Best Free Keyword Research Tools For SEO

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Research Tools is very significant in searching online stuff. There are certain tools for this purpose that is available for free. 

We can never neglect the importance of these research tools because they support us in searching relevant keywords to add to our content and websites to make them more competitive. 

To boost your online product position and significance these keyword research tools are essential to use. Keyword research tools are a very convenient source to optimize the content to be best suitable for more traffic on it. It could result in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) being done in multiple ways. 

With Keyword research tools it is easier to get access to the best ideas, check which stuff is interesting for the audience, monitor the trends, and focus on competitors to meet the challenges flourishing in the market.

Keyword Research tools are free of cost which offers services in the best possible way for SEO as well as for better marketing plans. Some of the best tools are as follow:

  • Keyword Surfer
  • Majestic
  • Keyword Sheeter
  • Keyworddit
  • QuestionDB
  • Ubersuggest
  • Bulk Keyword Generator
  • Soovle
  • Keyword Tool Dominator
  • Google Trends
  • Keyword Surfer

This keyword research tool is the extension that allows us to view search volumes on Google search results. This is completely free to use and fast to reveal search data. 

This Keyword research tool is quite effective to show Keyword ideas with their volume, Pages that rank for the term you entered, Cost per click (CPC) for the search term, and Traffic to pages ranked for that term.

Keyword surfer is a keyword research tool that provides comprehensive details of content creation procedures like research, writing, and optimizing. 

  • Majestic

It is the best tool according to experts. The top million websites ranking can be viewed through The Majestic Million. The Site Explorer feature of this free research tool supports an overview of the website and backlinks. 

Best keywords can be searched via this tool. Comparisons and rankings can be properly improved with this tool. 

  • Keyword Sheeter

This research tool is displaying sheets to generate autocomplete keywords from Google. This tool provides the data that people type on the search engine.

This keywords research tool is efficient in generating a long list of keyword ideas and this is done instantly. It can show us a thousand words per minute and is free to use. It is quite convenient to use and a powerful source for SEO. 

  • Keyworddit

This keyword research tool is used to check keywords for threads and posts relevant to keywords inside Reddit. Reddit is a network where users show their interests and passion. 

This tool is used with a specific online community called a subreddit where subscribers are available with the timeframe. This tool generates keywords with search volumes via titles and comments.  

The relevancy may vary but to be more specific this tool can be used with a bit slower speed. This keyword research tool is an advanced feature to already existing strategies for SEO.

This tool shows us people’s interest and then finds keywords according to that which is not possible with many other tools.

  • QuestionDB

This research tool is available to generate ideas for blogs. This generates questions relevant to keywords from different sources that appeal to the audience the most.

What people are asking from different sources can be analyzed from this keyword research tool. Then responses to these questions can also be evaluated. It is limited to availability as a free tool. It is best for SEO operations for websites.

This is the best free keyword research tool for websites to work instantly and effectively to optimize SEO. This is a very detailed keyword research tool.

  • Ubersuggest

This is the best free keyword research tool that is allowing us to get access to multiple information. The features of this tool are that it tells us SEO difficulty; cost per click (CPC) and search volume is displayed. 

It can support improving the ranking of the website with the identification of backlinks. This research tool is an idea generator for page content.

This research tool is used to find the blog topics from page content ideas. The sharing of articles by the public can be viewed from this free tool. This research tool is available with the feature to export most of the data reports to Comma-separated Values (CSV) file to save and then sort. Ubersuggest is available with a free Chrome extension to observe the data on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) more conveniently. The free version of this keyword research tool is available with limited access.

Bulk Keyword Generator is a keyword research tool for SEO. It generates keywords based on industry type. This can tell the details of the list of keywords to the services or products that are offered via websites. 

Many businesses are using this keyword research tool to optimize their websites for various services. The services can also be targeted with locations. It is not many useful features as audiences never search this way. It is, however, providing these features quicker than Google.

This research tool operates by copying a handful of service-type keywords from the tool that apply to the business. Enter the raw list into Google Keyword Planner. 

Then set the location to a related city or place. For instance, type drain relining into keyword planner and set the location to Nottingham. 10 to 100 monthly searches are there.

  • Soovle

This research tool is superb for online working modes particularly E-commerce websites or marketers using multiple channels. 

It is supportive in finding the most well-known keywords across several mega sites, including Wikipedia, Amazon, eBay, YouTube. It is included in the list of best free keyword research tools. 

This research tool for SEO is available as a research tool as well as a keyword generator. With this tool, one can type target keywords and this will automatically generate different phrases to enable us to expand our ideas.

  • Keyword Tool Dominator

This research tool is very useful to identify search trends as they happen. The auto-complete databases from YouTube, Amazon, Walmart, Bing, Google, eBay, and Etsy are easily available via this research tool to un reveal updated keywords and search terminologies.

This keyword research tool is an amazing resource for multichannel marketers and for sellers who wish to have rankings on a variety of search engines other than Google.

The disadvantage attached with this tool is that this fast and convenient to utilize tool is available free with certain limits like 2 searches per day. Then one has to pay for further queries via this research tool.

  • Google Trends

This keyword research tool is free and it helps deliver graphs and also some data on particular search terminologies that are observed on YouTube and Google. This tool is available with trends from Google Images, News, and Shopping.

 To operate this tool when we enter the search phrase on the homepage, it will display a list from Google with default settings. Then it is an available feature on this tool that on the results page, we can alter our options to check results from YouTube instead. 

This research tool is best and effective in the identification of current trends, separates topics and subtopics that are famous within an industry or relevant to a theme, it displays local search trends, helps find relevant and popular keywords, it develops graphs about public interest in a topic over a range of time, analyzing the location of a popular topic.

The most popular keywords are searched via this research tool and support in identifying the less-used terms. The one demerit is that it is not available with monthly research volume and is also not helpful in checking competition for a keyword phrase. 


Keyword research tools are very significant in the optimization of search engines to rank them higher in competing with the market. 

These tools are free for use to support us in writing content, developing business, and improving the effectiveness of our websites for advertisements and other services. 

Keyword research tools above mentioned are all recognized best around the globe to work as a competent business individual and to flourish the working to cope up modern-day challenges. 

There are lots of online businesses running quite efficiently due to these research tools utilized for SEO. They are available w a variety of features to improve the quality of our websites.


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