A Few On-Site SEO Problems And How To Solve Them

on-site seo problems

There may present many technical issued on your websites that require your attention to prevent the bad performance and low ranking of your site, you need to identify those on-site SEO problems and fix them properly.

Here are a few of those common On-site SEO problems you may face and tactics to solve them.


site speed issue - on-site seo problems

As an SEO user, you may better know that site speed is an important ranking factor for a website. Better page loading speed leads to a better user experience. Show site speed slides down the website ranking.

Google will reduce sending web crawlers to your site if the server takes a time more than 2 seconds to respond

How to solve the site-speed problem?

Google page speed insight is the simple and best solution to solve the above On-site seo problem. This amazing tool helps you to track and measure the performance of your site for both mobile and desktop versions.

This Tool makes you alert about the pages that are not optimized correctly. The best thing about page speed insights is that it offers authentic and actionable descriptions of law to sort out the problem.

Word press users can also seek help from their losting provider.  Choose a better word press hosting service that is trusted for its speed and uptime is strongly recommended. Furthermore, you may meet positive results by optimizing images on your webpages, minimizing CSS & JavaScript’s, and fixing leverage browser cashing, as far as your site speed is concerned.

Broken links

If your website consist of hundreds of webpage, one or two broken links may hardly create any problem. However, a bundle of broken links is definitely a big issue that must be fixed properly. A bundle of broken links on a site creates a huge problem because:

  • The quality user experience of your site declines.
  • Important pages of your site are left un-crawled and un-indexed because when Google searches both find too many broken links, they divert to other sites. It also affected your webpage authority negatively.

Solution for broken links issue. How to tackle the broken link issue?

Searchseotools.com provides you a better solution for such SEO problems. Simply go to on Google search console and hit the “crawl Errors” option under “Crawl” to know which page of your website has 404 errors.

These 404 errors should be resolved early and properly so that your visitors do not get troubled.

Title Tags issued

title tag issue - on-site seo problems

Title tags issued are most common and widespread common and widespread SEO issued. The most frequent are:

  • Duplicate title tags.
  • Too short or too long title tags.
  • Missing a title tag.

Solution for title tag issue?

Title tags have appeared on SERPs as text that people click to navigate to your webpage. They also displayed at the top of browser tabs.  Point to be noted that the title tag must be of 50 to 60 characters.

Too short and too long title tags are considered a big SEO Mistake as they hurt the SEO ranking of a site badly.

  • Follow this format to create a better title tag:

Primary keyword /secondary keyword/name of service/ brand/ product etc.

  • Place the keyword at the starting of the title tag.
  • Don’t use duplicate title tags to create a unique title tag for every page?

Too Many on-page links

too many links - on-site seo problems

According to research, almost 15% of websites are crawled with too many on-page links on some pages. To have a maximum number of links on a page is not a big deal, but loading a page with irrelevant and unnatural links is definitely a big on-site seo problems.

A page messed up with links can be a bad user experience, especially on mobile. “Good SEO means having a natural link profile including relevant high-quality links”

How to fix this issue?

Good SEO means having a natural link profile including relevant high-quality links. So you need to fix too many on-page links problems properly. Link audit tool by Google search console is the best solution for such SEO problem carry out a link audit for every page present on your site and get rid of the links that don’t provide any value to your visitors or your SEO strategy.

Complex & Messy URLs

complex and messy URLs

URLs ending in something like “article.phip/tldr118/3929705” are consider messy & complex URLs. Such URLs are not user-friendly and don’t look natural and simple. Such URLs are difficult for users to decipher and make it harder for search engines to use data in the URL for indexing purposes.

How to solve it?

Searchseotools gives you the solution to solve this common on-site SEO problem.

  • First of all adds keywords in the URLs.
  • Instead of using spaces to separate the words, use hyphens.
  • Try to create a short URL that doesn’t exceed 70 characters.
  • Use a single domain and subdomain.
  • Use lowercase letters (small letters) in a URL.

Meta Description that ends in Ellipses

While searching for something on Google, sometimes we find the text replaced by ellipses (a series of dots) by Google on the result page. The reason is that the text is long more than the allotted word or pixel count. Finding such an issue, a user got frustrated.

How to solve the problem?

It is strongly recommended to control the pixel length of webpage title and Meta description. There is no Google penalty for a too-long Meta description but sometimes it can be a lost opportunity.

Search engines typically showed the first 430-920 pixels characters (70-155 characters) till 2019. The New Google Meta description length in 2021 is up to 920 pixels, which might allow for up to 158 characters but too long Meta description will irritate the user. So, use a Meta description tool to solve this issue.

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