Best effective tools to check website traffic

tools to check website traffic

Here we are talking about the Best effective tools to check website traffic to check your competitor traffic and your own.

Are you a website owner? If yes then do you want to check website traffic or that of your competitor’s?

If you want the search seo tools are here to brings the best effective tools to check your website traffic and analyze your website according to this.

Well! you should definitely do that because checking the website’s traffic lets you know about its performance on SERPs. This way you can also compare your site’s performance with your competitors and hence can make your SEO strategies much better.

By keeping an eye on your website traffic, you can check how your website is performing in SERPs. It let you know how much traffic your website is gaining and from where this traffic is coming.

It shows you visitors’ engagement with your website and tells you about digital marketing that is working. Want to have more subscribers and sales for your product or services? Just remember to keep a check on your site’s analytics.

By checking your website traffic, you can be aware of how much your SEO strategies are needed to be improved.

Why do you need to check the website traffic of your competitor?

Do you know why you need to check your competitor’s website traffic? Well! Analyze your competitor’s website traffic helps a lot to optimize your marketing strategy.

Checking your competitor’s site traffic gives you the following helpful information:

  • Keywords your competitors are getting ranked for
  • The pages and posts that are driving more traffic to your competitor’s website
  • Your competitor’s website performance on SERPs
  • Channels the traffic is coming from etc.

All the above information helps you to improve your SEO strategies like building links, content crafting, targeted keywords, and a lot more.

This information allows you to understand the topics that are bringing more traffic to your competitor’s website.


If you want to have an all-in-one traffic checker and competition research tool, SEMrush is there. SEMrush is one of the best analysis and traffic monitoring tools for large portals.

SEMrush’s free version is useful not only to check website traffic but to see the bounce rate, user’s average visit duration, and the number of pages on your website visited by users.

SEMrush’s Full Report tool is though a bit costly but lets you have an in-depth analysis with loads of metrics, including highly targeted keywords that drive more traffic to your website.

SEMrush offers both free and paid versions according to your need. The free version of SEMrush’s traffic analytics allows you to view more than 10 traffic overview reports a day. If you want more, try its paid version.

The overview report provides you a bundle of important metrics for the particular website including:

  • Number of visits
  • Unique visitors
  • Average visit duration
  • Visited pages
  • Bounce rate

One interesting thing is that SEMrush’s Bulk Traffic Analysis makes you able to check the traffic for several websites at once. You can enter 200 websites at a time to gather data in a single report.


One of the top SEO tools that are available online to check website traffic is Ahrefs. This is a great tool for newbies as it gives exceedingly accurate result and offers regularly updated statistics.

Ahrefs database consists of up to 45 million keywords so it is considered the perfect solution to boost SEO ranking. You can get tons of valuable data out of Ahrefs at a very cheap price. This data includes millions of keywords and key phrases, search engine ranking, targeted pages, and a lot more.

You can gather all the information about your competitors very easily like information about their backlinks, the number of visitors, their ranking position and SEO strategies, ranked keywords, and much more.

You can try Ahref’s free 7- day trial to know a lot more to boost your SEO ranking.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is another one of the most accurate web analyzers. This includes in the list of best tools for organic traffic analysis, as well as for on-page keyword optimization, and tracking website ranking. Further, if you want to have a complete website analysis of your competitors, SE Ranking is one of the best options to choose. Though it is a paid tool it offers you a free trial for 14 days.


SimilarWeb is the SEO tool that deserves to be compared with SEMrush and Ahrefs. This is no doubt a fantastic tool to check website traffic.

It allows you to check the visitors along with the countries from where they are browsing your website. So, by using this website traffic estimator, have your website traffic details as well as your competitors, have a look at statistics and analytics that could increase your visitors.

It offers you free as well as paid versions. You can get a lot of benefits from its free version but if you wish to get more, try its paid version.


Get accurate and valuable information about any website’s traffic using Alexa. It allows you not only to check website traffic but also compares your site’s traffic, targeted keywords, and backlinks with your competitors.

This amazing tool shows you the detailed website traffic statistics which includes Alexa Rank, referral sources, engagement metrics, and much more.

Alexa shows you audience insights like topics they are interested in most and search terms or keywords they searched for. Further, you can get 252k keyword opportunities by using this tool.

It also has both versions, free as well as paid. You truly can get a lot of benefits by using even its free version.


As the name shows that this SEO tool gives you a complete analysis of any website. Using this tool, you can check website traffic within a few seconds.

Want to check the website traffic of your competitors also? Well! Give Visitor Detective a try for this purpose and get accurate results.

Just put the particular website name in the given place and see the details about incoming traffic for that website based on the country.

This fantastic website traffic checker tool is absolutely free to use.

options to choose from. Though it is a paid tool it offers you a free trial for 14 days.


Do you want to get accurate, valuable, and detailed information about your website’s traffic? Well! Why you need such an information? Here is the answer.

As a website or an online business owner, you definitely want to see your website touch the sky of search engine result pages and get ranked by Google. For this purpose, along with other important factors, you must need to check website traffic, where that traffic is coming from, and what attracts the visitors to your website.

Additionally, you must need to get all the above-mentioned details about your competitors. That’s where need the tools to check website traffic.

All the tools discussed above are really amazing and accurate to check website traffic. Not just this, they offer a lot more.

Try these website traffic estimator tools and let us know in the comment box if you find them beneficial or not. I assure you that you will definitely get a lot of these tools.


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