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Server Status

What is the server status checker?

Server Status our extremely superlative tool helps you to find whether or not the status of a specific website is offline or online.

 All you have to do is enter the name of your favorite domain or sub-domain, to ascertain the status of that website.

The best tool is accessible for gratis usage on SmallSeoTools, for your ease.

 This tool plays a vital half in checking varied problems pertinent to your website because it checks the server standing.

 Place up to ten URLs with HTTP:// or HTTPS:// within the obtainable text box, and it’ll show protocol standing code and standing for every single website.

Every server standing code includes a particular which means. Varied server statuses with their which means measure mentioned below:


It indicates the standing of your website is nice and also the server is capable of returning the content for the URL that you’ve requested.


It implies that the requested URL has for good enraptured to a replacement site address and all further inquiries of domains and subdomains should be redirected to a replacement location.


 It indicates that the server has found a short-lived website redirection. This website address should be utilized once more because it is temporary.


This status code is just like the 302 status code as it also represents the temporary redirect and the same URL will be used once again.


This status code indicates a bad request. It represents that the server does not understand what you have requested.


This status code shows you that the server didn’t grant access to unauthorized content.


Forbidden it indicates that the server won’t show any content till or unless you’re verified to access that content.


Not found. This is a frustrating common error that suggests that the file that you’re searching for isn’t found on an online server.

Search Engines need 404 to discover which URL is valid and which one isn’t.


Just like the 404 status code, the 410 status code tells you that the URL you are searching for doesn’t exist now.


Internal Server Error.  This error is directed to the webmaster, internet developer at the side of the individual visiting the website as this error is pertinent with the server. It represents that something is wrong with the server. 

Utilizing Small SEO Tool’s Server status checker:

This extremely refined server checker tool is employed to visualize the server standing of a specific website.

The server standing of a website can apprize the webmaster whether it is offline or online. On-line standing indicates the website is functioning properly and any user will simply visit the location,

whereas offline standing indicates there’s some downside with the location and a few of the users can’t open the website.

To utilize this tool, a user must place details of the name within the provided tool field, and also the tool can perform the remainder of labor for you.

This tool should be used at regular intervals because the server is down for any purpose that affects the users.

Thus, via mistreatment of our tool, a webmaster will keep an everyday check on the standing of the website and take immediate actions on every occasion the website standing comes down.

Server response time?

How fast the server reacts to a web page loading time?

 This, in turn, maybe a criterion for ranking!

A check of server reaction time and standing will thence give fascinating data for candidates for purchase of backlinks.

Additionally, with SEO Maintenance, it may be valuable to own a glance not solely at their domains, but additionally to examine response times of domains, that need backlinks, from time to time.

The performance of a selected website isn’t solely important for sensible reasons. it’s a crucial side of positive user expertise. So, strive for this superb tool and obtain all that you just wish for.

HTTP status codes matter in SEO

Search Engine’s bots, while crawling a website, check HTTP Status codes and act according to them whether a page or website deserves to be indexed or not.

100-200 status codes tell you that everything on that particular website is working well.

400-500 response codes signal search engines not to crawl and index your website as it is not a quality site. This leads to a lower website ranking.

So have a regular check on your website’s server status codes to prevent your site’s ranking go down. Further, you can check your favorite as well as your competitor’s website’s HTTP status codes.

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