Best 19 Free SEO Tools That are 100% Free in 2021

Free SEO Tools

Whether you are an SEO professional or an online business owner, you surely understand the value of different SEO tools to meet your SEO purposes, these tools are imperative and super important. But got tired of spending a lot of money for using such tools? well! Today we are going to make you aware of some nifty and superlative Free SEO tools that are absolutely free to use.

Excited? So, let’s go through these tools.

Table of Contents

Free Site Speed Monitor Tools

    1. Google PageSpeed Insight
    2. Cloudflare
    3. GTMetrix

Free Link Explorer tools

    1. Ubersuggest
    2. Link Miner
    3. Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker
    4. Ahrefs’ Broken Link Checker
    6. Help a Reporter (HARO)

Free Keyword Finder Tools

    1. Google Keyword Planner
    2. Keyword Explorer Tool by Moz
    3. Keyword SURFER
    4. Keyword Generator Tool by Ahrefs

Free Crawling and Indexing Tools

    1. link redirect trace
    2. Redirect Path
    3. Screaming Frog
    4. Screaming Frog Log File Analyzer
    5. SEOlyzer


Google PageSpeed Insight

Want to test your or your competitors’ site speed and serviceability on multiple devices? We recommend you to use Google PageSpeed Insights. What you have to do is only put a website of a specific web page’s URL in the space provided by this SEO tool and click on “Analyze”.

Then check the exact usability and site loading speed of that website on the screen.

This page speed checker tool tells you the result on a score of 0-100. This way you can get how fast the particular website takes to load. It also gives you solutions to remove speed issues if there are any.


Cloudflare is another outstanding site speed checker tool having a lot of benefits for your SEO campaign. This is a free global CDN. This tool not only speeds up your website but also improves your site’s security against common threats out there. So, it provides totally free DDoS protection (Distributed Denial of Service Attack).

Its specific settings keep hackers away from your WordPress sites.


As a website owner, you definitely want to know the loading speed of your web pages. So. GTMetrix is out there to help you.

This website speed checker tool shows you the exact loading speed of your web pages by grading scores. It also gives you different useful ideas to make things load faster.

Track your site speed and performance on daily basis with Get a notification on time through email when your site speed goes down. Make a side-by-side comparison of your website’s speed and that of your competitor’s.

For further guidelines about the website speed go to our page speed checker tool.

Link Explorer tools

Here are a few important Free SEO tools that help you to explore your internal and external links as well as your competitor’s links.

For further information go to our website link checker tool to know how much link checker tools are important.


Ubersuggest, designed by an SEO professional Neil Patel, can be a better choice to explore backlinks. Using this tool, you can easily access your competitor’s link profile.

Just enter the website URL in the given space and press the “search button. You will see the number of backlinks along with domain authority, referring domains, and organic monthly traffic.

Go down the page and see the complete detail of the backlink. You can pick any of them according to need.

Link Miner

Another broken link checker tool which is absolutely free of cost. This is a free Google Chrome Extension that helps you a lot to take your prospecting efforts to the next level.

This is developed by Jon Cooper and designed to find broken links on each page of your website easily and very quickly so that you can fix the issue soon.

We strongly suggest you use this broken link checker tool to make link prospecting too fast.

Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker

Ahrefs’ backlink checker tool is one of the most used SEO tools worldwide. If you want to monitor inbound and outbound links and build high-quality backlinks, we strongly recommend you give it a try.

Along with link analysis, you can also have website audit, URL ranking, competitive analysis, and a lot more.

Ahrefs’ Broken Link Checker

Explore your website’s internal and external broken links in seconds by using Ahrefs’ broken link checker tool so that you can eliminate these harmful links.

Ahrefs’ crawler is considered the second most active after Google so you can use this tool with full trust and confidence. helps you to reach professionals’ email addresses to connect with them. This tool is used by more than 2,000,000 professionals and leading companies. It gives you 50 free searches per month.

Enter the specific domain name in the given box and hit the “Find email addresses”. Your required email address will be on the screen within seconds. You can install Chrome Extension for rapid access or use Google Sheet On.

Help A Reporter Out (HARO)

Help A Reporter Out or simply HARO is a free platform that makes the news source and journalist connected. This platform is used by journalists to request quotes from experts.

What is its mode of functioning? This platform is a convenient way to keep journalists and news sources in touch. Journalists post their requests or questions via this platform to be answered by the experts.

The sources from the relevant field receive these requests by email and respond to the request. Once the answer by the source is submitted, journalists use the one that they consider to be fit for their questions, displaying the sources with links back to their websites while publishing the content.

Free SEO Keyword Tools

Thousands of keyword finder tools are out there. We are mentioning here a few basic free keyword tools that you can use with full confidence.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is Google’s keyword suggestions tool. This is the top-of-the-list tool that supports us in finding a thousand relevant and most searched keyword ideas.

You can enter 10 seed keywords at a time to enhance your search. Just put a comma after every seed keyword or key phrase and press enter.

Along with keywords, you would get average monthly searches, competition (low, medium, or high), Top of the bid (low), Top of the bid (high), and search volume for each keyword.

It is not a time-consuming process. It is done in a few clicks in a few seconds.

Keyword Explorer Tool by Moz

Keyword Explorer Tool by Moz is the topmost keyword research tool. Although it doesn’t have an absolutely free version, but it offers 10 free queries per month. Using these limited queries, you can have up to 1000 most searched keywords per query with the most accurate volume.

Further, along with CTR data, you can also get a Keyword Difficulty Score.

Keyword SURFER

If you don’t aware of the Keyword SURFER tool, I suggest you to just give it a try. This is an absolutely free Google Chrome Extension tool that gives you similar keyword ideas which leads to getting more ranking opportunities

Keyword Generator Tool by Ahrefs

This is an effective free keyword research tool designed by Ahrefs to get winning keyword ideas.  This amazing tool gives you the top 100 keyword ideas for the seed keyword of key phrase from its database consisting of 10 billion keywords across more than 170 countries.

You can also have the expected monthly search volume of each keyword and Keyword Difficulty Score for the top 10 keywords.

This keyword research tool allows you to enter 10 seed keywords or key phrases at one time. Then by one click on the search icon, you can have 6 keyword reports. You can choose one of them according to your work’s requirements.

Crawling and Indexing Tools

You surely want your website to be crawled and optimized. Here are a few free SEO tools to help you out.

Link Redirect Trace

A free Google Chrome Extension, considered by SEO users an all-in-one redirect path analyzer which exposes information about HTTP headers, robot.txt, and rel-canonicals.

This SEO crawling tool performs a broad and most accurate SEO analysis, On-page and Off-page SEO analysis, and competitors’ analysis.

The “Save Screenshot” is also an excellent feature.

Redirect Path

Redirect Path works just like Link Redirect Trace. This crawling tool reveals redirect path and header information about every URL you visit.

Screaming Frog

Another most effective and popular desktop-based crawler tool available on the internet. Its free version permits for more than 500 URLs per crawl.

Although the free version is not as functional as the paid version, but it is super good for small website audits and small projects.

Screaming Frog Log File Analyzer

Screaming Frog Log File Analyzer is another fantastic tool offered by Frog.

This incredible tool supports you beautifully in uploading your log files, verifying search engine bots, recognizing URLs that are being crawled. It gives a deep analysis of search bot data.

It has both free and paid versions. You can choose one according to your work’s demand.


SEOlyzer is a nifty and well-designed crawler and log analyzer trusted by up to 2000 websites for their technical SEO.

This tool lets you be aware of how Google as well as other search engines view your website.

SEOlyzer is really convenient to use which lets you visualize and analyze your website’s activities in real-time for SEO purposes.

To learn more about keyword search, have a deep look at the best keyword finder tool in 2021 


As an SEO user or an online business owner, you can’t deny the importance of SEO tools. Using such tools lead your website to get the highest rank in SERPs and lets your business meet the big success.

But everyone can’t afford to spend much money on using these tools. If you are one of them, no need to be a worry.

The above-discussed tools are very advantageous for your website to win the game of SEO and these are 100% free to use.

It’s not the end. There is a bundle of free and super good tools available online. We will definitely discuss them in another article.

Stay in touch with Search SEO Tools for further informative discussions.


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