Free Best Backlink Checker Tool by Majestic

Free Best Backlink Checker Tool by Majestic

What about Backlinks?

Backlinks can be defined as a link to an internal or external website, a link one website gets from another website is known as an external backlink and a link from the same website is called an internal backlink.

Backlinks are nominated as “Generated links & domiciliary links. On the other hand, links on your webpage or website going to another webpage or site are known as outgoing links, outbuilt links, outer links, or outside links.

When someone creates a link on their website pointing to your website, it is an outbound or outgoing link for them and an inbound or incoming link for you.

Why Backlinks are important for SEO? 

Backlinks are very important for SEO. The backlinks number of backlinks a website has can increase the popularity or importance of the website. Search engines, like Google and Being, give more credit and importance to the website with a large number of backlinks and consider such a website more relevant in a search query.

So, it’s not sufficient to just have a large number of links, they should be quality links. Good or bad to have quality links means that the contents on the website from which you get a backlink should be relevant to the contents on your website.

So that the visitors can get more and more information about the topic they are searching for. If the contents are irrelevant, such as the searches while searching for some information click on the backlink to get more knowledge and they reach a page having totally different content then it will be a bad backlink.

So not just focus on the number of backlinks but focus on the quality of backlinks. For example, if your website is about SEO Tools but you get a backlink from a website about food and fashion etc. then it will not be considered a good backlink. Instead to raise the rank and importance such links affect your website negatively.

Some traits of a quality Backlinks?

There are many factors in the opinion of different SEO consultants that make a backlink perfect. A few of them are listed below;

Relevant Source

“A good backlink is a link you get from the website which has relevant contents.”

Authoritative Websites

“You can get Backlinks from the commanding website which are said to be good backlinks”

Site is indexed

The sites that are listed in the search engines are “Indexed” A link on a site that is not indexed will not do anything for your website since the search engines don’t know that the link exists.

Dofollow and Nofollow links

Dofollow links ask all search engines to follow them and reach our website. If a webmaster links back to you with Dofollow links, both the search engines and visitors will be able to follow you while Nofollow links ask the search engines to ignore the links.

How can I know if my link is Dofollow or Nofollow?

There are 3 steps to find out if a link is Dofollow or Nofollow.

  1. Right-click on the documents you want to inspect.
  2. Then select “View Page Source”
  3. Right-Click on the link you want to inspect.
  4. Click on “inspect element” to view the source.
  5. Press Ctrl+F to open a search box, type “nofollow” and press the enter key. If you see rel=nofollow, that means it’s a no-follow link.

In short, backlinks are like to gain votes. The more votes you will get, the higher your website will be ranked and the more traffic you will get. But don’t just focus to increase the number of backlinks, but try your best to have quality links because the links will be fruitful and helpful for your website’s ranking if they are quality links.

What is Backlinks Checker Tool?

What is Backlinks Checker Tool

A free backlink checker is designed to give you access to the backlink profile of any website. It tells you who is linking to your website and reaches your content. It will help you to find out your competitor’s most valuable backlinks and examine their profile for possible link opportunities.

To rank you’re your website high, you definitely need backlinks. And to be aware of quality links and quantity of links it is compulsory to use a backlink analysis tool.

Free Backlink Checker Tool by

majestic backlinks checker

A backlink checker is one of the major SEO Tools. A bundle of online backlink tracker tools is offered by different websites. But I will suggest you to use the backlink checker tool designed by 

Majestic started backlinks checking service in 2008. This is the best ever service you can use without any hesitation.

Backlink Checker Tool by Majestic offers Trust and Strength Metrics

Backlink analysis tool designed by Majestic offers Trust and Strength metrics (defined in the picture below.

How to use the free Backlink Checker Tool designed by Majestic?

Majestic provides you the best free backlink checker to check the number of backlinks. It’s very easy to use, no techniques or skills are required to use it.

You don’t need to install any application or registration or pay any charges for Majestic’s free backlink analysis tool. It’s totally free. I hope it will help you to find out high-ranked websites or competitor’s website backlinks. It will help you increase your website’s popularity, traffic and will rank your website high.

All you need to use the backlink analysis tool is to follow just 3 steps:

  1. Go on the ( )
  2. In the space provided, simply enter your URL or any domain name for which you want to check backlinks. This could be the URL of a specific page like a blog post URL or the main domain pointing to the website’s homepage.
  3. Click on the “Search” button.

Once you have completed all the 3 steps, a free backlink checker tool provides you the result of your given domain. You can download the result if you wish.

In Short

In short, Majestic can be called a legendary SEO tool that offers a lot of SEO services to let your website rank high in search engine result pages.

The backlink checker tool by Majestic is beautifully designed to give you absolutely correct results for your desired domain or website. So, you must give it a try to explore its uniqueness.

Hope so, Search SEO Tools helps you a lot and provide you a deep Article.


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