7 Best XML Sitemap Generator Tools

Sitemap Generator

According to Gary Illyes, after hyperlinks, XML Sitemap Generator are the second most vital source of URLs to be crawled by Googlebot.

A sitemap generator is software that can automatically craft a list of your web pages. 

It is a tough job to design a new website or redesign an existing website but the Sitemap generator makes it easy for you by sharing your burden.

Do you know about sitemaps? If not, let me explain it in short first.

What is Sitemap?

A sitemap is a digital map that lets Google and other search engines discover, crawl, and index all of your website’s pages. 

Sitemaps make search engines aware of which pages on your website are most important. They also give you valued information like how often your web pages are being updated and what changes are made on those pages.

Types of XML Sitemaps:

Four basic types of XML Sitemaps are:

  • Normal XML Sitemap: this is the most common type of sitemap generally in the form of an XML sitemap that links to pages on your site.
  • News Sitemap: News Sitemap helps Google and other search engines discover the pages approved for Google News.
  • Image Sitemap: this sitemap is helpful for search engines to find out all the images on your site.
  • Video Sitemap: video sitemap makes search engines understand your website’s video content.


Importance of XML sitemaps

When it involves improving your rankings, an XML sitemap is often an extremely smart partner.

 This protocol helps Google and alternative main search engines to simply perceive your website structure while creeping it.

 It had been initially introduced by Google in 2005, with MSN and Yahoo giving their support to the protocol a year later.  Sitemaps are called computer address inclusion protocols as they advise search engines on what to crawl.


It comes con to robots.txt files that area unit Associate in nursing exclusion protocol because it tells search engines what to not crawl.

 Consider your site as a house and every page of your site as an area.

You’ll be able to consider an XML Sitemap sort of a blueprint for your house and every web content was an area, your XML Sitemap would be a blueprint—making it simple for Google, the proverbial home inspector of the website to quickly and simply realize all the rooms at intervals your house.

In alternative words, an XML sitemap can ease Google to search out your pages once it crawls your website as a result of all of your pages can be hierarchical, not solely your website as a site.

 It informs search engines concerning pages on their sites that area unit out there for creeping. Whereas having no XML sitemap isn’t penalized, making yours is much counseled as a result of it will improve your SEO.\


Having a web sitemap on your site passes additional information to look engines. Thus, it also:

  • Lists all URLs from your website. And this includes pages that may not be findable by search engines
  •  Gives engines page priority and so crawl priority.
  •  You’ll be able to add a tack on your XML sitemap locution that pages square measure the foremost vital.
  •  Bots can so 1st specialize in these priority pages.
  •  Gives temporal info.
  •  You’ll be able to conjointly embody 2 alternative optional tags which will pass further information to look engines to assist them to crawl your website.

 The primary one, “last mod’ tells them when a page is last modified. The second, “changefreq” tells however typically a page is probably going to alter.

 Gives you info back from the Google Webmaster Central. You’ll be able to access Googlebot activity as an example.

Best XML Sitemap Generator Tools

Here are a few best and most used XML Sitemap generator tools that will be proved very beneficial for your website whether it is newly designed or redesigned.

  • mnoGoSearch2sitemap

mnoGoSearch2sitemap is a useful database sitemap generator. This sitemap generator analyzes your database and creates one or more XML sitemap files.

You can easily upload these XML files to your web server. These files can be submitted directly to the search engines.

  • Writemaps

Writemap’s sitemap generator is included in the list of a few best sitemap builder tools.  

As compared to other sitemap generators consisting of website crawlers, Writemaps offers a sitemap generator that allows you to create sitemaps manually that are perfect for small projects.

It also allows you to archive old sitemaps to be organized and shared with your teams and clients. You can export your final product as a pdf or XML sitemap.

This sitemap creator tool offers you to create 3 sitemaps for absolutely free of cost. It also offers a 15-days trial on its paid version.

Its pricing plan starts from $14.99/month.

  • Inspyder Sitemap Creator 5

Another amazing and simple sitemap generator tool that generates your website’s accurate XML sitemaps for Google and other search engines. 

In addition, it creates a mobile-specific, image, and also video sitemaps. 

This superb online sitemap generator automatically creates sitemaps for Google and uploads them to your server, ping you then, and sends you a notification as an email.

This software is very convenient to use and very active to crawl on large and complicated websites.

One important thing is that it has no monthly charges. You just have to purchase a license for $39.95 only for full functionality. Exciting? Then just give it a try.

It also offers a free trial with limitations.

  • Online XML Sitemaps Generator

The Online XML Sitemaps is an amazing sitemap creator software that helps you a lot in creating countless sitemaps online.

This software can process a large number of web pages and authenticates the XML Sitemaps that are created.

In its additional features, there is a broken link reporter and it also handles CMS systems, cookies, and redirects in a fine way.

It offers you a free version with limitations as well as and paid versions with expanded functionality.

  • Sitemap XML Dynamic Sitemap Generator

 The Sitemap XML Dynamic Sitemap Generator is a PHP-based software. It offers an easy interface and is capable to discover the desired sitemap type such as XML, RSS, HTML, or text.

This XML Sitemap software is best suited for sites having a medium size of roundabout 5000 pages.

This incredible software is being used by Google and other major search engines for assisting and enhancing the website indexing process.

You can run Sitemap XML Dynamic Sitemap Generator directly on your server if it supports PHP.

  • SitemapDOC.COM

Sitemapdoc.com is a great browser-based sitemap generator software that works with more than 500 web pages and export in HTML as well as in XML.

What you need to do is just put the base URL of your website and the software will do the next. It allows you to edit your sitemap’s ChangeFrequency, LastModified, and priority of all the pages on your website.

This software gives you free-of-cost services.

  • Free Google Sitemap XML Validator and Submitter

Are you getting tired of paying for different software? So, try an official Google tool, Google Sitemap XML Validator, and Submitter, without spending a single penny. 

This XML Sitemap software is an independent third-party plugin on WordPress. However, it has earned a higher rating on WordPress having 2000 5-stars.

This amazing software can craft dynamic sitemaps from all sorts of WordPress pages.


By going through the above discussion, hope you have understood a lot about sitemaps and their significance.

Sitemaps consist of the list of all of your important web pages and make sure that Google and all other search engines find, crawl, and index your web pages.

Once you craft a sitemap of your website, you have to upload it, check, and confirm it.

For this purpose, a sitemap generator and submitter SEO tool is required. All the above-discussed tools are super good to achieve this task.


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