A few sticky, fascinating, and common facts about SEO you must know.

facts about seo

There are a lot of interesting, sticky, fascinating and common facts about SEO every marketer and SEO user must know.

SEO is rich with secrets for SEO beginners but even advanced and professional SEO users need to be updated with what is going on in the online marketing world.

Search SEO Tools is going to disclose some of those common SEO facts here to help its visitors.

These interesting SEO facts will definitely help you out in improving your online marketing strategy.

So have a look at the following common SEO facts you should know in 2021

SEO: 25% is on-page & 75% is off-page

Building links and creating relevant content are the two basic elements to improve your SEO. These elements are called on-page (on your website) and off-page (on someone other’s website).

It is most important to create relevant content including the keywords you hope will rank for in key areas of your site’s page.

Secondly, you should try to have valuable links. These links are considered “votes” by search engines that tell the search engines that your website is for the people to answer their questions.

Page title is the prominent on-page element after content

Page titles, also known as title tags, are the most important and essential on-page elements after content. To ignore page titles is the biggest error ever.

What is a page title or title tag?

A page title or title tag is the short description of a webpage and displayed on search engine pages (SERPs) and at the top very top of your browser on the tab as a clickable headline.

In simple words, it can be said that what appears on Google when people search.

A page title or title tag should better stay under 70 characters which is an ideal length in the eyes of search engines. It must include the keywords of the web page.

Meta description: which urge the people to click on

What is Meta description? A meta description is a short preview of the content placed in the HTML of a webpage. It displays under your page’s URL in the search results. This is also called snippet.

It should consist of 155 characters maximum. The attractive, relevant, and descriptive Meta description will attract more people to click through on your content from the search results.

The top 5 results acquire more clicks

The top 5 results acquire more clicks

The top 5 results in search engines get 75% plus clicks. So just focus on a few precious and worthy words and create content around those terms.

Don’t try to spread yourself too thin because “the jack all and master of none” is not beneficial at all.

Short URLs VS long URLs

Short URLs VS long URLs

Google recommended strongly using short URLs instead of extremely long URLs.

According to the Backlinko search, URLs at the top position are on average 9.2 characters shorter than the URLs at the position 2nd to 10th.

Beginners must be aware of this SEO fact of 2021 that short URLs may have a higher CTR (click-through rate) as compared to long URLs.

Secondly, short URLs help Google better understand what your site or page is about.

In short, you can say that shorter URLs are correlated with higher Google ranking. The average URL on the first page of Google is 66 characters long.

Time on-site” as a ranking factor

Another SEO fact all marketers should know is that Google uses “user experience signals” as ranking factors like organic click-through rate, pogo-sticking (pogo-sticking is when a user click on a link on SERP and find a page he is not looking for and immediately touch the back button to bounces off), and time on site.

We determine that “Rankings “and “site on time” have a durable Relation between them. The fact is that relevant and high-quality content urges people to stay more on the site.

Long-tail keywords have higher CTRs

Long-tail keywords have higher CTRs

Long-tail keywords have a greater click-through rate as compared to regular keywords. According to research, long-tail keywords have 3-5% greater CTR than regular keywords.

Most searching phrases are of 4 words or more

An interesting fact about SEO is that the idea that shorter search queries have higher search volumes is wrong. Most users search for longer phrases of 4 or more words.

One and two-word search terms are less common.

A video on a homepage will increase the chances to get access on Google’s page #1

YouTube has become the world’s second-largest search engine and also go-to choice for online video advertising and marketing within last few years.

It clearly means that everyone likes videos. The fact is that videos are more interesting and attractive than text.

So videos can be the best factors for ranking and increasing “time on-site”.

A video can motivate people to stay more on your website and in this way will become a good ranking factor in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

Hopefully, it will be possible that people will share the page consisting of videos on different social media platforms. In this way, there will be a possibility of getting more inbound links from users. This will certainly increase the value of your website.


SEO is a wide industry full of bundles of secretes. It is a fast-changing world within time.

Either you are new on the land of SEO or a professional old user, if you want to make your website shine on the sky of SEO, you must be aware of the facts mentioned above. So keep in touch with search SEO tools for more information and be updated with the fascinating search engine optimization facts in 2021.

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