How Ahrefs, SEMrush, Majestic, and Moz Pro are big SEO tools ? Reasons

Ahrefs SEMrush Majestic and Moz

After a deep search and experience, I’m giving a brief review about 4 famous and adorable tools, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, and Majestic, to prove that why these tools are included in the list of big tools?



SEMrush was started in 2008. This was specially designed as a keyword research tool. Within a short period of time, this software has launched a number of amazing tools for its crawlers.

Now it has become a full-grown SEO paid tool which provides you services more than just keyword research.

SEMrush Keyword Tool

SEMrush keyword tool is the combination of six tools.

  1. Keyword Overview: check any keyword’s value and competition by using this feature.
  2. Organic Research: by using this feature you can check a complete list of your competitor’s organic keyword rankings and pages. You can also find best organic keyword for your content.
  3. Keyword Magic Tool: by using this tool you can get all the keywords you need for your SEO or PPC campaign.
  4. Keyword Gap: this feature helps to compare your keyword profile to your competitors and discover new opportunities for your SEO campaign.
  5.  Keyword Manager: analyze up to 1’000 keywords at a time by using this tool.
  6. Organic Traffic Insights: this tool is launched to disclose “not provided” keywords in Google Analytics, which drive more traffic to the website.

SEMrush Topic research tool

With the help of this tool you can create a killer content. You can access to a bundle of different content ideas and information about the topic you want to create the content around.

SEMrush site audit tool

Semrush site audit tool crawls at every page of your site and let you know about all the technical issues that are harmful for you site’s ranking. This tool also provides solutions for those problems within no time.

Rank Tracking Tool

If you want to watch the progress and ranking changes of SEO website or campaign on daily basis, the SEMrush rank tool is present to help you.

ON-page SEO by SEMrush.

On-page Seo let you know analyze all the pages on your website so that you can improve their SEO performance.

In short, SEMrush is included in the list of big tools because of its awesome features and functionality. It will prove the best choice for SEO users to rank their sites in SERPs.



Ahref Backlinks checker

Ahrefs was started in 2011. It was basically designed as a backlink analysis tool so it claims to have the world’s most extensive backlinks index offering new data every 15-30 minutes

It’s considered to have an incredibly accurate link database.

Now, do you think that Ahrefs is simply an awesome backlinks analysis tool? You think wrong. Let’s have a close look on some more rich features of Ahrefs such as site explorer, rank tracking, keyword research, content explorer and many more.

Backlink Checker

this tool tells you which websites are linked to your competitors’ sites and shows the quality of their backlinks profile. By using this tool:

  • You can find out the quality and quantity of backlinks.
  • Backlink anchor text helps you to detect all possible negative SEO issues on your site.
  • If there is some suspicious backlinks activity on your site, you can add spammy links to a disavow file within a few clicks.

Site Explorer

site explorer visits all the pages on your website and provides you an overall SEO health score, shows key data in charts, and makes you aware of all the possible SEO issues present on your pages. It also gives you suggestions to solve those issues.

Ahrefs Site Explorer combines the three most useful tools at one interface.

  • Organic Traffic Research gives you information about the keywords your competitor’s site is ranking for and which pages are bringing more traffic.
  • Paid Traffic Research makes you aware of monthly organic traffic for the website.
  • Backlink Checker tells you which websites link to your site or your competitor’s site and shows you the quality of those backlinks.

Top 10 Paid SEO Tools

Keyword Generator Tool

By using this feature, you can explore thousands of keywords for your topic including keyword metrics such as CPC, keyword difficulty, and search volume etc.

Rank Tracker Tool

You can monitor your Google rankings across 170 countries and check your performance against your competitor’s site.

Why Ahrefs is a big tool?

From the above discussion, we can easily conclude that Ahrefs is a big tool as it fulfills all needs of SEO users. This is the 2nd most active web crawler after Google, that’s why it has the best backlink database in the industry. You can monitor your website in roundabout 170 countries and get authentic details.

Does Ahrefs cost money?

Yes. Ahrefs has different pricing plans for its users, starting from $99/month to $999/month. You can avail of a plan according to your need.

Does Ahrefs offer a free trial?

Ahrefs’s free trial is not available. It offers a 7 days trial for $7.

Majestic SEO


A Link Building Tool

Here is a short review of Majestic SEO. In this review, you will get basic information about this tool such as its key features and performance etc.

So have a look at this review.

Majestic is considered a big tool as it has the world’s largest link index database. It provides regularly updated and reliable data to help you in analyzing the performance of your site, as well as that of your competitors.

It is a powerful tool that is used to quantify the number of backlinks for any specific domain or URL.

A few basic features of Majestic SEO are explained below to prove that it can be considered a big tool.

Site Explore

Here you can get a deep overview of a site’s link profile including:

  • Trust Flow: Trust Flow represents the quality of links that point to a website.
  • Citation Flow: This is a score which quantifies the links. This doesn’t care whether a link is good or bad.
  • Visibility Flow: Visibility Flow is helpful in finding out desirable links on high Trust Flow pages.
  • Topical Trust Flow: This feature tells the position of a website as compared to best site in round about 800 categories.

Ahrefs vs. SEMrush

Majestic Topics Report

This feature designed by Majestic SEO to figure out what a website is all about.

An interesting thing about this feature is that it determines your website’s topic not on the basis of content that you publish but it’s based on where you get your backlinks from.

I think this is a unique feature that no other tool has.


Majestic SEO offers a bunch of other adorable tools that are not briefly discussed here. In short, Majestic provides domain metrics and link insights in the form of referring domains, anchor text, keyword search volume, backlink histories, and their own Flow Metrics.  All these features guide SEO and marketing professionals on how to improve their link building and search engine optimization strategies.



moz pro

Moz Pro is another SEO software that deserves to be called a big tool. This is an all-in-one solution for your SEO campaign.

Moz Pro introduces a cluster of user-friendly tools which are very helpful for beginners especially. If you are in search of easy-to-use and authentic tools, Moz Pro is a better choice.

This tool is really amazing to help you getting information about link building, keyword research, webpage performance, site analysis, and many more.

Moz Pro Keyword Explorer

Moz Pro offers the most accurate keyword database which let you discover the best and more authentic keywords for your site.

Domain Analysis

If you want to get information about any website like its top pages, backlinks, ranked keywords, etc. then Moz Pro domain analysis tool is the best choice.

Site Crawl

Harmful issues for your site are not easy to find. But don’t worry. Moz Pro has designed an amazing helper for you called Site crawler.

Site crawler visits every corner of your website, find out all possible harmful issues and guide you on how to fix them.

Does Moz Pro offer a free trial?

Yes. SEO Software by Moz offers you a 30-Day software trial absolutely free.

Above are just a few main features designed by Moz Pro. You can find a lot more on this platform to fulfill your SEO needs. So it can be said clearly that Moz Seo is included in the list of big SEO tools.


By going through the short review of all the above four tools, I conclude that all these tools, SEMrush, Moz, Ahrefs, and Majestic, cover all your SEO needs and provide a great user experience on market. So it can be said confidently that these tools deserve to be on the list of big tools.


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