7 Best Link Building Tools in 2021

Link Building Tools

As a website owner, you definitely want to promote your content and enhance your website ranking in SERPs (search engine result pages). For this purpose, you need to Link Building Tools.

Link building is a process that urges other sites to link to your web pages or content and connect you with new audiences. 

Link building enhances your site’s DA (domain authority) as well as increases your website traffic. Search engines use your link-building profile to rank your content higher in search engine result pages.

Building links is not an easy task. It takes your precious time and efforts to build authentic and relevant links. Here comes link-building tools which make it easy for you to achieve that task.

With the help of link-building tools, you can easily earn more backlinks to your content from social media platforms and other websites.

A Few Best Link Building Tools You Should Use in 2021

Thousands of link-building tools are available on the internet. It is very confusing and difficult to choose the best.

So, Search SEO Tools is here to share the best link-building tools that you should use in 2021.


BuzzStream is an awesome end-to-end outreach platform that is very helpful to make you organized and grow your link building and digital page rank (PR).

BuzzStream keeps your link-building campaign on the right track. That’s why thousands of website owners and SEO professionals use BuzzStream on daily basis.


Ahrefs is considered one of the world’s largest link building index, included in “the big 3” tools list (Ahrefs, Moz, Majestic). Ahrefs is a well-known and famous link-building software among SEO professionals and website owners.

In addition, with link-building tools, Ahrefs offers a lot of great features like keyword research, content explorer, site audit, rank tracking, and many more.

Another amazing feature of Ahrefs is “Link Intersect”. It tells you which sites are linking to your competitors but not to yours. This way you can have better chances to get backlinks from different websites.

Moz Link Explorer

MOZ is another tool included in the list of “The Big 3”. It is a very famous name among millions of SEO professionals. 

Moz Link Explorer is an amazing link building tool that helps you monitor your link-building efforts and gives you suggestions to improve your link-building strategies.

It also gives you information about your competitors’ link profiles. 

It allows you to enter the root domain, subdomain, or exact web page to check the links. As you enter the URL, this tool runs a quick process and gives a complete overview report.

The overview section gives you an easy-to-read and complete link analysis of that domain or page. It shows you the DA (domain authority), Linking Domains, Inbound Links, and Ranking Keywords. 

If you want to see the top web pages on your site that are getting more backlinks, the Top Pages section is available to help you.

Interested in comparing your link profile with your competitors? Moz Link Explorer has designed the “Compare Link Profile” section for that purpose. You can put up to 4 sites to compare with your link profile.

Want to see which websites are linking to your competitors but not to you? Link Intersect is a feature available for this. You can enter up to 5 URLs at a time to compare to your site in this matter.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is another eminent name among millions of SEO professionals. It is the 3rd name of “the big 3” list. 

It is an incredible backlink analysis tool having a lot of other great features. 

Majestic is the land of Trust Flow and Citation Flow. Trust flow shows you the quality of links pointing to a website or web page. Citation flow tells you the number of links on a site or any specific web page.

Cognitive SEO 

Cognitive SEO also deserves to be on the list of top SEO link-building tools.

In addition, link building offers many other suitable and admirable features that are very beneficial for your SEO campaign.

Whether you are an SEO Expert, Digital Marketer, or an online businessman, looking to enhance your traffic or your site’s development, cognitive SEO will give you awesome services.

It uncovers all your traffic issues and suggests how to resolve them.

Another excellent feature of cognitive SEO is “Unnatural Link Detection”.

It discovers all the unnatural links that can cause problems for a website and lead to a search engine penalty.

Raven SEO

Raven SEO is a free link building tool that provides a lot of benefits for your SEO campaign. This awesome link-building tool performs a deep analysis of a website’s link profile and gives you the complete detail like quality and number of backlinks, pages that are earning more backlinks, and anchor text usage, etc.

It also analyzes your competitor’s link profiles and lets you know about their link-building strategies. It looks deep in competitors’ link profiles and seeks opportunities for you to get more backlinks.


Linkody is also included in the list of best link-building tools. It offers an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface.

Check backlinks on your website, compare your backlink profile with your rivals, perform a deep analysis of your backlinks by using l


This is the cheapest link building tool in the market. If you are a newbie or have a low budget, Linkody is the best option.


The number of backlinks is not much important as compared to the quality of backlinks.

Don’t just focus on getting more and more backlinks, focus on earning high-quality backlinks from high-quality niche websites that are beneficial for your site.

Whether you are an SEO professional or a new user, it is not a kid’s game to get high-quality backlinks. But link building tools make this task too easy. 

All the tools we have discussed above are the best link building tools as well as they offer many other amazing features.

If you want to make your link building strategies successful, try these tools and get a lot of benefits.


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