.

Crazy Off-Page SEO techniques to rank higher in SERPs

Well! Google often changes its algorithm to determine the ranking abilities of a site. You must remain updated with the tactics and techniques that take your web page or website to touch the higher-ranking level.

A few super useful off-page SEO techniques are discussed below:

  • Crafting Shareable Content
  • Influencers Outreach
  • Join High PR Question & Answer Sites
  • Guest Posting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Stay engaged on Quora

Crafting Shareable Content

Content is considered the King in SEO (search engine optimization). If the content is great and amazing, it is an incredible way to generate more and more backlinks to your website. So, try to create authentic and informative content and keep it updated often.

Influencers Outreach

If you create share-worthy content, try to reach out to influencers in your industry. Urge them to check your content and request them for getting backlinks from their websites.

Just remember to contact relevant and authentic websites. Backlinks from irrelevant sites will do nothing for your site.

Join High PR Question & Answer Sites

Joining high PR (page rank) question and answer websites is another amazing Off-Page SEO technique to get more traffic that leads to higher website rank in SERPs. 

For this purpose, find out the question and answer sites related to your website and join them. Try to answer the questions clearly asked on the website. Also, post your link there to enhance the visibility of your website.

Guest Posting

A large number of online blogs are available for guest posting. You can get a lot of benefits from them.

Guest posting is a super good source to build natural and quality backlinks and boost referral traffic to your website.

Guest posting is an amazing way that let gain more brand/services exposure. If you post on established industry blogs, more people will be aware of your services. This way you will get more organic traffic.

Social Media Marketing

Research says that people nowadays spend more time on social media than ever before. So, a good strategy to make your SEO campaign successful is to engage on different social media platforms. 

This will increase people’s access to your content and your content’s CTR (click-through rate). So, create quality content and share it on different social media platforms to increase its visibility in front of more audiences.

Stay engaged on Quora

Quora is an amazing question and answer website that is visited by 300 million new people every month. A bundle of questions related to the different topics is asked on this platform daily. 

If you answer a few of these questions regularly, you can earn a good reputation on Quora and this way can double your organic traffic.

Though all the links on Quora are not do-follow you can get a lot of opportunities to get high-quality and relevant backlinks. This way you can let more people visit your website.


To get the best results, just remember that off-page SEO as well on-page SEO are equally important. First, pay full attention to your on-page SEO activities and then come to the off-page SEO.

The above-mentioned off-page SEO techniques are most important to get your page rank higher in SERPs in 2021 so do try them.

But it doesn’t end here. There are a lot of off-page SEO tactics that let your website reach a higher level in SERPs. Just explore them by yourself and share them with us in the comment section. We are curious to know your good experience.

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