10 best tools to Analyze your website seo is fine or not?

analyze your website seo

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial to run a competitive website. The ranking of search engines and social media applications changes continuously. To become more competent in the market there is a need to analyze SEO progressions going on to run websites effectively.

There are the best tools available for this purpose to customize your website in the best possible way to rank it mostly higher in position. These tools analyze your website SEO is efficient or not.

To get such know-how is very essential to meet the updates in the market environment to enhance the potential. Here Search SEO Tools going to throw light on details of some best worldwide tools used for this objective to improve your website rankings to make it work with the best strategy.

Table of Content

  • Google Search Console
  • Screaming Frog
  • Buzz Stream
  • Yoast SEO
  • Moz Pro 
  • Linkody
  • Ontolo
  • HubSpot’s Website Grader
  • Google AdWords Keyword Planner
  • WooRank

Google Search Console

Website SEO can be done via Google Search Console. This is a list of services utilized to check the ways that search engines use to view the website. This consists of free tools for website SEO in different ways.

This helps to rectify errors that can be corrected to run the website with high rankings. Any virus activity can be pointed out via this tool. It tells appropriate keywords and also supports backlinks.

Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings can be improved by this service. It is the simplest tool to use for website SEO. This tool provides queries that audiences search more for and also can optimize the visibility of the website.

The significant features of the website SEO tool are that it manages well the ways Google is analyzing a website, keep a record of keywords that people use to reach a website, keep an eye on errors, focus on backlinks and updates, check vigilantly for malware.

Screaming Frog

This website SEO tool is very advanced to optimize the website via fixing broken links. For online businesses, this tool is beneficial to market your website among competent ones. This is a language-based tool to extract data about price details.

This website SEO tool is used to generate XML sitemaps and then maintain a connection with Google Analytics. The free version is a fast pace to check its functionality. The main features are to find and fix broken links, check the duplicate content and pages, analyze titles.

Buzz Stream

This website SEO tool comprises off many tools to support research, projects management, and email market strategies.

It can provide support in various ways but to focus on our own needs is necessary to check via this tool.  It helps in the search of exact keywords that the audience requires to visit your website. It combines a list of relevant keywords.

Complete data about websites successful around you are in front of you via this tool. Competitors’ strategies can be analyzed with this tool.

This website SEO tool is effective in making you stand among your competitors. Just be watchful for the activities of competitors and use them to make your website more competent.

This website SEO tool is available with main features like Research about keywords and competitors, it supports in finding competitors rankings, Collect data about authority and domain age for specific websites.

It can analyze competitors’ rankings in the SERPs. It can search those writers who can write for competent websites and their plans. It supports monitoring social media accounts for making websites more effective. 24 dollars per month it charges for services.

Yoast SEO

The website SEO with this tool is considered to be done in the best way. It is a competitive tool. The features of this website SEO cover a wide spectrum like readability score, check duplicate content, keywords optimization, monitor pages in Google, Twitter, and Facebook.

Content assistance is also provided by this tool and this website SEO tool can check internal linking suggestions while writing pages and posts. The knowledge database is quite fast in this tool.

The important features are optimized website content with specific keywords, duplicate keywords can be avoided, allow to access metadata to understand content through search engines and also create the sitemap, optimize permalinks. This tool is free to use and also paid version is available.

Moz Pro

This website SEO tool is used to handle optimization with a data-driven strategy.  This tool is similar to SEM rush providing a quick overview.

It helps search long-tail keywords. This website SEO tool gives us information about low potential keywords and improves content to compete in a better way. All the particular details related to keywords can be analyzed using this tool.

This website SEO tool is with entire features to provide reliable keyword research and strategies are then developed accordingly to market our content with high rankings. It is considered one of the best tools for keywords search.

It also allows us to use the Chrome extension to get details about any domain that we visit during optimization. Recommendations regarding on-page optimization are also available. It is similar to Google Search Console monitor errors and alerts us to remove them.

This website SEO tool is used to research keyword competency and analyze search volume, related keyword suggestions are available, target keywords are evaluated to investigate competitors, and multiple keywords are compared. A free trial with per month paid version is used.


This website SEO is based on backlinks. The support is about providing access to an audience who is linking to a website with keywords targeted by them.

Spams and scams can be monitored with links that are not valid and genuine. The most prominent feature is backlink details that this tool provides us with some extra features.

For instance, it satisfies clients with reports and social shares of the website can be analyzed, and it is connecting the website with Google Analytics. It is a linking website SEO tool with detailed features that provides maximum services at a cheap rate.

The features include monitoring backlinks, analyze bad links, access more data via Google Analytics, and check social shares of sites. Analyze your website’s backlinks.


This website SEO tool is a research optimization tool through which marketing, as well as wide SEO plans and strategies, are analyzed. Other than keyword research this tool is supportive to get heavy traffic using many new ways and techniques.

To improve the dominative role of our website, backlinks are significant but along with this right opportunities are essential so this tool can prevent such hurdles.

Ontolo is very significant to get details about data and insight that are available nowhere else, so it is a unique tool for optimization of the wide variety of data on websites.

It can reach up to a lot of sources which let us to the number of new ideas to develop a very competitive website strategy. Highly detailed and refined queries are developed with this tool behind the scene.

The prominent features of this website SEO tool are that it provides guest posting and backlink chances, data is available from multiple sources to find the most competitive aspects, research and share these aspects with others.

HubSpot’s Website Grader

This website optimization tool is very clear and straightforward than the other aforesaid tools.

To utilize this tool enter a particular domain and then this tool will provide us with the report. Website proficiency can be measured via this tool, it is also mobile-friendly and secure.

These all aforementioned factors are very much important for Search Engine Optimization to run a very efficient website. It is an analysis report of the working capacity of the website and the result is high rankings.

This tool is very detailed and divides the report into minor parts to evaluate that which strategies can be used to improve each part of the website. It is a very simple tool to apply and then improve the website instantly within less time.

It is available free of cost so it needs focus to use because it is considered as one of the best tools worldwide for SEO. The performance of the website can be monitored with this tool, mobile-friendliness can be used to improve effectiveness, security is analyzed and best SEO is accomplished.

The individual score is available for each element of the website to get suggestions about ways to develop it in the best possible way.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

This website SEO tool is the best detailed as well as a descriptive tool for keyword research to target those relevant keywords that increase the traffic of the website. The most competitive keyword search is possible with this tool to compete in the market.

The keyword search is a difficult one and when there is a lot of information this tool can support filtering the best keywords for improving the website SEO. According to Cost per Click CPC or search volume, keywords are explored via this tool.

As a whole, this tool is beneficial for many other purposes that other tools are providing for website SEO. The unique thing about this tool is that it is part of the Google family where free details are available.

The significant features are that it supports keyword search volume as per our need, keyword competitiveness can be analyzed from CPC and specific keywords are identified with further details. It is free to use.


This tool resembles HubSpot’s Website Grader website SEO tool because it can support providing detailed reports when a link is given to it. Each part of the website is clear with a scorecard in front of you to analyze the entire website.

To improve SEO and mobile-friendliness this tool is beneficial because each detail about the website is available. The best part of this tool is that it is used to boost the site’s usability and efficiency. The ideas from this tool suggest the best possible ways to develop the effectiveness of a website.

The most attractive factor to using this tool is that it also helps in backlinks analysis. This tool is very effective to run a website with the best content because it gives you a complete analysis of right and wrong in a website particularly when it comes to SEO.

The best features are it monitors the overall status of the website, with performance and backlinks. Ideas to make a progressive website and high-ranked audience are generated from this tool.


To improve the quality and quantity of traffic on a website it is required to optimize the search engines to get high rankings.

This is the Search Engine Optimization process to improve the competency of websites. All the above-mentioned tools are the best tools to analyze your website seo is fine or not.

The organic traffic, as well as paid activities, is performed with all these best tools available for website SEO. These tools allow analyzing all details of websites to compete in the market.

The targeted audience for the particular website is also analyzed to boost business in the market because SEO operations allow the website to rank high and which people are related to your business to flourish can be filtered.


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