Best SERP Tracking Tools to Track Keyword Ranking

SERP Tracking tools

Do you often want to check search engine ranking for your targeted keywords? If yes, then you are at the right corner now. Here is the list of Best SERP Tracking Tools that can fulfill your requirements.

You might do the correct keyword research for finding out the best keyword with low competition and LSI keywords, it is necessary to keep an eye on the performance of the content you published.

So that you can know if keyword ranking is getting higher or lower. Here you need the help of SERP rank tracking tools.

Thousands of SERP rank tracking tools are out there on the internet to help you. It is really confusing to choose the better one.

How To Choose the Best SERP Keyword Tracking Tools?

A surplus of SERP tracking tools is available on the internet, so you have to choose the better keyword rank checker to look over the Google rankings of your targeted keywords.

Before buying and using any rank checker app, be sure it consists of the following characteristics:

  • Plenty of keywords can be tracked on daily basis or per month
  • It must support local and mobile tracking
  • Gives the most accurate SERP position results
  • Gives a clear and comprehensive report
  • Having reasonable pricing plans

Search SEO Tools is here with the best suggestions to remove your confusion and save your time. So, let’s have a look at the list of suggested tools.

Paid But Ever Best SERP Tracking Tools

Here are a few paid search engine ranking position checker tools that you should use if looking for all-in-one tools.


if you are an SEO user, you must have heard the name of SEMrush. SEMrush is, no doubt, a well-liked name in the digital marketing circle.

It definitely deserves a prominent place among 1.8 million users because it is not just a SERP rank tracker but it offers a lot more.

It helps you a lot in keyword research, website analysis, content analysis, social media tracking, and PPC assessment, competitors’ analysis, and more.

SERP rank checker is an additional feature of SEMrush that strengthens the other tools. it can be said that to truly audit your website is not possible without this supplementary feature.

SEMrush is the best way to let you monitor your website’s performance on search engine result pages and find out new opportunities to enhance your online visibility.

Its position tracker feature allows you to track any keyword or key phrase, domains, and your competitors so that you can be able to improve your SEO strategy.


Ahrefs is another popular name in the SEO circle. If you don’t know better about it, must give it a try.

You can easily analyze SERP and the ranking of your website for the targeted keywords by using Ahrefs free version, though it is limited.

Look over the topmost 10 rankings for any keyword in more than 200 countries. You can have an absolutely free opportunity to track the first three ranked sites.

SERP keyword rank checker by Ahrefs includes “SERP position history” that allows you to check historical rankings of the uppermost 5 pages.

As compared to other tools, Ahrefs offers you a bunch of Free SEO tools, you can get great help from them in improving your SEO campaign.

If you want a lot more, you can sign up for a 7-day trial or paid version.

SERP checker tool designed by Ahrefs allows you to check real-time search results from any location, without any representative and IP address for that location.

A Few Reliable and Cheapest SERP Tracking Tools

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is also a large suite of SEO Tools. Being a SERP rank tracker, it is considered one of the most accurate keyword rank checker tools.

One of its leading features is position tracking that helps more than enough in your SEO journey.

In G2Crowd’s reviews, SE Ranking is the top-rated SERP rank tracker tool as it owns the ability to give you more advanced information that leads to taking your product or services to the upper level.

Further, it supports you in observing the Map results and your Google Ads positions, and your YouTube video positions.

It also provides you a thorough and detailed report about your top 5 competitors. It secures the data and never discloses to public research tools.

In short, along with the SERP keyword rank checker, it consists of abundant helpful SEO tools and offers you affordable pricing plans, starts with $39 per month for tracking 250 keywords.

Long Tail Pro

long tail pro - SERP Tracking Tools

Long Tail Pro, a well-known tool designed by professional bloggers and associate marketers, is one of the best and cheapest SERP rank tracker tools.

To check the keyword ranking, it allows adding 2 URLs per month and 30 rank tracker terms. Then get a comprehensive report showing rank and date.

Give this rank tracker a try and enjoy daily rank updates.


serpwoo - SERP Tracking Tools

Want to run SEO and ORM campaigns successfully? Then we recommend you try once SERPWoo, one of the best rank tracking tools.

This tool will help you a lot in taking the best online marketing decisions. By using this tool, keep an eye on your SEO ranking, discover new opportunities to enhance your traffic, and get alerts through email whenever your ranking position changes.

this tool with a lot of beneficial features included in the list of cheapest rank tracker tools.

A Few Best Absolutely Free SERP Tracking Tools

Are you a newbie blogger or don’t you economically strong enough that you can pay for such tools?

If yes then don’t you worry. Here is the solution. We are going to share a few awesome SERP rank tracker tools that are totally free of cost.

Excited? Well! Let’s go through these tools.

SERP Checker

WhatsMySerps’s SERP Checker tool is available online with fresh updates daily. You don’t have to spend a penny to use this tool as this is completely free to use.

This tool lets you check the uppermost 100 Google search results for multiple keywords. You can have the most accurate SERP analysis and track your website position.

Searchenginereport’s SERP Checker Tool

Searchenginereports SERP Checker tool

Are you looking for a fast, reliable, and free Search Engine Position Ranking checker tool? Then the better choice is Searchenginereport’s SERP Checker tool that lets you check SERP keyword ranking in no time.

Not only this, but it has a bundle of free SEO tools to improve keyword strategies, text analysis, web management, and SERP position tracker, and many more.

This tool is famous for its immediate results. You don’t have to wait more than 5 seconds to get faultless results for any particular keyword or website.

Along with keyword rank tracking, this tool by gives you other search results such as keyword trend, difficulty, volume, and a lot more.

Another reason behind its popularity on the digital marketing platform is that you can use it easily on the desktop as well as on the mobile phone.

Another important thing is that you can check keyword position for multiple locations.


SERP Robot -

SERPROBOT is another reliable Google ranking checker tool to discover your website’s Google search engine position ranking immediately in real-time.

It provides a more accurate result without spending even a penny. It was known as SERPLAB earlier but now it is called SERPROBOT.

It doesn’t require any professional skill to use it. What to do is just enter your region, domain name, and keyword that you want to track and wait for a few seconds only.

The accurate result report will be on the screen in front of you. This free keyword rank checker tool allows to enter up to 10 keywords to track their search engine position ranking.



SERP SURF is a quick and incredible rank checker that instantly tracks your site’s search engine position ranking for different keywords absolutely free.

This tool is very useful to examine your site’s health and show what your competition is up to.

This tool offers a very easy-to-use interface. Enter your domain name or that of your competitor’s, choose your region, select your device (desktop, tablet, or mobile), and enter the keywords you want to check SERP for. (You can input 5 keywords at a time)

Tick the “I’m not a robot” option and touch “CHECK SERP SURF”. The result will be displayed within no time. On rare chances, it can take around 2 minutes when busy.

To Summarize

Now we are going to summarize all the qualities of all the above-mentioned Search Engine Ranking Position checker tools that make these tools the best.

They all are outstanding and extremely favorable for your SEO campaign to be successful.

If you want to get your site’s exact ranking position for different keywords, choose one of the above according to your need.

You may also check your competitors’ search engine ranking position for different keywords.

Though SEMrush and Ahrefs are quite expensive but both these tools are worth your investment if you are looking for more than just a SERP checker tool. Both these tools are all in one tool that we strongly recommend you to use to monitor your website’s performance in relevance to keyword ranking and to boost organic traffic.

In short, all the rank tracker tools mentioned above are advantageous to keep an eye on your website’s performance on daily basis and track the exact ranking position.

These tools let you know if Google is satisfied with your website’s performance or not which leads to improving your SEO strategies.

Using these tools you can get whether your SEO Is stepping ahead in the right direction or not. To boost your website’s traffic and visibility, and optimize your SEO by using these tools.

Which search engine ranking position checker tool do you find the best for your SEO campaign, share with us in the comment box.


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