Best Tools to Check Website Ranking in Google 2021

Best Tools to Check Website Ranking in Google 2021

What is Website Ranking and Why You Need It?

In SEO, rankings refer to a website’s position in SERPs (search engine result pages). You need to check website ranking regularly to see how your website is performing in SERPs. This way you can make better changes in your SEO strategy and manage it well.

Different Search Engines – Different Methods of Calculating Website Ranking

Different search engines rank websites differently as they use different methods for calculating website rankings. So, a website that appears in the top 3 for a specific keyword may not even appear on the first page of Google for the same keyword.

This is because all the search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo, and other search engines use their own methods to calculate a website’s ranking.

Most Important Website Ranking Factors

Here are a few most important ranking factors you must know to make your website rank well in SERPs:

  1. Website security and accessibility
  2. Page loading speed
  3. Mobile-friendliness
  4. Optimized content
  5. High-quality backlinks
  6. URL structure
  7. Better user engagement
  8. Keywords
  9. Domain age
  10. Schema markup
  11. Title tags
  12. Meta description
  13. Image Alt text

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To check website ranking you need website rank tracker tools. Plenty of online rank tracker tools are present there to check website ranking. We have gathered a few top-rank checker tools in the following list to make it easy for you to choose the best one.

Best Website Rank Tracker Tools


Want to track everything such as page ranking and keyword position etc. about your website as well as about your competitor’s website?

SEMrush is a full-stack SEO tool for this purpose. Website Position Tracking tool by SEMrush is designed to help you check website ranking over time and allow you to compare it to your rivals. This way you can get more opportunities to be on Google’s top result page.

This amazing tool by SEMrush lets you detect the top-performing landing page of a specific website and have an analysis of keywords related to that page.

This tool also supports you to find out pages that have stopped performing for a specific query, whether the pages are of your website or that of your competitors’.

Price: SEMrush is included in the list of premium SEO tools. which means you can access all the services or features without any cost but with limitations.

If you want to access its features without limits, you would have to purchase it. It offers different pricing plans such as the basic pro plan ($99.9 per month), Guru plan ($199.95 per month), and the Business plan ($399.95 per month).

You can avail on of them. Though it is a bit costly it will prove the best suit for your SEO campaign.

Wincher Rank Tracker

Are you looking for a simply used and affordable SEO tool to check website ranking? Then just give a try to Wincher Rank Tracker.

Wincher Rank Tracker is more than only a rank checker tool. It is a complete set of amazing features that are very helpful for your SEO campaign.

This is a tremendously powerful and flexible website ranking checker tool that is extremely helpful in tracking your site’s rank, optimizing your web pages, having a look at your rivals, and discovering more ways to enhance your site’s traffic.

This rank tracker tool supports 100K locations in a round about 40K cities across 180 countries.

Price: Wincher Rank Tracker offers the following flexible pricing plans:


Zutrix is another finest SEO tool to check website ranking. Zurix is packed with a bundle of wonderful features to fulfill all your SEO requirements.

Using its AI-powered engine, it tracks keyword ranking for your website correctly. A real-time notification feature by Zutrix lets you scan the changes in your site’s ranking immediately through Slack, email, and Telegram.

Price: This is the best suit for SEO beginners with flexible plans.

  • The Basic plan allows you to track 28 – 250 keywords daily
  • The Standard plan let you track 54 – 500 keywords daily
  • The Advanced plan allows you to check 99 – 1000 keywords daily

Rank Tracker Tool by Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a great suite of tools that helps you to enhance your SEO campaign. It includes the list of topmost SEO tools to monitor your website ranking over time and can get the exact report straight in your inbox.

What’s more?

This rank tracker tool allows you to compare your site’s ranking with that of your competitors’ sites and can have a detailed report in no time. It will send you regular updates.

Rank Tracker tool designed by Ahrefs allows you to monitor your Google rankings both on mobile and desktop across 170 countries.

Price: following are different pricing plans offered by Ahrefs. Choose the one that suits your SEO needs:

Moz Pro’s Rank Checker Tool

Do you want to track your all web pages ranking on different search engines? Then Moz Pro’s Rank Checker Tool is available online as a great suit for this purpose.

Moz Pro’s amazingly designed Rank Checker Tool collects all the data stores it so that you can make a comparison later between your site’s ranking and the rankings of your rivals.

This way it helps you to make your SEO strategies more effective and stronger that leads to a higher ranking in SERPs.

This Rank Tracker tool supports all the major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc., and allows you to check the ranking of your site as well as your competitors’ site both locally and globally.

Price: just like other SEO Tools, MOZ Pro also offers different pricing plans which are as under:


As you know that this is the age of competition. So, there are thousands of online tools are available to fulfill different SEO tasks. This is also true for Rank Tracker Tools.

It is much difficult to choose the best one among such plenty of tools. To remove your confusion and difficulty, we have found out a few best tools for you that are listed above.

Which one is the best? The answer depends on your requirements. Try all the above tools and share your experience with us. If you think any other tool should be included in this list, let us know in the comment box.

Hope this article will guide you.


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