How to Check Alexa Ranking for Bulk Domains using Alexa Ranking Tool?

Do you want to get an idea about how popular the website is on the internet? Then you are on the right spot. One of the most well-known ways to survey is to get a  Alexa ranking checker tool.

What is Alexa ranking?

Do you want to have one of the most popular websites on the web? We have bought you a detailed explanation of such a site that will help you and is called, created by Alexa Internet Company (owned by Amazon).

This site focuses on ranking and moderating the website for popularity. Basically, this website works in such a way that it rates your website in some millions number to one.

According to Alexa, the ranking is usually found on how well a website is performing related to other sites in the world of the internet over the last 3 months.

You can even find Alexa similar tool all over the internet, which may be paid or unpaid. Alexa Rank Checker helps you easily check the Alexa Rank of any website on the wide web.

It is been built reliable, which means you’ll be delivered accurate and understandable results that are extracted directly from Alexa’s web (engines).

The main advantage of the Alexa Rank Checker Tool is that you can easily compete or compare your website with other websites and track their performance.

Alexa website ranking checker gives you a careful analysis of the data that is going to help you find out furthermore about the positive points so you can bring the required and necessary changes to your website or even to your blog.

Alexa rank Indicates the popularity of your blog over the number of visitors on it. Are you really much curious about the number of visitors to your competition?

The Alexa ranking tool gives the best indication, while the domain authority and PageRank get the highest possible rating.

What kind of information does the Alexa Website checker by provide us?

  1. Traffic received by a website.
  2. Quality indicators (time spend on website and bounce rate).
  3. The rank of websites across the world of the internet.
  4. Traffic through keywords.
  5. Sites linking to your site.

How does Alexa Website Ranking Checker works?

We will talk about Alexa Checker in detail, but to help their users,  they make the best use of the data that this awesome tool provides. Let’s see how Alexa Website Ranking works and why you need to check it properly.

How to use Alexa for SEO in 2021?

Before using this Alexa Rank Checker tool for your benefits, you should know the things that it offers first. Alexa rank checker provides its users with important details that can help to keep track of the gap between your website and your competitor’s website.

It’s well known to all of us that today every online Business and Entrepreneurs has websites and obviously all are doing their best to promote their websites to become top in their own industry business.

The point is not to have a website but it’s important for everyone to promote it to increase the traffic and increase their sales to get more income.

To promote their websites everyone uses some strategies and the best strategy is to do “Search Engine Optimization” for the website to get a good amount of traffic regularly. It helps you to show that you are the best among your competitors.

Before using this Alexa website ranking checker tool, you should know about the benefits of this tool. This tool provides you important details that help you to keep track of your website and competitor website easily.

Alexa Rank Toolbar? Why use the Alexa Ranking tool?

The most important update of is that you can now install the Alexa toolbar on their browser.

This comes with so many benefits just from a toolbar; even it is available for many browsers like Firefox, internet explorer, and google chrome.

The Alexa rank toolbar & extension are the same things. You can download the Alexa toolbar for chrome, Firefox, and even internet explorer.

How to boost your Alexa Ranking?

Here are few tips that will increase your Alexa Ranking faster than you thought. Do follow and share with others

5 Unique Ideas to Rank Faster:

Share on Social Media;

There’s no doubt that social media is a huge platform as it can even go, share your content on the entire possible platform and keep updating on daily basis according to the algorithm of every platform.

Install Alexa Rank Toolbar:

When you do it Alexa servers get your hits and your website gets Alexa rank. Doing this automatically increases your Alexa rank.

Unique Content:

Do not copy or spin content that is being taken from other websites. Try to create your own quality -content and come up with your unique search and content.

Build up a strong connection with your wordings. This helps your Blogs or site get more traffic.

Regular Update:

One of the most important factors to boost your rankings is to keep updating your content and first understand the algorithm of every search engine, how they work, and rank you depending upon what factors.


Make a good effort on the SEO of your website and blogs. Alexa ranking tool works the best which is beyond your thoughts. Improve your SEO techniques and implement them properly.

How to get Alexa Rank through

Alexa web ranking is built very simply and user-friendly. Hence its extensions are provided so you do not have to waste your time.

The Alexa extension accompanies users as they surf, providing users with Alexa data about the sites they visit without interrupting their browsing. provides the ever finest quality of the Alexa ranking tool, it’s one of the best SEO tools to get the outstanding SEO search result for better boosting of your website or blog. Just follow these 3 easy steps.

  • Type “” in your Google search bar.
  • When you open the website, scroll down at the bottom and click on “website traffic statistics”Alexa Ranking Tool
  • Then you’ll see an empty search bar. Type your site URL and click on the Run Analysis 

Alexa Ranking Tool

Without any further effort, do get your results in front of you.

Alexa ranking tool

Just give a try to this awesome Alexa website ranking checker tool to check you have an analysis of your website as well as your competitor’s website. Hope you will get satisfactory and beneficial results by using this amazing Alexa Rank Checker Tool designed by

Hope so, Search SEO Tools helps you a alot and provides you the deep search information.

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