Which One Is the Best Tool for competitor’s Keywords Analysis: Ahrefs VS MOZ VS SEMrush

Competitor's Keywords Analysis Tools

Keywords are the foundation of all search marketing campaigns. The whole building of online business is built upon keywords, especially in the field of SEO.

As a website owner, online businessman, or online marketer, you definitely have your competitors. To go ahead of the competition, a competitor’s keywords Analysis is very important for you.

What is Competitor’s Keyword and Competitor’s Keywords Analysis?

First of all, be aware of what are competitor’s keywords and competitive keyword analysis.

The search terms that bring most of the traffic to your competitors’ website or your competitors rank for, but you don’t, are called competitor’s keywords. And to identify such search terms or keywords is the process called Competitive Keyword Analysis or Keyword Gap Analysis.

Why Competitor’s Keywords Analysis is Important?

Competitors’ ranked keywords are the most important keywords that people are searching for on search engines like Google, Bing, and other search engines.

So, if your competitor is getting ranked for relevant keywords and getting more traffic from them, then they are strongly helpful for your business or website’s ranking too.

Is it difficult to find out your competitor’s ranking keywords? Your competitor can rank for a bundle even of hundreds of keywords so definitely, it looks difficult to search out these keywords. But….it is really not.

Just use an authentic and valuable keyword analysis tool and have your competitor’s ranking keywords in front of you. And you know? this process is not time-consuming. The whole process will take not more than 1 minute.

Here are the best keyword finder tools for finding competitors’ keywords.

Competitor’s Keywords Analysis by SEMrush

SEMrush is, no doubt, an all-in-one SEO tool that offers a broad set of amazing features. SEMrush has designed one of the best SEMrush competitive keyword research tool that provides two reports:

  1. Organic Search Report
  2. Keyword Gap Analysis Report

These reports help to identify the best keywords for competitive websites.

Organic Search Report

Organic Search Report let you see the keywords or key phrases that bring the most traffic to competitors’ website.

This report provides you detailed information on your competitors’ keywords performance.

Keyword Gap Analysis

Do you know what is Keyword Gap Analysis? Keyword gap analysis is a useful sort of keyword research. This tool identifies the particular keywords that work best for your competitors’ websites.

You will have a great opportunity for success if target the keywords that are already performing well for your competitors, rather than finding out new keywords. This way you can get more traffic even than your competitors.

To get this report, just enter your website and up to 4 websites of your competitors and submit it. You will see the gap analysis report within no time.

This is an amazing way to find out a large number of SEO keywords that you can target through content marketing and search campaigns.

We suggest you start with keywords having high-volume and low keyword difficulty. Such keywords enhance the opportunity to rank higher on search engine pages.


competitor's Keywords Analysis by SEMrush


  • The keywords or key phrases you are searching for sometimes are not included in data export
  • This tool is a bit expensive than Ahrefs and MOZ
  • Sometimes you have to face incomplete or less accurate mobile search volume
  • The keyword tool can be a little difficult sometimes than other tools
  • Can be slow sometimes
  • Paid search reporting often does not accurate

Check Competitors Keywords with Ahrefs

Ahrefs is another widely read SEO blog on the internet. Ahrefs offers an amazing Keyword Explorer tool to help you out in your SEO journey.

Ahrefs provides you thousands of keyword ideas within a few seconds. Using these keywords, you can get more and more traffic so more chances to rank higher.

Are you excited to start using Ahrefs for your website analysis? Well! Another amazing option Ahrefs provides is competitor analysis.

It let you to dig deep into your competitor’s backlinks profile as well as the keywords your competitor is ranking for.

This amazing feature of Ahrefs lets you search out hundreds of SEO keywords related to your topic or article.

Organic Keyword Report by Ahrefs

The Ahrefs Organic Report is similar to that of SEMrush. Ahrefs also filters keywords based upon the features like position, keyword difficulty, volume, CPC, traffic, and SERP.

Content Gap Analysis by Ahrefs

This feature of Ahrefs is very similar to the Keyword Gap Report by SEMrush. By using this feature, you can get the specific keywords that your competitors rank for.

Content Gap Analysis allows you to compare 10 domains. Just enter the domain names in the space provided and submit.

You will see the analysis report on the screen in no time.


competitor's Keywords Analysis by Ahrefs


  • Organic search traffic estimates sometimes may be less accurate
  • Keyword rank checker updated less regularly than SEMrush
  • You don’t get traffic analytics for competing domains unlike SEMrush

Check Competitors Keywords with MOZ

As a website owner or SEO professional, you might know that your competitor can rank for dozens and even hundreds of keywords. It looks much difficult to find out all these search terms or SEO keywords.

But actually, it is not that tough.

MOZ’s Keyword Explorer and especially the Ranking Keywords tool makes this analysis much simple and easy.

Enter your competitor’s domain in the first space and your own domain in the 2nd one. Then hit the “compare sites” button.

You will see the analysis report without waiting for so long.

Page-Level Keyword Analysis or Keyword Gap Analysis by MOZ

Using MOZ you cannot only explore keywords at the domain level but you can also have a keyword gap analysis for optimizing individual pages.

For example, you and your competitor have pages with the same general topic. Now you want to get the exact keywords your competitor is ranking for. You can optimize your own page to target these keywords.

  1. Put the URL of the competitor’s page into  the Ranking Keyword report
  2. Select the “exact page”
  3. Now repeat for your own URL

Now compare the keyword sets. You will have the valuable keywords your competitor ranks for highly so you can target them with your own page.


competitor's Keywords Analysis by Moz


  • Keyword research tool sometimes doesn’t give the best result as compared to SEMrush and Ahrefs
  • Navigation is not enough user friendly
  • Reporting functionality is a bit tough to set up and customize
  • Like SEMrush, it mostly can’t put in a website and return what that site ranks for.

Competitors Keyword Research Tool: Ahrefs VS SEMrush VS MOZ

Walking through the above discussion, you surely have a better understanding of what are competitors’ keywords and competitors’ keyword analysis.

We have discussed different keyword tools to find out competitors’ keywords or search terms. All these tools are, no doubt, the most popular and all-in-one tools. They get updated often to give you the best. These tools can compete with one another in many ways.

We have given above a brief account of the qualities and drawbacks of these SEO keyword tools. I personally use all these three tools often and enjoy their functions.

You must give them a try and let us know which one proves a better choice for you.

Hope so, Search Seo Tools helps you a lot to understand better which keywords tools are better for you for Competitive Keyword Research.

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