A Few Basic Components Of a Strong SEO Strategy

Strong seo strategy

Without making a strong SEO strategy, you can never get your purpose. One of such strong strategies that can help you in boosting your website ranking is SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Everyone who owns a website or online business wants to see his website at the top pages of Search Engine Optimization and wants to be successful in the world of the internet.

You may know that search engine keeps changing its search algorithm time to time. So, you should keep yourself up to date with best practices of SEO.

If you want your website to rank higher, search SEO tools are always here to help you out.

In the following discussion, we are going to discuss a few main components of a good and strong SEO strategy. 

What is an SEO Strategy?

Do you know what SEO strategy is? It is the process of planning, sketching, and applying rules or steps to increase search engine ranking.

In simplest words, it is a process or way that you follow to get more organic traffic on your website.

Quality Content

Content quality

In the world of SEO, content is awarded by professionals saying it The King.

According to them, quality content is the best way to rank for particular keywords. It is also helpful in creating a positive user experience.

If you think that content is merely a blog post, you’re thinking wrong. It is not just a post but it is information you collect and submit to the search engine.

It includes all basic knowledge about the topic for the awareness of readers. It answers the questions of people.

That is called quality content. So, if you want to rank higher, create content well.

Keyword Research

one of the basic components of a Strong SEO Strategy is keyword research.

Keyword research is considered the first step to a successful SEO strategy. If you want to be successful in the land of SEO, you must know about what people are searching for.

What keywords or key phrases they enter in the search engine to find out the content or information about different topics. These keywords or key phrases are used to drive SEO traffic to your website.

To create quality content, first, search out potential and brainstorming keywords. For this purpose, I’ll suggest Google AdWORD Keyword Tool.

This is an awesome keyword research tool.

It gives you a list of authentic, potential, and most searched keywords or key phrases.

Just give this tool a try. You will enjoy its services.

One important thing is that focus on long-tail keywords because long-tail keywords are searched most and have less competition. So, it will be easier for you to increase organic traffic and rank your website.

Meta Tags

A powerful SEO strategy is a key to success for a website. Meta Tags are also one of the important components of a good SEO strategy.

They are snippets of text that talk about the content of the page. They don’t appear on the page itself but they appear in the source code of that page.

In simple words, you can say that meta tags are contents written in short that tell the search engine what a page is about.

They exist only in HTML.


Content is considered the king while backlinks are considered the queen by SEO professionals.

So, building backlinks is the damn important component of a strong SEO strategy.

It doesn’t matter that a site has a big quantity of links but what matters is the quality of backlinks.

Building backlinks is one of the best ways to increase organic traffic so try to get relevant and quality backlinks.

A backlink shows the search engine that how your content is relevant to other pages and websites.

Build backlinks by having contact with popular blogs in your niche to find out how you can work together to get links back from their websites.

You can also get backlinks by paying the relevant companies or websites if you can afford them.

Create a well-organized website and manage it properly so that people talk about your services. This way you can increase organic traffic to your website.

Also, try to create graphics content that will positively affect bloggers to link back.

Create Images

create images

Using images in your content also plays a vital role in increasing organic traffic.

This is another important component that makes an SEO Strategy stronger.

You may know that people attract more to the visual, instead of simple text. So, quality images in your post-drive their attention more to your content which leads to increase organic traffic.

Just remember that image should be clear and relevant and the file name should have relevant keywords.

Such images rank well in search engine result pages. 

Presence on Social Media

Presence on social media

You make a website, create quality content, try to optimize all the areas of your website, and manage it properly. Well, you spend a lot of your efforts and time on this purpose.

Now it’s time to make its presence possible on different platforms of social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Insta, etc.

Social media meetings on your website will give you a lot of advantages as today millions of people are using these forums daily.

Final Words

Being a website owner, you must be aware of the above areas of your website. These areas should be well optimized to rank a website high in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

Further, analyze your website and your competitor’s website to see that which one is having a strong and more useful SEO strategy.

Find out that what competitors are doing for their websites’ on-page optimization and off-page optimization and how well-organized their websites are.

Have a look at your competitors’ backlinks so that you may also get more relevant and authentic backlinks.

After reading the above post, hope you will be able to have a better understanding of the important and basic components of an authentic, powerful, and strong SEO Strategy.

This will undoubtedly improve the ranking of your website and one day you will see your website shining at the top pages of search engine results.

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