Best Backlink Monitor Tools To Track Link-Building Campaign

Best Backlink Monitor Tools
Best Backlink Monitor Tools To Track Link-Building Campaign

Today we are going to discuss the best backlink monitor tools for your better understanding that which tools are better for you to get the most accurate result.

Are you a web developer or website owner? If yes then do you have an SEO strategy to make your website shine at the top of the search engines?

It is not enough to create high-quality content; it is vitally important to focus on savvy link-building strategies.

You must consume some of your energy and time to plan proper link-building strategies whether you are guest posting on other sites or stealing the backlinks of your competitors.

Content and links go side by side. The more quality content you create, the more chances to get quality backlinks naturally you will have.

Why Backlinks are Important?

In short, backlinks are one of the most imperative website ranking factors. Backlinks make it possible for Google to know how valuable your website is because other websites are linking to it. This way, backlinks show the trustworthiness of your website.

Backlinks are one of the best sources to bring plenty of traffic to your website. But many webmasters make a mistake by focusing on the number of backlinks instead of quality. So, they add a lot of low-quality backlinks to their website and then they get penalized by Google. If you too are doing so, stop it right now to avoid the penalty of Google.

Hope you get it better now that what truly matters is the quality of backlinks.

Further, you can visit our link for a better understanding of backlinks and their importance.

Still, facing the trouble in getting quality backlinks??? Don’t you worry? We are going to discuss here the best SEO tools to generate high-quality backlinks.

1. Ubersuggest

Do you want to get more quality backlinks than your competitors? If yes, then Ubersuggest is one of the best choices.

Ubersuggest is a well-known website that is used worldwide by SEO professionals and web developers on daily basis.

With Ubersuggest you can get access to your competitors’ backlink profiles while targeting similar links.

Just follow the following easy steps:

Put the domain name and touch the “search” box


See the review on the screen


Click on backlinks and see the complete overview of backlinks

ubersuggest backlinks overview

The above 3 numbers like Domain Authority, Backlinks, and referring Domains are the important parts of a website’s ability to rank higher.

  • Domain score– complete strength of a website, ranges from 1 (low) to 100 (high)
  • Backlinks– number of incoming links from other websites to your site
  • Referring domains– number of exclusive domains linking to the website

Scroll down and see the backlinks detail

ubersuggest - Backlink Monitor Tools

These results show the following:

  • Source page title and URL– the title that appears in a Google search bar for the URL, along with the URL itself
  • Domain score– website’s overall strength, ranges from 1 to100
  • Page score– URL’s overall strength, ranges from 1 to 100
  • Link-type– the link may be text or image-based
  • Anchor text– text in the hyperlink that can be clicked
  • First seen– 1st-time Ubersuggest’s robots recognized the backlink
  • Last seen– last time backlinks confirmed by Ubersuggest’s robots

Using the above information find the excellent links with a domain score of 100 and pick up those links.

2.  Monitor Backlinks

Though this is not a traditional backlink tool it is used on regular basis.

As its name shows that this tool helps you monitor all the backlinks present on your website.

monitor backlinks - Backlink Monitor Tools

Monitor Backlinks can do for you the following things:

·     Gives information about every new backlink.

·     Gives information related to website speed and ranked keywords.

·     Give alerts when your competitor gets a new link.

One important thing about this tool is its SEO metrics. This feature tells you more about each backlink, including:

1.   Moaz Rank

2.   Anchor Text

3.   External Link Count

4.   Social Shares

5.   IP host detection

6.   Link Status

So, if you want to monitor your backlinks, as well as the backlinks of your competitors, the Monitor Backlink tool will help you a lot.

Using this tool, particularly pay attention to new links your competitors get. This information will help in understanding your competitor’s SEO link-building strategies. this way you can also have more chances to generate quality backlinks.

3. Linkody

The next SEO backlink-building tool that Search SEO Tools suggest is Linkody. This is the best user-friendly backlink analyzer tool. One good thing about this tool is that this is the cheapest tool available in the market.

linkody - Backlink Monitor Tools

This link tracker tool offers a variety of features to make you understand better your backlinks as well as the backlinks of your competitors.

One of the basic and important features of Linkody is that it sends you an email whenever your competitors receive a new backlink.

It also helps you to survey your competitors’ profiles.

This amazing tool gives you the following information:

1.   Number of links

2.   Where the URL is coming from

3.   Anchor Text

4.   MOZ DA

5.   When each link was discovered

6.   TLD

7.   EFL

8.   IP

By having the above details, you can better understand your competitors’ backlink profiles, and this way, you can outrank them.

4. Pitchbox

When it comes to link searching and outreach, Pitchbox having a lot of features is considered the most powerful tool.

What the company says about itself is here:

“Pitchbox automates the grunt work so you can focus on what you do best: creating real, person-to-person connections with the people you want to reach.”

If you are a website owner, you would definitely be serious in making Link building strategies and taking your work to the upper level, Pitchbox is the tool that you should access on regular basis.

This tool helps you to find targeted opportunities according to your search preferences along with the contact details and social profiles for every prospect.

Further, Pitchbox offers you a feature that provides you the opportunity to remain in touch with external link prospects.

This amazing link building and monitoring tool offer you amazing features to help you build links in an efficient way.

pitchbox - Backlink Monitor Tools

5. Ahrefs

I’m sure that you have heard about Ahrefs. Ahrefs is one of the most used websites that offers a bundle of incredible tools to help you in your SEO.

Do you know that Ahrefs backlink analysis tool is the best tool for monitoring and building quality backlinks to your website?

Ahrefs backlinks checker

This software is best designed for SEO pros. It helps you to monitor and generate backlinks on your website as well as it prepares audit, URL ranking, backlink analysis, competitive analysis, and much more.

However, Ahrefs backlinks analysis tool is basically used for SEO analysis. As compared to other tools, Ahrefs is very simple and easy to use.

I am sure you will enjoy using Ahrefs backlink analysis tool and will get a bundle of benefits.

6. Broken Link Builder

Broken Link Builder is another option if you don’t want to use link-building tools like Linkody etc. The tool itself searches and finds broken links within seconds and delivers you the search results.

If there is plenty of broken link present on your website, you must pay attention to create your backlinks.

Broken Link Builder helps you to find more chances to create your link popularity.

broken link builder - Backlink Monitor Tools

Final Words

one of the main sources to get more traffic on your website is Backlinks. Better to get backlinks naturally but you also need to use the backlink building tool for this purpose.

Above discussed backlink maker tools are a few best tools that are most used worldwide. You can choose one of them according to your requirements.

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