Best Tools to Analyze Competitor’s Backlinks

competitor backlinks checker tools

Do you want to spy on your competitor’s backlink profile? Absolutely yes! For this purpose, a bundle of competitor backlinks checker tools is available online with both free and paid versions.

You will be confused to choose the best one among these hundreds of tools. so, in the following discussion, Search SEO Tools are going to help you choose the best one.

Before that, the question is do you know why to analyze a competitor’s backlink profile? Here is the answer.

Why It Is Important to analyze Competitors’ Backlink Profile?

This is the age of competition. There are millions of websites present online. So, to win this race of competition, you must have a complete and regular analysis of your as well as your competitor’s website.

Being a website owner or online entrepreneur, you may know better backlinks are no doubt one of the most important website ranking factors. Backlinks enhance your website’s visibility in front of more and more people.

Different ways are used to get backlinks but getting backlinks by spying on your competitor’s backlink profile is the easiest and the better one.

To analyze competitor’s backlinks profile allows to be aware of the following important things:

  • Competitor’s Website Performance: you can see how better your competitors are performing in SERPs and which strategies they are using. This way you can get guideline that makes you able to compete your competitors.
  • Sites linking to your competitors: you can have a view of the list of quality and well-ranked sites linking to your competitors. This way you can find out the backlinks that help your competitors rank well.
  • Improve your link-building strategies: by peeping into your competitor’s backlink profile, you will get the information that helps your competitor rank well. Hence you can improve your link-building strategies by using that information. You can get backlinks from those websites and also can have guest blogging opportunities.

So, analyzing competitors’ backlinks profiles is the time-saving and easiest method used by SEO professionals to earn quality backlinks for their sites.

Top Competitor Backlinks Checker Tools to Spy on Competitors’ Backlink Profile

Here are a few top-listed backlink checker tools that are extremely helpful in spying on competitors’ backlink profiles.

  1. Link Explorer Tool by MOZ
  2. Ahrefs Backlink Checker Tool
  3. Majestic
  4. Backlink Analytics by SEMrush
  5. Monitor Backlinks

Let’s go through the details of these Competitor backlinks checker tools to have a deep insight of competitors’ backlinks portfolios.

  • Link Explorer Tool by MOZ

If you are an SEO user, you will surely be aware of MOZ’s name. MOZ is really helpful in getting information about anchor text, backlinks, targeted keywords, and other key SEO data for your website as well as for your competitors.

This super good tool lets you have complete information about your competitors’ backlinks and how they availed link-building opportunities. The reports you get using MOZ will guide you to identify the areas of enhancement within not only your link-building strategies but within overall SEO strategies.

Price: along with a 30-days free trial, MOZ offers different pricing plans that start from $99/month to $599/month.

  • Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker Tool

When it comes to competitor analysis, Ahrefs name is considered one of the top-listed SEO tools. Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO tool that offers Site Explorer, Rank Tracker, Crawl Report, Content Explorer, Backlink Checker, and a large list of other SEO tools. Ahrefs Backlink Checker tools are the great ones to spy on competitors’ backlink portfolios.

Ahrefs backlink checker tool does anything for you in terms of links that you need for your SEO campaign like discovering your backlinks as well as your competitor’s backlinks opportunities, improving link-building strategies, identifying good and bad backlinks, finding dead links, and quantity and quality of internal and external links.

Ahrefs is considered the largest backlink index in the industry with access to 12 trillion backlinks. It is updated regularly every 15 minutes and lets you earn more link-building opportunities.

Using this tool, you can have detailed information about everything your competitor is doing. So, it will prove the best choice for you to meet the required level of your SEO campaign.

Another incredible feature of Ahrefs is Backlinks Alert. By setting up Backlinks Alert, you can get alerts through email for each new backlink on your competitor’s site. So, you can get the report immediately whenever your competitors earn a new backlink.

Along with a bundle of amazing tools, it also has a broken backlinks feature that allows you to check all of your competitors’ broken links so that you can well-develop your broken link strategy.

Price: Ahrefs offers different pricing plans that are as under. You can choose one of them that suits your SEO needs.

  • Light: %99/month
  • Standard: %179/month
  • Advanced: %399/month
  • Agency: %999/month

You can enjoy its free 7-day trial.

  • Majestic

Majestic is included in the list of highly recommended SEO tools when it comes to backlink analysis. This is primarily a backlink tool and marketing search engine that gives you a comprehensive backlink report of your website as well as that of your competitors.

It permits you to view deeply the backlink profile of your competitors that help you to see their link-building strategies.

Price: Majestic gives you flexible pricing plans starting from $49.99/month (Light) to %399.99/month (API) based on your SEO needs.

if you are looking for an all-in-one SEO tool, then think of the SEMrush. It is one of the topmost SEO tools with hundreds of amazing features. It considers itself an “all-in-one marketing toolkit” and undoubtedly it deserves to be.

At this time, it is being used by almost one billion users including a few top companies of the world like Disney and Amazon.

When there come backlink capabilities, it helps its users in having a deep analysis of competitors’ websites including their targeted keywords, the number of backlinks, backlink opportunities, understand DA and PA, and much more.

Price: SEMrush is no doubt a bit expensive but you will find it really fruitful for your game of SEO. Here are the pricing plans of SEMrush that start from $119.95/month to $449.95/month:

  • Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks is another well-known backlink checker tool for analyzing your competitor’s link-building opportunities. It is very easy to use.

What you have to do is just enter the URL you want to evaluate and submit. Monitor Backlinks will show the performance report having the following information:

  • How the particular page or website performs in SERPs
  • Quantity and quality of backlinks
  • Websites linking to that page or site

Price: Monitor Backlinks offers very reasonable pricing plans for you according to your needs. These packages start from $425 to $187 per month based on the number of sites that are monitored.

Bottom Line

You definitely desire to see your website at top of search engine result pages and ranked well by Google and other search engines. Backlinks are also included in the topmost ranking factors list as they allow your website visible in from of more people which leads to increase organic traffic.

Just remember that the quality of backlinks is more important than the number of backlinks. Hundreds of irrelevant and unauthentic backlinks will do nothing for you. In fact, they will harm your website ranking.

On the other hand, backlinks that are authentic and relevant to your web page or website will make your website reach a higher place in SERPs. So, instead of the number of backlinks, focus on the quality of backlinks from well-ranked and relevant websites.

The easiest and simplest way to get backlinks is to spy on your competitors’ backlink profiles. Here you need to use the backlink analysis tool.

A variety of Competitor backlinks checker tools are available online. We have dragged out a few best tools for you from that list. Just try them and let us know which one you find the best.



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