7 Best Broken Link Checker Tools to check your website in 2021

best broken links checker tools

Here we are going to tell you about the Best Broken Link Checker Tools to check your website and you will be able to fix them and make your website user-friendly.

Broken links are very dangerous for your website as they reduce the performance of your website and increase the bounce rate. Because if visitors find a number of broken links, they will not visit your site again.

So, they should be removed from your website to make your website’s performance out of risk.

Table Of Content

  • What is a Broken Link?
  • How Broken Links Can Be Harmful to your Website?
  • List of Best Broken Link Checker Tools
  • Google Webmaster
  • SEMrush
  • Xenu’s Link Sleuth
  • Online Broken Link Checker
  • Dead Link Checker
  • W3C Link Checker
  • Sitechecker

What is a Broken Link?

Let me define the term in short. A broken link (generally called a “dead link” also) shows a 404-error code when clicking on it.

In simple words, a broken link is basically a hyperlink on a web page that is no longer working. The reason may be:

  • An incorrect URL (there may be a spelling mistake or grammatical errors in the link).
  • The linked web page or website is no longer exists or permanently moved.
  • The destination site removed or detached the linked webpage (this causes 404 errors).
  • The web page has restricted access. (Firewall or geolocation restrictions don’t permit outside access).

How Broken Links Can Be Harmful to your Website?

If you are a website owner, you definitely have spent hours making your website a treasured source for your users and getting ranked in SERPs (search engine result pages).

But if the links on your website don’t work, all your hard work will be fruitless as broken links can be harmful to your website especially in the following two ways:

  • Bad user experience: visitors come to your website to get their desired information. But when click on the link, they meet a 404 error. They definitely get bothered and maybe will never return.
  • Cheapens your efforts and hard work: too many broken links devalue all your SEO efforts and hard work by impacting negatively your website’s ranking.

To be away from all these hazards, you should have a check on your dead links so that they can be removed on time.

List of Best Broken Link Checker Tools

Now are worried about how to find these broken links? To meet this purpose, hundreds of broken link checker tools are available in the world of the internet. A few best of them are discussed under:

Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster is an incredible tool with multiple features that manage the performance of your site in search results.

It is more than just a link checker. This tool makes it possible for your content to be accessed by Google. Google Webmaster’s crawl section makes you aware of indexing, crawling, and sitemap errors so that you can fix them.


Another tool included in the list of great free SEO tools is SEMrush. It is really an amazing tool to check your website performance and very helpful in finding out your broken links very easily.

You can discover all the broken links whether they are external or internal on your website as well as on your competitors’ websites.

In addition, it helps you to have a deep analysis of your website and your rivals’ sites. SEMrush is a bit expensive but I strongly recommend you if you are serious about your SEO campaign.

Xenu’s Link Sleuth

Another excellent broken link checker tool is Xenu Link Sleuth. Install the Xenu software and open the tool. Then go to File – Check URL, and put the particular domain name. Tick the “check external links”, and touch the “OK” button to run an analysis.

Xenu’s dead link checker tool scans every web page and every single link on the website to find broken links for you. You can use this app for absolutely free.

Just remember that if you are using this software the very first time, it may take a little time to generate the report.

Online Broken Link Checker

Online Broken Link Checker is another amazing tool to discover broken links on your site. This link checker tool can scan unlimited web pages to find both external and internal dead links.

You can scan more than 3000 web pages without spending a single penny and hyperlinks on those pages are unlimited. It specifies dead links in your webpage’s HTML section.

This link checker tool runs on Windows, iOS, Mac OS, Linux/UNIX.

Dead Link Checker

Dead link checker is a completely free SEO tool that helps you to find links that no longer work and affect your website negatively.

The dead link checker tool offers you two options that are MULTIPLE CHECK and AUTO CHECK. Multiple check option allows you to check multiple sites while Auto Check lets you check your website at regular intervals and gives you a complete report.

W3C Link Checker

This amazing tool detects all the issues on your website related to anchors, CSS, web pages, links, and all the others if present.

W3C gives you multiple options while checking broken links of your blog like show only summary, checking linked documents, hide redirects, sending referrer header, etc.

To get the superlative output for scanning, make sure that it is using CSS and Valid (X) HTML Markup. As result, this tool delivers the status of the link and collects the issues it meets while checking dead links. W3C’s dead link checker is a part of Quality Web Tool and W3C’s Validators.


Sitechecker is included in the list of best website crawlers that crawl on your website to check dead links and gives you the solutions to fix them correctly.

By using the Sitechecker tool you can discover the anchors of 404 error web pages and fix them promptly. It allows you to check 100 web pages for absolutely free and gives you a comprehensive report of your site’s technical health such as dead links, orphan links, indexation faults, and redirection chains.

Further, it also lets you be aware of content issues such as meta tag errors and thin pages, etc. choosing this tool will be very fruitful for you for multiple targets.


After going through the above discussion, hope you have a better understanding of how broken links or dead links are harmful to your website. They negatively affect your site decreasing its performance in search engine result pages and increasing bounce rate that leads to low website ranking.

So, if you are quite serious about your SEO campaign, just have a regular analysis of your website. This way, you will be better aware of all the links on your website that are no longer working and can remove them to enhance your site’s performance.

It is a boring and time taking job to find all the broken links on your every web page but link checker tools are available to make this task easy.

These SEO tools crawl on every page of your website and check every single link present there and hence show you all the broken links. These tools also give you the solution to fix them.

All the broken link checker tools mentioned above are included in the list of the greatest SEO tools. You can choose confidently one of them. Visit our previous post to learn how to use the broken link checker tool visit the link.


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